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Those 7-Year Lunar Major-Changes Cycles

by Elbert Wade, PMAFA - Professional Certified Consultant Astrologer
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::::::: 7 (Seven) :::::::

WHAT'S with the number 7? No, this page is not about numerology; instead it's about the Moon and its cycles as understood and explained astrologically. You may find this information interesting mainly because you can put it to the test. All you have to do is recall what of special and major importance "changed," and when it changed. Then count the number of years since it (examples: birth, marriage, new job, relocation, a major purchase, etc.) began and divide by 7. See if 7 will divide into the total years, resulting in a whole number -- i.e. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc., (which would be the equivalent of 7 years, 14 years, 21 years, 28 years, 35 years and so on). Then you can be the judge whether there is anything to Astrology and the lunar cycles, as timed by the Moon's progressive motion, which is calculated by astrologers when preparing a 'progressed' chart for indicating ("forecasting") the 'trends' for any individual, based on their accurately-calculated birth (natal) chart, or horoscope -- also sometimes called the 'radix,' 'natus,' 'nativity,' or 'geniture.'

An Illustrative Example

It's really not that complicated. Suppose your marriage was June 20, 1980. A major change likely occurred on or about June 20, 1987 (allow a plus-minus of three months due to the variables of the Moon's motion). Possibilities include but are not limited to the following:

  1. A breakup, separation, or divorce
  2. Your first or last child was born, or it was decided for whatever reason(s) there would be no (or no more) children
  3. Your union became firmer and more rewarding
  4. Your marriage became more or less a "formality"
  5. And/or other major changes could have happened
This is what is commonly referred to as the "seven-year itch." For most marriages this seventh-year period is critical and often marks a 'turning point' -- either for better or worse. And it 'happens' whether or not you put any confidence in Astrology, or the 'cycles' this ancient non-psychic science-art so dutifully marks.

If the union survives, the next major potential crisis period occurred on or about June 20, 1994, in the 14th year; then June 20, 2001 (the 21st year), and so on. But you ask: "What does the Moon and Astrology have to do with this?" Elbert Wade, PMAFA, will attempt an explanation in the following section.


When you were born, the planets, Sun and Moon were in certain degrees and minutes of the twelve zodical signs (constellations) as viewed in the sky from your place (longititude and latitude) of birth. Your 'horoscope' is a graphic "picture" of both the visible sky (above the east and west horizons) and the not-visible sky (below the horizons). It is a still "snapshot" of a point in astronomical time. It is unique; one-of-a-kind -- even in cases of multiple births -- which must occur some minutes from one another. In some cases, a difference of as little as one minute (clock time) can make for a startlingly-different horoscope. (This is quite technical and no in-depth attempt to explain it here will be made for fear you might find it boring. Ask your personal astrologer for some further information.)

Just as you continue to move from the 'pose' assumed for a photograph, all the heavenly bodies also continue their predictable and individual motions from any given point in time. It is on this regular motion that astrologers base their "forecasts" or trends for a given time in an individual's life. Their "predictions" are not unlike those made by meteorologists about the weather. They can forecast rain but not guarantee who will get wet. But enough of the technicalities!

CRITICAL Moon-to-Moon Aspects

At birth, your Moon was in a particular sign, and precise degree/minutes of longitude. The same is true for your marriage, your new job, and everything else of major (or not so major) importance in your life. In a 'progressed' astrological chart, this same Moon moves forward at approximately one degree per month (12 degrees per year) and continues this progressive motion year after year. Astrology deals importantly with major 'aspects' (distance-relationships) for determining both the harmony and conflict in individual lives and circumstances -- both in the natal horoscope and in progressed charts which are based totally on the individual's unique natal horoscope.

To better understand what any 'critical' degree means astrologically, remember that a total circle is 360 degrees. Divide that by 4 and the result is 90, which is a 'square' angle; divide 360 by 2 and the result is 180, which is an 'opposition' or diametrically-opposed angle from a given point. As regards the Moon's progressive motion, the first 'square' comes in 7 years; the 'opposition' in approximately 14 years. Another 'square' occurs in about 21 years at 270 degrees around the 360-degree circle. [ALSO to be considered are the square and opposition aspects made by transiting Saturn ("The Taskmaster") which follow closely time-wise the Lunar square and opposition aspects, as well as any aspects made by the other heavenly bodies -- either by progression and/or transit -- at or close to the same times.]

What Does 'Square'/'Opposition' Mean Astrologically?

A 'square' is a 'separative' indicator. It means friction, stress, differences, conflict, argument, disagreement, and strife. In some 7 years a calculated Moon will progress to a 'square' (90-degree aspect) to its position in the horoscope of your marriage (for example). This means that if there are any 'loose pieces' they will shake apart. Unless you are prepared to anticipate the exposure of all grievances this could spell the end of your union, or a complete transformation from what it was for the preceding years. You and your partner will be in line for a total re-evaluation of what you imagined your relationship to be. Total co-operation from both sides will be necessary to preserve what has been built together. (This 'marriage' square will be especially meaningful if it should coincide with a square or opposition to your own and/or your mate's natal Moon(s) in your individual natal charts.) In essence, this is what a Moon-to-Moon square means relative to a marriage or other close relationship. (The same applies -- perhaps moreso -- to the 'opposition' aspect which follows the 'square' some seven years later.)

Too Complicated? Not for Qualified Astrologers

Yes, it is somewhat complicated--even complex. This is the reason you have to be extremely careful in selecting an astrologer. Experienced astrologers have no problem when working with whatever the complexity of any and all situations which are necessary to offering you valid guidance and constructive help. Fortune-tellers and so-called psychics will promise you almost anything and everything but few if any of them can deliver much but a lot of psychobabble and 'bs' which you could get perhaps from a fortune cookie. Your future, and solutions to problems are very important. Find a good, experienced and certified astrologer. You will learn they can be most helpful.

More About 7-Year Lunar "Major-Changes" Cycles

Here are a few bits of information which you may find interesting about Moon cycles.

  1. A lunar month is 28 days; four 7-day weeks. A human full-term pregnancy is 9 lunar months, not nine calendar months.
  2. The first 6+ years of infancy ends by the 7th year; puberty is reached near the 14th year; adulthood at 21; at 28 most individuals are fully established with families/careers, and so on.
  3. If you ever read the obituaries, notice how many people die at an age which is exactly (or within a year -- keep in mind, typically the person's age is reported as of the last birthday even though they may be within months, weeks even days of the next birthday) a multiple of the number 7 -- (7, 14, 21, 28, 35, 42, 49, 56, 63, 70, 77, 84, 91).
  4. Also note how many get married, separated, divorced, change careers, relocate and/or make other major lifestyle changes at the ages listed above.
You can put to test this business about Lunar cycles to see if there is anything valid or not. You may be surprised.

Another copyrighted real Astrology article by professional certified consultant astrologer Elbert Wade PMAFA

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