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Counterfeit Psychics: FAQ's and Typical Answers

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Elbert Wade, PMAFA, a professional astrologer for well more than four decades, believes that a very high percentage of people who claim they are psychics are anything but. He is especially upset by those same counterfeits who also claim they are astrologers. He does not discount the probability that there are a few individuals who truly are gifted psychics, but it is most unlikely you'll find them advertising on the internet, or elsewhere. In fact, most of these true psychics do not charge for any services rendered, some because of a real fear that accepting money might result in their losing their gift. They sincerely want to help others and get their reward from knowing they have been of benefit to mankind. This however is not the case with counterfeit psychics who are very 'upfront' with stating their fees. Not only do they charge for an initial consultation, but most will certainly encourage ongoing consultations. Could it be they did not "see" as much as they should have, or that repeat business improves the 'bottom line'? Elbert Wade isn't sure. You be the judge.

You have seen them on television, seen their ads in magazines, gotten letters in the mail, perhaps even talked with them in person. If you have noted, there seems to be a common 'theme' that most of them use to explain why they are "psychics," how long they have been "psychics," and other bits of "lore." Below, a totally imaginary question-and answer 'interview' will offer insights to what they claim and purport -- almost as if speaking in a single voice!

FAQ's and Typical Answers from Counterfeit Psychics

Q: How long have you been a psychic?

A: "I have been a psychic for 20 years." [Note: Most will quote a number close to -- or more than 20 years. Why? Because they feel it will make them seem more legitimate, and very experienced.]

Q: How did you become a psychic?

A: "Well, you know everyone is psychic. It is just that ordinary people do not really know how to use their natural psychic abilities. I worked hard on increasing my psychic powers and that's how I became a professional psychic." [Some other possible answers include such weird reasons as follow: "I became psychic just after I was struck by lightning." "I have been psychic ever since a horse kicked me in the head." "I found I was a true psychic after recovering from a serious illness (or major surgery)." "I was psychic even as a kid. I thought everyone could see the future the same as I did. I didn't know it was a gift. I thought it was just normal." (A good reason not many -- if any -- will give is they discovered they could make easy money from numerous confused people who want someone else to make their important decisions -- wrong or, 50% odds favoring either 'decision,' right for them.)]

Q: If psychics in fact can 'see all,' why the need to know a person's astrological sign before you give a reading?

A: "Well, you know we intuitives use so many tools to give our clients the best readings; astrological signs are just one of many." [The truth is that no real psychic would ever ask for anyone's birth data; it simply is not necessary. These counterfeit psychics have learned a smidgen of astrological information which aids them in using a clever bit of psychology to pad the psychobabble they present as 'readings.' They know that most astrological Sun-Sign 'keywords' will apply; consequently, they build their readings around these terms, knowing most clients will, to some degree, tend to identify with these astrological truisms. Because of this, clients may think the "psychic" must know 'something.' (If these counterfeit psychics are using a bit of Astrology, why don't they learn enough so they might possibly, in time, become legitimately certified astrologers and fully practice this time-honored science-art?)]

Q: What is your accuracy percentage-wise?

A: "Close to 100%. Oh, I would say at least 95%, but that is just because a few of my clients may not follow my extremely-accurate guidance fully. Of course, this is not a failing for me; it is their fault!"

Q: Would you give a client reference or so to confirm your claimed high-accuracy rate?

A: "No! I couldn't do that! We psychics are professionals and we must maintain client confidentiality. It would just destroy our excellent reputations." [Excellent?]

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