Deluxe Horoscope Services by Certified Astrologer Elbert Wade

[Note: Elbert Wade seriously doubts you'll find such reasonably-priced, totally-personal and really-caring-about-you astrological services available anywhere else on the worldwide web. If you find (or you offer) anything comparable, please do let me know.]

[As soon as possible after your order is received you will be emailed a copy of your horoscope chart and be asked to respond only to verify the accuracy (or correct any error) in submitted birth data.]

All astrological horoscope readings are done live by telephone (unless otherwise requested) so you can give feedback and ask questions in real time. There are no added charges for long-distance fees, worldwide/shipping or materials.

You receive up to 80 (more if necessary) minutes for natal readings. Quality CD(s) or cassette tapes (you choose which on the secure Order Form) are run during the consultation and sent promptly by Priority mail (US only; non-US, first-class mail) so you can listen any time/as many times as you wish. [Note: If a live telephone consultation is absolutely inconvenient, recorded-in-house services are available -- with reasonable follow-up email exchanges if necessary.]

Normal time from placing an order to the consultation (or completion) is 6 to 9 days. You may be able to speed up scheduling of your appointment. Click for explanation.

Elbert Wade's Professional Horoscope Services Fees (USD)

Deluxe Natal Horoscope Reading: $120 -- 12-Month Trends Re-Order for clients prior to July 1, 2012: $95

ElbertWade.Com is  PMAFA-certified professional consultant astrologer  & online since 1998

[Note: After some fifteen years online absolutely NO complaints to PayPal or ElbertWade.Com have been received. A few total refunds have been issued to buyers based solely upon lack of accurate birth data, lack of typically-expected response(s) from buyer and/or other unexpected buyer-related conditions/situations.]

[Concerned about your privacy? Click to read 'How Your Personal Information Is Protected']

Details of the Services Available: What You Receive

IN-DEPTH NATAL HOROSCOPE READING as done by Elbert personally includes the following:

Recorded CD(s) or cassette tape(s); depending on each individual horoscope, recorded time varies a bit -- typical time is 70 to 80 minutes (1) A computer printout of the horoscope "wheel," (2) a printout of your horoscope with major aspects grids and (3) a "hand-detailed" (color-aspects) copy of your natal horoscope -- typically are sent by regular mail (unless you have a working color printer) prior to setting your telephone consultation (chart reading).

You may be able to speed up scheduling of your natal horoscope consultation by several days! Click for explanation.

The telephone charges worldwide (not Skype or similar) are covered by Elbert Wade. Shipping of CD(s) or cassette tape(s) by Priority Mail included (US addresses only -- non-US addresses, first-class mail) -- after the telephone consultation (or recorded-in-house service).

Total cost for the in-depth natal analysis (reading) is $120.. [Go to Order Page]

Don't use PayPal? Go HERE to order/pay by Check -- Money Order -- Other

UPDATE (Twelve-Month Trends) Re-Order for clients with accounts prior to July 1, 2012:
A CD or cassette tape containing an explanation (reading) of your cycles for the upcoming twelve months, starting at the next full month; normal recorded times runs from 45 to ?? minutes.

Shipping is included by Priority mail -- (US addresses only -- non-US addresses, first-class mail). A live telephone conference is strongly recommended -- but not absolutely required.

Total cost for the Trends or 12-Month Update Re-Order is $95.. [Go to Order Page]

Additional Horoscope Services: (1) Unique Compatibility Analysis ($65) (2) Unique Bottom-Line Natal Horoscope Reading ($49) and (3) Should You Get Your Child's Horoscope Read? YES! -- the Younger the Better ($120)
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