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Astrology Marks Changes, New Directions

by Elbert Wade, PMAFA - Professional Certified Consultant Astrologer
(Originally published in SIDEREAL TIMES -- Texas Astrological Association)
Elbert Wade was First Vice President of TAA at the time

Check Out These Life's "Turning Points"

THE years between 25 and 31 may be (or were) the most important years in your own, your mate's, your children's, your parents,' grandchildren's and friend's lives -- and there are clear and relatively easy to explain and understand astrological reasons for this. It relates importantly to the predictable movements of the heavenly bodies from the precise positions they occupied in your horoscope at birth -- as they move on to form major aspects (relationships) to their original placements and other planets, the Moon and Sun. Everyone experiences these important cycles--whether or not they place any confidence in Astrology.

Moving at its fastest 'progressed' rate, the Moon could contact its natal degree-of-longititude position (extremely rare) at 25 years, plus a few months. The average time is much closer to 28 years -- the period referred to as the 'Lunar Return.' Normally this 'return' marks a point or period of "growing up" emotionally (but alas for some, the reverse!); important changes in emotion-related feelings and one's outlook; separation, divorce or marriage; the beginning of a family or the termination of child bearing; changes in home and family surroundings; major moves, relocations -- possibly related to work or career changes; the loss of a parent either literally or through emotional separation; and, certain personality changes from "negative" to "positive" or vice versa. There also may be other changes not mentioned here.

Most of these changes, whatever they may be, usually have much to do with feelings and emotions, or the feelings and emotions of others such as family members and others close. Similar changes can and usually do occur at the second 'Lunar Return'-- between the 55th and 60th years of an individual's life.

The planet Saturn, often called "The Taskmaster," seems to cause changes of real necessity (not likely centering around emotions or feelings per se) but more likely related to factual and more practical needs. Saturn seems to bring about these changes, whether desired or not, when it makes its transit around the zodiac which can begin as early as 28 years and 9 months from birth. And due to its direct and apparent retrograde motion can last until one reaches 31 years, plus 3 months. This Saturn cycle repeats at 58 years and 9 months to as long as 61 years and 3 months.

Over the many years, it has been the case that the majority of clients who have sought Elbert Wade's astrological services fall within these two major age groupings -- ages 25--31, and ages 55--60. A second large grouping tends to concentrate around the Lunar "squares"--ages 7, 14, 21, 28, 35, 42, 49, 56, 63. Another group seems motivated to have horoscopes done apparently spurred by Saturn's "squares" and "oppositions" during its routine full-circle transit -- the years one-fourth, one-half, and three-fourths its 29-year journey around the horoscope. (There is, of course, some overlapping in some of these 'groupings.')

As a minor test of the importance of how persons within these age groups may figure in important news reports, Elbert Wade decided to note and clip the more significant newspaper 'people-oriented' stories for a few days as reported in a major Dallas, Texas newspaper. Following are but a few examples. Pay particular attention to these newsmakers' ages.

"ALLEGED BURGLARY HEAD INDICTED...A man identified by Dallas police as the leader of a five-member burglary ring that in the last three months is believed responsible for more than a million dollars in thefts in some wealthy North Dallas homes has been indicted. He is Bruce Patrick W......, 26. Among others indicted were A. B. D......, 25. Tony Lee W......, 21, and Melvin Dwayne W......, 20. (The last three named were also indicted for murder in the slaying of a 69 year old bicycle shop owner.)"

"GARLAND ATTORNEY TO BID FOR COUNTY POST...Guy W. H......, II, 31, announces his candidacy for County Commissioners Court."

"EIGHT KILLED IN COUNTY HOLIDAY WEEKEND ACCIDENTS...Included were a 28 year old Dallas man, Roger P......, killed in a dune buggy accident. (The driver, John N. T......, 28, was not injured.) Bruce M......, a passenger in a car which hit a tree was killed. (Leo E. W......, 21, the driver was not killed.)

A taxicab driver, 55, was shot during an argument over a card game. A 34 year old man is being held.

Ollie F......, 35, was shot to death while carrying out two bags of canned coffee reportedly not paid for. Police are questioning a 22 year old grocery clerk."

""EX-FORT WORTH POLICEMAN HELD FOR MURDER OF TWO...D. Robert S......, 29, turned himself in after learning police were seeking him for his alleged murder of J. W. K......, 30, and D. L. C......, 27."

"SWAT TEAM SHOOTS MAN HOLDING HOSTAGE...A 29 hour seige ended in death for a 27 year old suspected drug dealer when a SWAT rifleman shot the suspect after a gas barrage."

If you have doubts about the importance of these critical time periods (ages: 25 to 31; 55 to 60 and the 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th, 35th, 42nd, 49th, 56th, 63rd, 70th years) for everyone, just do a little personal reflection. Then conduct a little bit of research yourself; you'll only need to read and listen to the current news wherever you may live.

Of course Astrology does not make things happen but it does provide a valid "timetable" for indicating their probability.

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Another copyrighted real Astrology article by professional certified consultant astrologer Elbert Wade PMAFA

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