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Sample Client Testimonials

Following are just a few quotes from clients who use Elbert Wade's professional astrological services. By reading them you may get the 'gist' of what to expect from any experienced consultant astrologer. [See Elbert Wade's brief bio by clicking here.]

I hope you are doing well and you have continued to help individuals realize their potential. There is some good news I wanted to share with you. I was accepted into my Occupational Therapy Program here in (large Texas city). I scored in the 93rd percentile (entrance exam). I was 1 of 26 students (out of 100 applicants) that will start the program Fall 2014. I am guaranteed a starting yearly salary of $85K because of my bilingual proficiency. With a few years of experience, I can then focus on starting a self-employed status and earn six figures. The money will allow me to help my family and finally "fly solo". I want to extend my gratitude in the confidence you gave me (during a pivotal moment in my life). Thank you for the affirmation; it greatly helped my ability to "focus" in my "shotgun splatter chart"
Male (name withheld to protect client's privacy)

Mr. Wade: I received your package containing the CDs and books. Allow me to once again express my deepest and most sincere gratitude for the services you have provided for me. You have been a great help to me in re-focusing and reassessing some much needed things in my life. I hope you know ..regardless of the short time we've known one another; you are a very important individual that has greatly contributed to my life. I hope you are able to continue doing what you are so passionate about for many more years. You do positive things for people. I have listend to the CDs a couple of times already and am starting to apply some of those things. I hope you don't mind that I will recommend your vast knowledge of this science/art to some important people in my life. -- Ivan C. - (USA/TX) 11/23/12

It has been a while, but I wanted to thank you for a quick and accurate reading. The limitations expressed in my chart have always been evident from various experiences in my life. It was nice to "put a name on it." Now the hard part for me is mustering up the courage to even care about this life with all of my obstacles. To accept who I am is accepting the truth. Can I change the truth through sheer determination which is hard because according to my chart, and what has been evident all my life is I don't have the enough fire to do it. My water drowns me in a sea of emotions I can't control. I still don't know who I am or what I'm doing here. I don't even think career is my focus anymore. Essentially, I just want to be fulfilled. I do thank you for the reading. It has helped me more than you know. Jonay G - (USA) - 5/27/2012

Thank You :)
I wanted to take time out to thank you for your trend cd report. Oh wow, I now have a better understanding of why we should have had a phone conversation and will plan on ordering another report as time will allow. I have been in a huge period of change for the last two years and do have additional questions regarding my son. Thank you again for your kind assistance! Warm blessings to you and yours. - Kelli (Illinois USA) - 12/20/10

Hi Elbert,
I suppose it won't surprise you to know that I have been thinking about our conversation since it took place. I felt a certain warmth and perhaps kinship in your attitude that I was sorry the "meeting" ended. For me the time flew and I couldn't believe more than 2 hours had passed! Thank you for what you do...I believe it is a much needed service that has been muddied and twisted by fakesters that so many avoid the real deal. I am also amazed at how much I missed in our conversation...thank God for the recording! I am looking forward to the books you recommended-- I also think I will be ordering the compatibility service soon. I look forward to improving my situation and think the timing of having my chart done was most helpful. All the best to you. - Kim (Maryland - USA)

Hello Mr. Wade,
I want to thank you again for being so accomodating and patient with answering my questions as well as sharing your insights and expertise in explaining my natal chart. I feel with your help, I have a better understanding of myself as well as my innate tendencies. Along with the books you recommended, I will definitely use this knowledge to empower myself and live a productive life. Thank you again and God bless. - P. L. (Louisiana - USA)

Hi Mr. Wade.
I just received my CDs and the copy of your book [Your Man in the Moon] - what a treasure trove of goodies!! Thank you so much, that's a great book I have never seen before. I've always lived my life with this strange disconnect between the things I wanted to make me happy, and the things that actually did, even before I knew anything about Moon signs. I am also not so good with relationships, but I want them, yet when I have them, I want my freedom back. I think I need to spend some time in my life unifying my Sag moon with the watery me... mind you, I like the Sag moon because my Mom was a Sagittarius, and weirdly enough my Dad is a Cancer (my Sun-Sign), and my sister is a Scorpio (my ascendant). I always have my entire family with me ;) I guess.

Anywho, I talk a lot!! Have a wonderful weekend, and I appreciate having the opportunity to meet you via phone -- and to read my new book! - M. L. (US)

Mr. Wade,
I just wanted to say THANK you again for that "little" counseling session tonight. :) I actually very much appreciated your insight, astrological or otherwise. Perhaps those are the things we sometimes need to hear from people who are not close to us -- to put life in a more objective frame. I am not sure you made any money on me :) but I certainly feel that I have more than my money's worth, and I appreciate that very much. Your willingness to explain every aspect is also really helpful with my own grasp of astrology, which I think is a wonderful tool. I also think I sensed a fellow Lunar Sagittarian, which is a refreshing experience frankly. These days it seems everyone in my life has their Moon in Capricorn, and it gets very, very tiring.

I've bookmarked your website and I am looking forward to listening to the [CDs made during the] reading. Take good care! - M L (Canada)

Hi Elbert,
Thank you very much. I learned a lot from my reading. Would like to show my appreciation by writing a testimonial for your website. I am glad to be one of Elbert's clients half-way round the earth. I live in Hong Kong, am Chinese, 20 years old. I have tried palmistry, computerized Chinese astrology charts and different western astrology consulting service (computerized and personal) on the web before, but I will stop that forever because I have found Elbert! (haha) Elbert's service is unimaginably well-done! He does not only keep you on track during the consultation period but also by prior updated e-mails. The reading itself is also very comprehensive and inspiring. Elbert's hand-written chart is a splendid one; how many astrologers on earth now would spend time calculating a client's chart and then sit down and hand-draw another chart neatly with patience? Elbert is also a nice, polite considerate gentleman (you will know that when you communicate with him). He's very patient during the reading, not that rushy type of astrologer who keeps looking at the clock while flooding you with information you can self-read in books. I should say Elbert is not only a talented astrologer but also a communicative one! He explains the abstract with examples and allegories. There might be a lot of professional astrologers around but Elbert Wade is the one with a kind, helping soul. - Cheers, Lica (Hong Kong)

Hello Elbert:
Thank you for the update on the tapes. I enjoyed our phone visit too and I've already bought the books you recommended. I've started reading 'Psycho-Cybernetics' and can't wait to read your book. The matters we discussed have been tremendously helpful and reassuring. I'm looking forward to understanding more about astrology and myself. Again, thank you very much for so thoughtfully sharing your insights. You have given me much encouragement and plenty to think about. - Regards, Donna

Dear Elbert,
Thank you for the reading you did for me several months ago! I wanted to write you a thank-you note much sooner, but there was just too much going on lately, so it always got postponed. This doesn't however make this less sincere. I have listened to your tape numerous times and must say you hit the nail on the head in most if not all cases. (The only thing I couldn't spontaneously relate to was a remark about me having a lucky streak in gambling due to Jupiter in Virgo - never noticed this in my life :-). Funny that even my uncanny ability to make cars break down for no good reason is visible in the chart :-).

The core point in the reading - about the 8th House vs 11th House influence/desires vs wishes - was taken and gave me a lot of food for thought. You have not by any chance ever read something by the late philosopher Ernest Wood, have you? [No, I have not.] because he has much to say on the subject of willing vs wishing, and what you said sounded a little bit familiar to me, and worthwhile for thinking through.

For someone dabbling in Astrology (and I think you are quite right in saying I shouldn't make it my full-time occupation) it was in any case very interesting to get a thorough reading of my own chart, as several things were pointed out by you that I had totally overlooked. And thank you for the encouragement to write (more). It's good to know this ability is there - although I have already written and published quite a few things in the scholarly realm, I would at some point like to do something more artistic, but always doubted I could do this.

Thank you also for the book you sent me, that was very nice of you, and interesting too! - Sarah

Aloha! Elbert,
Just reviewing the transit/natal analysis tapes again and, wow, am astounded. My resistance has gone down over the past few months and I think now more than ever. I HEAR what you are trying to tell me. Can't wait to order my transits at the end of this year/beginning of next year. Thank you. Can always trust a Virgo to open my eyes! Much appreciation. - RK, Hawaii

Hello Mr. Wade,
I just received my tapes and your book - thanks so much for sending me a free copy; I know that I will enjoy it!
I've had my chart done many times and I have also probably read and own every astrology "cookbook" available! You brought more clarity to my chart and life than any of the previous. Thanks so much for the all of the excellent information. I am looking forward to having my son's chart done!
Thanks again for everything! - Anna

Elbert, I am a ghost from your past. You read for me in person in Dallas on my first Saturn return . It is now my second Saturn return [that is 29 years later], and I would like a phone reading. I look forward to hearing from you. - Erla, Dallas TX

Hi Elbert,
Just a short note to thank you for the time you put into preparing for my telephone appointment with you this afternoon my time. It was interesting and enjoyable, and I look forward to receiving the tapes. Hope all is well with you - E C - Australia

Hey Elbert!
I meant to write you yesterday! THANK YOU so much for your reading... you are an amazing and talented man. It was worth every penny and then some. I will definitely keep you posted on happenings in the future. I am looking forward to [receiving the tapes] very much and will take all of your advice. - Jennifer, AL

Hi Mr Wade
I received the cassette tapes on Thursday. I listened to them again last night. Your voice sounds very clear on the tapes, compared to over the phone [client used a cell phone], and very pleasant to hear if I may say so. In listening to the tapes again, it helped me to understand the meaning of certain things you were trying to tell me. I appreciate the time and thought you put into your work. I will look for those books that you recommended. I reecall you mentioning that my chart was very unusual for a Virgo, being it was an I AM chart. I was born about seven weeks premature, and I would have born a Libra. Of course I know all the aspect and things would've been different depending on the time I was born. My Mom was expecting me in October. Again, thank you for your honesty, insight, and advice. It's been very helpful for me. Take care. - E...y

Hi, Mr. Wade
Thanks for the consultation last night. It was very helpful and enlightening. - KL, NY

Hi Elbert:
First let me say that it was a pleasure speaking with you yesterday. The information you provided me was very useful and confirmed some points that somehow I didn't want to accept about myself. I will take all of the information and study it well and implement the suggestions you have given me. I thank you for your time, professionalism and dedication to your work. Best wishes for a great 2005. - A A, FL

I received the natal chart and cassettes today. It was interesting and gave me a lot of insight - thank you. You're right, I am sort of stuck in a rut right now and I will look for the books you've mentioned. I was especially thrilled about my chart indicating that I could be an astrologer, I've actually been interested in the subject for a while and recently started learning more about it through books and some free online courses. It was actually one of the reasons why I wanted to have my natal chart read -- to see astrology "in action". So at least I know I'm on the right path. You also recommended a career in teaching for me, which is something I've considered, teaching languages and/or Art. Regards - K S, Sweden

Mr. Wade,
I again wanted to thank you for taking so much time with me last evening. I didnít realize that we had been talking for over two hours - much beyond your call of duty. I really appreciated your thoughtful preparation and interesting insights. I was very impressed and will think on the conversation as I am setting tangible goals for myself. Thank you again. Please take care and best wishes to you. - A B, VA

Dear Elbert,
Well, I'm looking forward to receiving the tapes, but I feel like I'm already "way down" with everything you had to say and have it all memorized. I wanted to tell you again what a pleasure it was talking to you. You're Awesome! - to use 80's teeny-bopper lingo :). Thank you for all the time you spent with me, your sharp insights, keen advice and above all for your nice kindly truly caring bedside manner- it put even an inveterate dreader like me at ease! And now I'm off to find me a copy of 'Psycho-Cyberernetics' (previewed it on the web and I can well see why you like it so much). Got a toilet-paper sized roll of items to tick off on my dharmic 'grocery list' and I'm off to do them. Here I go.... Anyway, Elbert, take good care. I wish you all the best in the world! An amazing astrologer, and a very kind startlingly compassionate person. Sincerely - S H, TX [September 17, 2004] ----- The tapes have come. I wanted to tell you again what a pleasure it was talking with you. Thank you for all the time you spent with me, for your insights and advice and above all for your kind caring bedside manner :) - S H, TX

Dear Elbert,
Thank you so much for the reading. It was very insightful and it helped me tremendously in understanding my feelings better. I look forward to receiving the tape and I will definitely get back to you again in a year -- if not sooner. - T W, VA

Thank you so very much for your 'insight' as well as your time. Your conference call gave me some much needed relief from anxiety about security issues as well as opened my eyes to other areas in my life. I am grateful. Thank you again and you may be hearing from my daughter in the near future! - Regards - G C, TX

I just saw your name on the internet when I was reading Astrology articles. Good grief, I took my beginning Astrology class from you in October, 1972, and I've been studying and doing charts ever since. I lived in Dallas, Texas, at that time and now live in Los Angeles. I still use the very handwritten birth chart you made for me at that time to look up transits. I still draw the lines with green, red, blue, brown for the aspects on charts. How about that! I just wanted you to know that your class set me on the right path to learn more about Astrology and do charts to help others, and myself. Knowing about transits has saved me so many times. - Teresa F., CA

Dear Mr. Wade,
My niece, who just turned 16, wants her natal chart done for her birthday. And since I know the best Astrologer in the business, I said I would make this my birthday present to her..... - Betty A., TN

Dear Elbert,
March of '91 you did both a Natal and Trends analysis for me. I did not like everything you had to say in the Natal reading but you were very accurate and I have enjoyed both of them. I would like to have a new Trends analysis. - Ann H., TX

Dear Mr. Wade:
Would you please do a horoscope for my son John and myself [Trends] for 1993......It is comforting to have a 'roadmap' to consult... - Elizabeth K. PN

Mr. Wade,
Our marriage date is June 7, 19__, approximately 1:00 p.m. I am enclosing a check for the wedding chart. I would appreciate knowing what the chart would indicate. We will be anxiously awaiting your reply. - David P., TX

Dear Mr. Wade:
I would like to order my 12 month [Trends] horoscope update...I am still seeing my male friend that I mentioned last year and as you said he does need a 'pat on the back' constantly but we are fairly compatible... - Clara R., LA

Dear Elbert,
As usual, it was good (and uplifting) talking to you. I'm anxious, as always, to get my update...The past couple of years have really been trying, i.e. selling the [property], income tax audit...etc., but I seem to have come out of all of it 'smelling like a rose.' ...Elbert, I want to once again THANK YOU for helping me ....You calmed me, and everything you told me about handling the situation[s] was right on target. You are wonderful! God bless You. - Edith S., OK

Dear Wade,
I am so pleased with the delineation that you did for Ed C. He has beem so happy and frequently reminds me what a great chart he has. I have to laugh at his enthusiasm and sarcastically reply that I'm not so sure that that is his chart. Anyway, you were superb with the interview, and it has allowed Ed to see and understand himself--for the first time. - Fondly, Gail R.

Mr. Wade,
I want to thank you for your help and consideration during the time I've really needed it. If I can ever help you, please call. - Carol F., TX

Dear Mr. Wade,
Enclosed is a check for Eric's chart. We look forward to receiving it. Ours have already been a great help. Thank you again." - Joanie G. (Chicago, IL)

Dear Mr. Wade,
We certainly appreciate the help you have given us and feel that it will be beneficial for William. He enjoyed his visit with you very much." - Sincerely, Mrs. Paul R., Dallas. TX

Dear Mr. Wade:
Thank you for the analysis of my chart last month and for the counselling. I have played the tapes many times and each time I realize that if I had been able to consult a competent Astrologer years ago, much turbulence could have been avoided. Was it Socrates who said: ''Know thyself'?" - Bernice L., Dallas, TX

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