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Choosing A Mate Astrologically

by Elbert Wade, PMAFA - Professional Certified Consultant Astrologer
Copyright 2001 - 2017 Elbert Wade - Worldwide Rights Reserved
(Original full-length feature Astrology article by astrologer Elbert Wade, PMAFA, published here first)

NOTE. Seventh-House Sign is always the opposite sign from the Ascendant (Rising Sign). Aries vs Libra; Taurus vs Scorpio; Gemini vs Sagittarius; Cancer vs Capricorn; Leo vs Aquarius; Pisces vs Virgo.

WHEN it comes to anything so important as choosing a suitable mate, you need all the help you can get! Astrology offers important, revealing guidance -- and caveats -- to be discovered in your own horoscope's Seventh House of marriage, close associates and associations, contracts and agreements. Of primary importance is which one of the twelve astrological signs is on the cusp (the beginning) of this house, and consequently called the 'ruler' of this sector (house).

[Also of some importance is any other sign(s) which may be totally therein (due to what is called an 'interception'), or any other sign that is partially within the seventh-house sector. (An in-depth reading -- which you can get only from a well trained, experienced, legitimate astrologer -- would also take into consideration any heavenly bodies -- Sun, Moon, planets -- in the natal Seventh House and their aspects -- relationships -- to other planets/points in the horoscope. The house/sign placement and aspects to the heavenly body which rules the sign on the Seventh House cusp would also be considered, as well as numerous other factors not typically associated computer-wise with Seventh-House matters. Absolutely NO "canned" computer print-out horoscope delineation program can 'put together' all these factors in a way you can readily understand -- not now, not ever!]

If you know the astrological sign on the cusp (ruling) your horoscope's Seventh House, you can go directly to that sign's section below. [Also, you may want to study the section for any other sign -- or signs -- present in your Seventh House. It will be the following (next) sign only -- provided there is no sign-interception; if there is, it will be the following two signs, unless you were born in extreme north or south latitudes -- near the earth's poles -- where there can be more than three signs. Very rare.]

Copyright 2001 - 2017 Elbert Wade - Worldwide Rights Reserved

Seventh-House ARIES: You tend to favor a mate who is self-assured, decisive and capable of leading -- more or less 'taking charge' of the relationship. You prefer to be sought out rather than to seek out a partner. Drawn-out 'preliminaries' may try your patience somewhat. Basically, you believe in getting on with the pairing rather than waiting unduly for something to 'happen.' You are prone to an early-in-life marriage, and to forming another relationship right away if the former one ends, for whatever reason. Look out for prospective partners who attempt to rush things to the point you're uncomfortable. Be especially watchful for any indicators of "dormant" abusive tendencies. Don't ignore the potential negatives of a hair-triggered temper, or even a slight inclination to be verbally or physically abusive. Never lose control of your right for determining what is acceptable behavior and what is not. Consider the ramifications and inherent negatives if your potential mate seems unwilling to discuss their past, especially regarding close associations. Refuse to be pushed into a union you regard as less than aboveboard, or possibly even threatening.

Seventh-House TAURUS: You well may attract and tend to prefer a partner who obviously is something of a special sexual "turn-on" -- a veritable 'dreamboat.' The good appearance of one prospect may rule out another who's not physically as attractive and appealing. In addition to a sensuous appearance, you desire that any partner also appear and actually be in good health. Much practicality is desired, as well as financial promise; a good provider is strongly favored. Already being financially well off is a very, very big plus; otherwise, above-average monetary prospects may suffice. Do be wary of those who profess wealth they can't actually substantiate, or promise material things which they never deliver; in other words, rule out 'high-rollers.' Be highly suspect of any who may seem overly obsessed with personal sexual gratification as contrasted to other matters equally as important to a successful union. Unless you prefer an overweight partner who may eat and drink themselves to an early grave and leave you alone, decline teaming up with a borderline or obvious glutton. A reasonably-long courtship period will allow you time to spot these and other negatives which, by the way, you'll never persuade them to modify.

Seventh-House GEMINI: Youth and a youthful outlook/demeanor figure importantly when choosing your mate. You desire a partner who also is intelligent and communicative. A good mental rapport is a must for any successful pairing. Sex is fine but you won't really enjoy a relationship if you can't have mental 'fun and games' with your lover on a regular basis. You'll appreciate a companion who's versatile and adaptable, as well as interested and talented across a broad spectrum of subjects/areas. You want someone who can discuss politics, and repair the toaster oven! Beware those who are overly 'versatile' and so scattered they'll likely be unsuccessful in just about any constructive endeavor. If they have held an unusually large number of jobs over a relatively short period of time, avoid getting too involved -- unless you'd enjoy being the sole breadwinner who'll have to spend a lot of non-work time trying to "nurse" your adult mate through a very prolonged 'adolescence.' While you may appreciate 'child-like' qualities in a partner, how will this compute when you have real children who need the attention your mate expects? Check out any evidence of prior serious deceptiveness or infidelity.

Seventh-House CANCER: Whether still interested in raising a family or not, you tend to seek and attract the "fatherly-motherly" type of suitor. Since "nesting" is inherently so important to you, there's a profound tendency to offer preferential attention to potential partners who can offer real security and protection. An individual who already owns a home or shows a strong interest (and promise) for acquiring one will stand head and shoulders above those who lack these meaningful trappings. You also favor one who is sensitive, emotionally responsive and just a bit 'possessive' of their partner. A 'stay-at-home' type may meet with your requirements. Beware of anyone who, instead of a mate, seems to be looking for a "parent" to take care of them. Also look out for the free-loader type who may be more interested in your home/property/possessions/money than romance; once they 'move in,' they are not easy to 'remove.' Get to know any prospect at least long enough to determine exactly how sensitive they are, and how long they pout and 'shut you out' should you say or do something to hurt their feelings/emotions. Note how they behave during Full Moons!

Seventh-House LEO: You appreciate, tend to attract potential mates who possess a certain flair, "flash," and some downright showmanship. An accented level of the creatively-dramatic gets your attention! Regardless of their chronological age, you look for the "child" within, that spark of youthfulness that's so refreshing. A patently positive and 'can-do' outlook and philosophy tends to give them a big plus. You prefer someone who is not only a good lover but who also can make love and love-making real fun. An interest in sports may also be an asset. Don't permit a desire for having a good time to cause you to miss spotting any potential partner who has no intentions or plans for anything more than using you for the "good times." Watch for hints they may be in love only with themselves, or that they are gross braggarts, or that they are addicted to gambling, or that they are incorrigibly immature. Since most prospects may be effective "actors," you need to learn when they are only 'putting on a big show.' Their good looks and charm should not be allowed to overweigh other more tangible qualities and assets.

Seventh-House VIRGO: The potential mate who will impress and satisfy your most important requirements is, above everything else, practical and down-to-earth. No 'pie-in-the-sky' promises will impress or very positively influence your choice. They must be gainfully employed or in a stable business or profession -- and not be afraid to work hard. Common sense (especially) and at least average intelligence are mandatory. Any advanced-education credentials will command your attention. You might even consider for marriage the otherwise right candidate who may not be especially 'sexy' or that physically attractive; however, they must be sexually adequate, willing and capable of satisfying your libido's needs. A yellow flag should go up if a potential mate starts showing signs of being hypercritical, extremely 'fussy' or all but impossible to please. Know these flaws will only worsen with time, and can make your life miserable. Beware of 'neatness freaks,' hypochondriacs, and serious workaholics -- all of which you easily can attract. Be leary of anyone who seems to have a very checkered employment history; sadly, some you seem to attract may be experts at working to stay 'between jobs.'

Copyright 2001 - 2017 Elbert Wade - Worldwide Rights Reserved

Seventh-House LIBRA: With the natural sign of marriage and partnerships "at home" in your personal horoscope, there should never be a dull moment regarding prospects, unions, etc. You favor and do seem to attract potential partners who are above average appearance-wise. Good manners, neatness, good taste and the ability to get along well with others is expected, even mandatory for anyone you'd actually choose for a mate. Those who possess or demonstratable talent in the fine arts -- music, painting, drama, sculpture, etc., will get a special and favorable consideration. Lawyers could prove appealing. Look out for those who seem incapable ever of making a decision and then sticking with it. Be wary of those who seem much more concerned with their personal physical appearance than is appropriate. Look out for signs of selfishness that manifest as jealousy and/or an unwillingness to share things equally and fairly. Be especially careful with making your choice because your seventh-house Libra, perhaps moreso than any other sign, seems to 'compel' you to be paired most of your adult life. If you make unsatisfactory choices, you will be 'motivated' to go through the whole process again and again -- until you get it right!

Seventh-House SCORPIO: If a prospective mate lacks that special sex appeal and 'sexiness' you appreciate, they well may be out of the running -- unless they'll settle for a friendship only. You'll favor someone who is willing to take ample time to build a meaningful relationship; you dislike being rushed, especially when your feelings and emotions are involved. An accented libido is desired to go along with that innate sensuousness and the "turn-on" appearance. You'll also appreciate if they are well off financially and/or in line for a sizable inheritance in the foreseeable future. Watch out for those whose primary or only interest in you is their sexual gratification, and those whose sexual needs are in excess of or not up to par with yours. Too easily, you could attract someone whose sexual preferences are far outside your perimeters! Be on the lookout early on for any such indicators so you can take timely action to terminate the relationship, If you have money, property or other significant assets, give favorable consideration to a prenuptial agreement, especially if your potential mate is not anywhere close to being equally as well off. If they won't agree and sign on, you'd be wise to hold off.

Seventh-House SAGITTARIUS: You have a special preference and seem to attract potential mates who are from other states/countries, or whose upbringing and life experiences are markedly in contrast with your own; in effect, you favor "foreigners." It's probable you can tolerate -- may even prefer -- a mate who travels or for other reasons is away from home more than the average. You don't want a lover who demands too much 'togetherness,' or who "smothers" you with love or too much attention. You'll enjoy someone who likes to travel often -- with you. A good sense of humor is a very big plus. Look out for the potential mate who is a bit much-too-aloof, detached; you don't enjoy being all but completely ignored! Extra effort to check out their past is not only wise but absolutely necessary. Know that some 'foreigners' might think they can cover past mistakes and make themselves seem more desirable than they in fact are. If there is anything to hide, they know it will be more difficult to discover than if they were long-time residents of your area. Be ever on the alert for inconsistencies in what they tell you one time to another.

Seventh-House CAPRICORN: Choosing your ideal mate may not be easy, and can take longer than the average. You tend to attract and well may prefer a partner some others might label as "emotionally cold." With you, your marriage is somewhat like a 'business partnership,' meaning you want to get involved only if you believe a union will stand the test of time. You want and need a practical, levelheaded and down-to-earth mate who will work hard at doing their part to assure you get what you "contracted" for. Good sex probably is much more important than romance; reliability and material success more important than good looks, sensuousness -- or even age. Look out for those potential mates who are so negative they might, in time, cause you to see nothing good in anything or anyone. You don't want to live in an atmosphere of complete gloom and doom! Carefully check out any suggestions that you invest or become involved in any business activity owned or planned by a prospective partner. Also be leary if they seem to expect that marriage will obligate you to serve as a full-time, unsalaried employee in their business unless, of course, you're protected legally. Read the small print of any proposed premarital legal contracts.

Seventh-House AQUARIUS: Whether you like it or not, you seem to attract potential partners who are, to say the least, 'unusual.' Further, it's true you may not favor anyone who is not 'special' or 'one-of-a-kind.' To appeal, a suitor must stimulate you mentally. It's most important that you establish a sound friendship before you consider anyone for a mate. If they are involved and/or seriously interested in participating in the activities of groups, clubs and social organizations, you'll give them special consideration. An excellent mental rapport is of extreme importance. Test the lines of communication before you make a decision. Look out for and turn away all those whose actions may cross over into the boundries of the weird. Realize that these individuals are probably past "saving." Be extremely leary of those who too often concern themselves with the problems/interests of so-called friends to the degree that you and the partnership are neglected. Be certain to learn early on if their interest in you includes more than just a mental rapport and a "meeting of the minds"; sexual compatibility should not be ignored if you desire the relationship to last.

Seventh-House PISCES: You seem to attract and to prefer potential mates who are sensitive, very affectionate, "soft," and mainly passive. It's probable they may be artistically inclined or even productive artists. You desire those who are very romantic because you relish being placed on a 'pedestal' and adored totally by someone who really means the nice things they say to and about you. A special "caring and romancing" resembling what's in line with the classic 'storybook' theme is bound to get your approval. You may have a special interest in those who are physically attractive, especially if they have interesting eyes, dark hair and long lashes. Look out for individuals whose goals seem not to include much or anything of a tangible, material or monetary nature. Love alone will not pay the bills! Avoid the type who seem to have little in their past to prove dependability, reliability or very much responsibility. Be doubly certain they are not addicted to drugs, alcohol or other potentially-harmful substances or habits. Be leary of any who seem incapable of taking a stand on anything, or who seem devoid of any 'backbone' at all. If you can't accept them totally "as is," don't think you can actually change them to your liking.

Another copyrighted real Astrology article by professional certified consultant astrologer Elbert Wade PMAFA

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