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Psychics Article -- Brave New ALL-PSYCHIC World?

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Is It Time To Worry?

Elbert Wade, PMAFA, senses the word is getting around, and those in positions to know are starting to believe there certainly may be a real threat to the global economy from what would seem to be a most unlikely source: psychics! Yes indeed, there may be something to this concern, which will be addressed later on this page.

Judging by the rapidly-increasing number of psychics advertising on television ('telephone' psychics), on the internet, in magazines, in store fronts, at residential locations, and on the roadsides, it appears that even now psychics may be close to outnumbering non-psychics worldwide. And the number of psychics seems to increase exponentially day by day. At this accelerated growth rate of the psychic industry it appears that in a few years everyone will be a psychic! A question for serious consideration: When everyone becomes a psychic, how can psychics (which will then include the total world population) make a living being psychics for those who are themselves also psychics? (It's the old haunting economic question: Can people make a living 'doing each other's laundry'?) While these questions may seem somewhat far-out, even bizarre, one must consider what the end-result impact on the economy might be if there is a worldwide totally-psychic citizenry.

A Totally-Psychic World: Some Practical Economic Considerations

When the world becomes totally psychic, many changes will occur which may play havoc with the economy as it is now structured. Following is a list which encompasses the more important major realities of an all-psychic world:

  1. Verbal and written communications will be unnecessary. People will no longer need to talk, write or read. Everyone will be able to read everybody else's mind. All communications industries -- telephone, television, publishing, radio, cable, internet, etc., will no longer have purchasers in need of their services. (Why pay when one can mentally communicate and view everything in the psychic realm -- without wires or other such 'connections' and devices?)
  2. The education industry -- schools, colleges, universities, teachers, professors, etc., will cease to be necessary since the psychic function will allow all citizens to 'tune-in' to whatever information is necessary or desired.
  3. The computer and related industries can no longer sell what is invented since it will be redundant to the power of psychic functions.
  4. Law enforcement will go out of style because psychics will solve all crimes -- perhaps even before they are committed!
  5. Religion and churches will be passe' since everyone will be able to contact the 'other side' and not only learn of their past lives but perhaps be able to 'negotiate' what will be their new lives once they depart this earthly plane.

Welcome the 'Brave New (All-Psychic) World'! While much of this psychic experience may seem breathtaking and exciting, it's still going to be necessary for this totally-psychic population to eat. But how can individuals purchase food if there is no way to earn the money necessary to buy it. And, will anyone bother to produce food knowing there is no way they can get money to pay for their effort and expenses?

Are you ready for all these changes? Do you think it is time for you also to claim you are a psychic so you will be in step with what's going on everywhere, or is it time you start to question who really is a psychic and who is only a counterfeit.

In the meantime you might consider stashing away a good supply of food and other survival gear. But on second thought, there is no reason to do this since everyone on earth will be psychic and will know exactly where you stashed away everything. Alas, Elbert Wade, PMAFA, fears there's no way to win in an all-psychic world!

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