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Your Psychic May Be A Counterfeit IF...

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  1. IF...they ask why you contacted them. (Shouldn't they already know this?)
  2. IF...they will not allow you to record the entire reading if you wish.
  3. IF...they ask for your birth data. Real psychics don't need such information.
  4. IF...they engage you in a lengthy discussion or ask a lot of questions before they begin, conduct, and finish your "reading."
  5. IF...they request any sort of physical contact with you -- looking at your palm, feeling the bumps on your head
  6. IF...they tell you they can reunite you with your lover.
  7. IF...they suggest they can put you in contact with the deceased.
  8. IF...they promise they can solve all (or even one) of your problems -- only you can do this.
  9. IF...they start "fishing" for names, for example: "I am getting a begins with 'J'...I believe...who is that?" (If they are psychic, why should they have to "pick" you for a name? Shouldn't they know what it is?)
  10. IF...they try to sell you crystals, oils, candles, fragrances, stones, vitamins, talismans or other useless but expensive items they say you need to improve your life, solve your problems, remove "spells," overcome evil, or to "balance" your energies, soul, karma--or whatever.
  11. IF...they start telling you made-up "fairy tales" about your past lives or "previous incarnations." (After all, aren't you seeking their guidance about matters in your present life?)
  12. IF...they claim they are certified. Elbert Wade, PMAFA, knows of NO legitimate organization on earth which certifies psychics -- and he has researched this matter extensively. There are a number of fly-by-night outfits which will certify anybody -- qualified or not -- for a fee, and issue meaningless and worthless certificates -- suitable for framing. These outfits also allow those they "certify" to place a logo on their web page(s).
  13. IF...they suggest you need hypnosis to solve your problems--offered by them (most likely) or someone they recommend.
  14. IF...they encourage you to invest money or time in their pet project(s).
  15. IF...they are quick to suggest and insistent that you enroll in any classes or special "programs" they offer -- for a fee, of course!
  16. sense their intent is to make you dependent on them for all your decision-making. (Their major concern may be their business "bottom-line," not helping you.)
  17. IF...they suggest you do anything -- especially involving money -- which you feel or know is not wise, or even reasonable.
  18. IF...they seem to be getting too nosy and much too personally involved in your own business or private life.
  19. IF...they seem to want to force you to believe anything which you know is not correct or in your best interest.
  20. discover they may be attempting to "convert" you to their beliefs which may not be in agreement with yours.
  21. IF...they seem to become impatient if you don't follow their directions to their total satisfaction.
The all-important question: How does your "psychic" -- past, present, (future) -- stack up?" Are they "solid gold"......or as counterfeit as a "3-Dollar Bill"? Only you can make a truthful and valid judgment/evaluation!

[NOTE: If you have a legitimate problem (i.e. refund, misrepresentation, failure to deliver) with a counterfeit astrologer, psychic or other fortune-teller, you may contact the Better Business Bureau at: File a complaint about a business. Yes, anyone who charges for a product (example: computer-read "horoscopes/reports") or a service (reading) is a "business." You will need the Zip Code of the business/person -- and there are instructions here for getting that Zip Code if you do not have it.]

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