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Your Astrologer May Be a Counterfeit ...IF

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Astrologer? Astrologian? Astrologist?

ASTROLOGER: A dedicated, trained, experienced individual who guides those who already have confidence ("believe") in the science-art Astrology -- as well as all those with open minds who desire to investigate and learn something more about what Astrology is and is not. This guidance is offered mainly in the form of verbal communications either by audio (or video) tapes, by telephone, or during a face-to-face conference with the client -- and on certain very rare occasions by individually-prepared letters sent to clients. Serious professional astrologers would never ship or email to their clients any of those "canned," "one-size-fits-all," totally-impersonal and outright confusing computer-read no-brainer so-called horoscopes.

ASTROLOGIAN: One who writes textbooks that instruct, teach and guide astrologers.

ASTROLOGIST: One who has -- usually through extensive and valid personal experience -- developed a solid confidence (a "belief") in the science-art Astrology and its teachings.

Your Astrologer May Be a Counterfeit "3-Dollar Bill"...

  1. IF...they do not inquire as to why you want your horoscope done. The more your astrologer knows about your situation up-front assures better results when you get your "reading." (Real astrologers want to help, not astound you.)
  2. IF...they suggest they will need to use other disciplines -- numerology, tarot, cards, etc. -- to give a fuller report. (These are -- as duly dubbed by Elbert Wade, PMAFA, hyphenated counterfeit astrologers.)
  3. IF...they ask to look at your palm or make any other "non-astrological" request.
  4. IF...they assure you they can reunite you with your mate, or tell you who will be your next lover.
  5. IF...they should suggest you need a "seance" to get "answers" from the departed.
  6. IF...they promise they can solve all (or even one) of your problems. Only you can do this.
  7. IF...they fail to insist you furnish accurate birth data, including your official time of birth. Don't settle for or accept a "sunrise" or "noon" birthchart. Most legitimate astrologers will refuse a request for a natal "reading" unless accurate birth data is furnished since they would rather decline the business than try to offer you in-depth information which is not actually yours. A select few do offer "rectification" which can determine birth time "backwards" by timing major events in your life. However, very few practicing professional astrologers actually want to work with -- or know this technique well. Most (including Elbert Wade, PMAFA) will decline this process since it is so time-consuming -- and consequently quite expensive for the client.
  8. IF...they try to sell you crystals, oils, candles, fragrances, stones, vitamins, minerals, talismans or other useless but expensive items they say you will need to improve your life, solve your problems, or to "balance" your energies, soul, karma--or whatever.
  9. IF...they begin telling "stories" about your "past lives," "former lives," or past "incarnations." This philosophy, line-of-thought or nonsense is in absolutely no way related to the science-art Astrology. (If this psychobabble does begin you should terminate as soon as possible and request a refund since it is unlikely you are dealing with a legitimate astrologer.)
  10. IF...they claim they are certified but are unwilling to offer any real proof. There are many fly-by-night outfits which "certify" anyone -- qualified or not -- for a "token" fee. Professional certifications (not just a membership) from the American Federation of Astrologers (AFA), the National Council for Geocosmic Research (NCGR), and the Faculty of Astrological Studies (DF Astrol S) are valid, and verifiable if you will take the time to check out information on this page. (Certified astrologers will gladly give you information so you can check out their credentials; however, counterfeit astrologers may not be very forthcoming.)
  11. IF...they display on their web pages "certification" statements or [often gaudy] logos from outfits other than the three mentioned above. Or, if you should observe neatly-framed but meaningless and worthless "certification certificates" or any other such highly-questionable "window-dressing" on the walls of their "office."
  12. IF...they suggest you need hypnosis to solve your problems -- offered by them (most likely) or someone they recommend.
  13. IF...they encourage you to invest your time or money in their pet project(s).
  14. IF...they seem overly-eager that you enroll in any classes or special "programs" they offer--for a fee, of course.
  15. sense their intent is to make you dependent on them for all your decision-making. (Their major concern may be their business "bottom-line," not helping you.)
  16. IF...they suggest you do anything -- especially involving money -- which you feel or know is not wise, or even reasonable.
  17. IF...they seem to be getting too nosy and much too personally close to or involved in your own business or private life.
  18. IF...they seem to want to force you to believe anything which you know is just not correct, or in your best interest.
  19. discover they may be attempting to "convert" you to their beliefs which may not be in agreement with your own.
  20. IF...they seem to become impatient if you don't follow their "guidance" to their total satisfaction.
Now the all-important question: "How does your astrologer -- past, present, (future) -- stack up? Are they "solid gold"...or as counterfeit as a "3-Dollar Bill"? Only you can make a truthful and valid judgment or evaluation.

[NOTE: If you have a legitimate problem (i.e. refund, misrepresentation, failure to deliver) with a counterfeit astrologer, psychic or other fortune-teller, you may contact the Better Business Bureau at: File a complaint about a business. Yes, anyone who charges for a product (example: computer-read "horoscopes/reports") or a service (reading) is a "business." You will need the Zip Code of the business/person -- and there are instructions here for getting that Zip Code if you do not have it.]

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