Is Astrologer Elbert Wade a Counterfeit?

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From Elbert Wade's former Guestbook -- Nicole wrote: "Your site is quite interesting and very true, but how do we know you are not a fake. I mean, think about it, how else would you know how to be a fake, unless, you are guided by experienced." [sic] [experience?] [While obviously not an English major, Nicole makes a valid point.]

At first Elbert Wade, PMAFA, was somewhat upset. But after he cooled down he realized these relevant facts:

Elbert Wade, PMAFA, Is a "3-Dollar Bill"...

  1. IF he has not written four published books on Astrology.
  2. IF he has not written over 350 full-length feature articles published in the world's leading astrological magazines: Dell Horoscope, Astrology-Your Daily Horoscope, Today's Astrologer -- and others, plus republication in many other countries worldwide. (If you demand absolute proof of this claim, it will be necessary that you search in your local public library for "Elbert Wade" under the titles of the aforementioned magazines. (NOTE: Dell Horoscope has granted permission for internet publication of Elbert Wade's astrological articles. They will be added as time permits. You will see several listed below. A complete listing will always be available here.)
  3. IF Elbert Wade, PMAFA, has not demonstrated an understanding of astrological knowledge as clearly demonstrated in four published-here-first full-length feature articles. Please read: Article 1; Article 2; Article 3; Article 4. Also see Article 5 -- Elbert Wade's first nationally-published article. Also check out Article 7. Read about avoiding personal money crises:Article 8. Check out your "genies" -- Article 9. Are you in "balance" or out of "balance"? Take a look at Article 10. Peruse Article 11 Selecting A Personal Astrologer. Learn How To Plan The Perfect Party -- See Article 12. See Article 13 -- Astro-Guide to 672 Personalized License Plates). Also note Article 14 -- Are You An Astrology Buff or Buffoon? (Have you read them yet? They are just a "click" away.)
  4. IF he is not professionally certified (PMAFA) (by examination) by the world's most respected astrological organization -- American Federation of Astrologers.
  5. IF he is not formally educated and otherwise certified and experienced. Please see this page.
  6. IF he lacks verifiable (on file) client testimonials from many years past to present. See here.
  7. IF he lacks a sense of humor. Visit Mr. Bat -- Elbert Wade's Picture Page -- and others.
  8. IF after 37+ years in the Astrology business he would not learn through the simple observation of untold numbers of counterfeit readers their "tricks of the trade."
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Another copyrighted real Astrology article by professional certified consultant astrologer Elbert Wade PMAFA

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