If you can read these words easily, you can read faster than you now imagine. You might say it's just not possible, that you can only read so fast -- and that's it! Not true. It is now possible for all readers with at least average intelligence, ability, and adequate vision -- who apply themselves to the guides and materials in this useful speed reading instruction BOOK-COURSE -- to at least triple their present words-per-minute reading rate, and also improve overall comprehension of whatever they are required or elect to read. (Of course, you will need a bit of self-discipline to assure the success you desire.) What will achieving such exciting reading and learning improvements mean to you personally, academically, career-wise -- and otherwise?


You can markedly reduce reading fatigue--and boredom; you will be better able to keep up with required reading for career or school--and reduce the paper 'backlog"; you will be able to read newspapers, magazines, reports, letters in much less time; you will have time to read books of special interest; you should have a lot more free time for those leisure activities, sports, exercise and fun-type endeavors. Don't get left behind. Join the many thousands who are getting ahead faster because they are actively applying the practical speed reading techniques taught in Wade E. Cutler's TRIPLE YOUR READING SPEED. It is available now at your BOOKSTORE, or online from Get your copy today to enhance your chances for greater, faster, easier success. It's entirely up to you!

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Triple Your Reading Speed (speed reading that works)

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