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Professional Astrology Web-Ring is designed with its primary objective being: To serve as a reliable-as-possible guide for those seriously interested in the exploration and study of the true science-art known as Astrology, as well as learning more about themselves and others through what are commonly called horoscopes, and/or individual meaningful professional consultations; and/or directed instruction. Sites are admitted based upon the nature and amount of viable astrological information available to all those eager to research and learn from the more valuable internet resources available now -- and into the future.

Official Ring Description and Guidelines for Admission: All sites are welcome, (regardless of astrological "branch" or "system"), which: 1) Provide an appreciable amount of astrological informational content; and/or 2) Offer individual personal consultation services; and/or 3) Offer organized astrological teaching program(s) dedicated to a measurable outcome [i.e. -- a certification]; and/or 4) Encourage/offer memberships in recognized astrological organizations; and/or 5) Offer memberships in organized Astrology clubs and associations; and/or 6) Publish or sell astrological books useful to students of Astrology. Sorry, but
sites which offer only computer-read horoscopes/reports, and "psychic" sites need not apply
for admission to PROFESSIONAL ASTROLOGY Web-Ring.
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The Fine Print

If a site is not accepted to the Ring even though it seems to meet one or more of the guidelines listed above, an explanation will be given to the applicant. Your site could be excellent in every way but not necessarily on theme with this Ring. In the best interest of all Ring members, decision of Ring Master must be final.

Some reasons for non-acceptance in addition to failure to meet Ring's guidelines could include:(1) Excessively slow downloads -- usually caused by too many graphics on the home page; (2) Too much emphasis on "disciplines" other than Astrology; (3) Poor navigation within the site; (4) Redirects; (5) One-page (or perhaps more) sites which are only ads for astrological services or products -- good astrological content is key; and, (6) An intolerable amount of persistent pop-up's/cookies -- common with almost all the so-called free site-hosting services. (If you are a professional astrologer and provide services and/or products for money, you should seriously consider getting your own domain -- or at the very least finding one of the better free hosters. More leeway is allowed sites that provide useful free astrological information--and offer no services or products for sale.)

Recently there has been an influx of applications from sites claiming their "horoscopes/reports" are not computer-generated, but are "hand-written" or "hand-selected" or "hand-prepared." Normally these prove to be operators who use old "pigeon-hole" or "cook-book" techniques. They, instead of a computer program, select from pre-written (copied from other sources and/or written by them) scripts of astrological description (text) stored on a computer, string them together and send reports to customers. Professional Astrology Web-Ring will not accept these types of sites.

Please don't make the mistake of submitting your site prematurely. Many sites are rejected because content is not yet developed. Your site will be accepted or rejected based on its present content.

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