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The Problem With Astrology -- Astrologers

by Elbert Wade, PMAFA - Certified Professional Consultant Astrologer
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SADLY, far too many people think astrologers are just another bunch of fortune-tellers. Why is this the case? Well, they (the public at large) tend to believe what they hear, see, read and experience.

Review the American Federation of Astrologers (AFA) 1998 editions of Today's Astrologer. You will find, among many good articles on Astrology, these titles: "It's In the Cards," "Biorhythms and You," "Outer Planets and Numerology," "Past Life Themes in the Horoscope," and "Prophecies from Many Sources" in which the writer says: "Astrology's main purpose is to make predictions -- if not of the future, at least what the chart reveals about the native." Then goes on to cite the validity of certain unnamed modern-day so-called astrologers' predictions. (Question: Why would astrologers and psychics -- sadly the line separating them is all but gone -- make public predictions? Answer: To gain publicity, notoriety, and "fame." What other reason could there be -- other than perhaps a pure ego trip?) When they 'hit,' they never let the public forget; when they 'miss' (which is most of the time), they never mention their failures.

Add to the titles listed above these published in 1999 editions of Today's Astrologer (through May, 1999): "Astrological Correlation of Healing Gemstones," and "Relationships and the Cards."

[Elbert Wade would like to thank those AFA members who have submitted the excellent articles on astrological topics which have been appearing in Today's Astrologer recently, and the editor for making such good selections.]

Continuing with comments about the articles mentioned above: At what point in time did card-reading, numerology, biorhythms, prophecy, past-life reading and "healing gemstones" become legitimate branches of Astrology?

[It's highly possible the editor of Today's Astrologer used these articles because there were absolutely no other choices.]

[Perhaps more AFA (American Federation of Astrologers) members should contribute articles on Astrology.]

If you review lectures/classes offered at the 1998 AFA Convention, you'll find these 'how-did-they-get-on-the-agenda' titles: "Witchcraft for Astrologers," "Talismans," "Astrology and Palmistry," "Spiritual Study of Tarot/Kabalah/Numerology/Astrology," "Handwriting Analysis and Astrology," and "Public Chart Reading" (mini-chart reading). The title suggests this was a 'how-to' demonstration so attendees could learn how to give those "cute" psychic fair/sideshow/party-type quickie "readings." (Questions: How many new actual clients have so-called astrologers realized from giving these silly, useless and worthless "entertainments"? How many clients have they lost themselves, but more importantly how many potential clients have they cost serious astrologers?) Further, what sort of image for Astrology and astrologers does the public get seeing an "astrologer" working next to a fortune-teller, card-reader, palm reader, crystal-ball gazer, etc?

[Perhaps more real astrologers should attend AFA Conventions and share their wonderful astrological expertise.]

America's top mass-circulation Astrology magazines publish page after page of ads for counterfeit psychics and other fortune-tellers, intermixed with a few pages related to Astrology.

[Perhaps subscribers/readers to/of these magazines should let editors know they don't appreciate this awful abuse of Astrology to sell non-astrological services, and that they don't approve of the inaccurate image they thereby project for real Astrology and astrologers.]

It's unpleasantly easy to realize the conditions mentioned above are a stark reality at present. This presents a major challenge to all astrologers to come forth and do something to help "turn the tide." Consider making more public contact and doing some local public relations work to restate the true Astrology story to the general public in order to make clear the sharp distinction between the legitimately-practiced science-art Astrology and so-called psychics -- and other assorted fortune-tellers.

The psychic industry (and that's what it is) has grasped the opportunity to capitalize big-time on Astrology's good name to the degree that the general public is all but completely confused about the differences between Astrology and fortune-telling.

There is an urgent need to get the word out -- and you can help. Face it. Counterfeit psychics are siphoning off entirely too much of the business astrologers would otherwise get--and these "psychics" are not giving the worthwhile help and assistance to clients a good astrologer can offer.

Somebody once said: "Sometimes just sweeping one's own steps can go a long way toward improving the entire neighborhood's appearance."

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Another copyrighted real Astrology article by professional certified consultant astrologer Elbert Wade PMAFA

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