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What Kind of A Sex Partner Are You?

by Elbert Wade, PMAFA - Professional Certified Consultant Astrologer
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SEX may not be the bricks in a marriage; but if it isn't, few should deny that it is the cement which holds the bricks together. Individual and mutual misunderstanding of the really important role which physical relations play in keeping marriage and families together is a principal causant factor in the rising divorce rate throughout the world.

Considering the importance of sex itself to happiness, contentment, and permanence in marriage, there is no reason for anyone to be in the least timid, embarrassed, or to feel guilty as he or she seeks further insight into the understanding of personal sexual needs, attitudes, motivations, and preferences -- as well as those of one's mate. With a fuller understanding, problems can be worked out or avoided altogether.

Normally, the sex act involves two persons. Since it does, the level of satisfaction and the degree of contentment depend importantly on how well the two individuals harmonize in lovemaking, and in the culmination of that lovemaking -- the actual sexual intercourse itself. If you understand yourself from a sexual standpoint, then it is much easier for you to seek with more confidence the mate with whom you wish to share yourself in this most intimate way. If you understand the basic sexual motivations, needs, and attitudes of your mate or your potential mate, you are in line for a more fulfilling and complete union.

Sex is a very personal (Sun-Sign) matter with each individual. Further, it is one of the most basic of mankind's inner emotional motivations. Of course, from an astrological standpoint, other factors--the ascendant, planetary house/sign placements, and aspects -- do tend to accent or modify to some degree one's interests and responses sexually speaking; but it is primarily and perhaps ultimately an inborn "syndrome" of the Sun per se which does not lend itself well to any lasting alteration because its basis is emotional rather than rational.

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ARIES AS A SEX PARTNER: Regardless of whether you are male or female, you like to pick and choose and to play the more active or traditional male role in sex. Consequently, you may be better contented with a more passive or reactive partner. You want to pick the person and choose the time and place for sex and may feel insecure if you don't. Foreplay may be the source of greatest pleasure for you, Aries. You, are ever something of a "hunter" who likes to stalk his "prey" with an inner feeling that you operate from a position of power and authority. You like to tempt and to toy with your prey before drawing a final bead and terminating the "hunt." The "kill" may be to you somewhat anticlimactic, since you get such pleasure from the pursuit itself. You appreciate a bit of resistance from your mate; but the "victim" must not try to compete with you in areas in which you atually are not superior, more experienced or proficient. While you enjoy a contest, you expect to win and can act like a spoiled child and stop playing the game altogether if you meet with what you regard as excessive or unexpected resistance. Too often you may be primarily self-serving to the point of being remiss in assuring equal pleasure for your mate as well as well as yourself. Work on developing more patience and practice prolonging your own pleasure so that your partner is not left unsatisfied. If you don't control your own excitement, the farthest thing from your mind is to persist past your physical culmination. Learn to relax and take your time, realizing that you don't have to rush through everything in life. Your "quickie" concept or technique of physical love may not be much appreciated by your mate.

TAURUS AS A SEX PARTNER: You possess a rather deep-seated fondness for anything which is pleasant to the senses -- and this, of course, includes sex. You can be a very patient and understanding sex partner, but at times perhaps a little too demanding. You are well advised to select a mate who is equally fond of physical love or you are likely to he accused of being something of a sex fiend who wants little else from the relationship or marriage. Sexually, you are quite basic, earthy, frank, and -- perhaps -- if judged by some others' standards -- course, even vulgar. In short, you love sex and are likely to persist in almost constantly seeking physical gratification. You would much prefer to be able to find all this in your marriage; but you may, in time, seek it elsewhere if you are unfortunate enough to select an unwilling or uncaring mate. Before you do, however, make certain you have not been unreasonable in your demands and expectations relative to your partner. It is entirely possible that you can become too sex-oriented for your own good. You may need to guard against an overemphasis on physical love and strive for the realization of satisfaction in areas other than the purely sexual. With you the sex act is no hurry -- hurry situation. You want and strive to make it last as long as possible each time. As a matter of fact, you seem never to tire. Try to be understanding if your mate is not quite as enduring as you; you can work out these matters together. Once you find a satisfactory sex partner, you can be extremely loyal and faithful because you don't want to go to the bother of looking for another. Your sex drive and desires are not very likely to diminish that much as you become older but seem to mellow instead. When it comes to sex, you are a "regular" who may schedule physical love much the same as others schedule meals.

GEMINI AS A SEX PARTNER: As a sex partner, others, at times, may regard you as a bit flighty or difficult to pin down or trust totally. While in some cases this may be a valid evaluation or a certainty, it is not that you are so flighty as you are not that much obsessed with sex, a subject you often find rather difficult to take too seriously at all. With you, it just may not be that big a thing. You get pleasure through communicating with others, and you normally find that words accomplish this more readily than bodily gyrations. Verbal intercourse may well prove nearly as stimulating, rewarding, and exciting to you as the sexual act might to some others. This is no attempt to label you as asexual at all, but to indicate that you exist more in and on a mental than a physical plane. Repeated intimacies must, in order to hold your interest, offer you variety in one or more ways. You especially like to experiment with many different means to an end. You will want to vary times, positions, and techniques in order to avoid boredom. When it comes to sexual intercourse, you do not like routine, matter-of-fact experiences. Your vast interest in variety in your sex life must not be allowed to cause you to stray, certainly not until you have made your varied wishes known to your mate and have done everything fair and reasonable to find your fulfillment in an acceptable and honorable way. Your sexual responses are rather sensitive and quick but not normally long-lasting or too enduring. Some degree of patience with a mate who may be "slower" than you may need to be developed. Since you enjoy a good discussion in conjunction with your physical love, you are wise to seek the kind of partner whom you can admire from the standpoint of general intelligence and the ability to communicate rather than on the basis of appearance and sex appeal alone. You especially enjoy the employment of your lips, hands, and arms in tactile activities while participating in sexual intercourse.

CANCER AS A SEX PARTNER: In order to enjoy physical love, you must above all else feel totally secure and confident in your choice of a mate, as well as secure in the environment itself. To you, sex is a most private matter and is best when done at home or in a homelike situation. You are deeply emotional and seek such a deeply emotional experience when you particiate in sexual activity. This is not to say that you don't appreciate the physical sensations as well, but you do tend to put yourself totally into the lovemaking and do expect and appreciate a mate who does likewise. There normally is a great deal of respect for your sex partner, since you tend to envision or think your mate to be fulfilling an emotionally responsible role as a "mother" or "father," as the case may be. You usually are quite tender and are extremely sensitive to your mate's responses, or the lack of same. Your accented sensitivities can cause you to be, at times, rather difficult to please in that you can take the very slightest rejection or objection very seriously, be deeply hurt, and consequently totally turned off. Then you tend to brood and may remain quite unapproachable for a time. You like ydur mate to fuss over you and provide carefully for your total comfort and greatest pleasure. Your sexual desires are quite cyclic in nature; and unless you select an understanding partner, there may be problems resulting because your needs and those of your mate may be too far out of "sync." You are well advised to make a study of your sexual mood cycles relative to each lunar month and then to use this knowledge wisely in the relationship. You are quite possessive of your mate and cannot tolerate any form of infidelity, nor even the suggestion of such a thing. The breasts, may well be a focal point of interest and pleasure.

LEO AS A SEX PARTNER: You make quite a good sex partner so long as your mate observes a few basic rules relative to the fact that you must have "star billing" in the lovemaking most if not all of the time. You can be generous to a fault and are quite dedicated to the purpose of going all out in order to assure maximum pleasure for your mate, and yourself. You like to be in charge, to "direct" as it were. You are generous and dedicated mostly because of the ego satisfaction which you receive by the positive feedback and response from your partner. You dearly adore compliments and are willing to work hard for them. Indeed, you may be even a bit theatrical in the bedroom. To you, the sex act is like a stage production or a show and you like to go all out for the "applause." Your pleasure may be enhanced markedly if the evening includes dinner and a show prior to the actual lovemaking. You can be not only quite aggressive but also quite enduring in the sex act itself; therefore, you are wise to seek a mate with a flair for pleasure, and good endurance as well. Sexually speaking, you are interested in both the quality and the quantity. In short, you kind of like it. Your built-in propensity to take risks and chances must not be allowed to lead you into indiscreet acts which could threaten the security of your marriage -- or reputation. You have a respect for sex as the means of procreation as well. Basically, however, you appreciate sex as the source of intense pleasure and at least one facet of your life in which you can play a leading or star role. Your attitude toward sex normally remains positive and youthful well into your advanced years.

VIRGO AS A SEX PARTNER: It is highly probable that you may have a somewhat unrealistic view of your sexuality due to the association of Virgo with purity and the "symbol" of the virgin. In order to have a contented life, you must learn to shed the unwarranted guilt you may associate with having basically the same desire motivations and doing the same sexual things which other signs do with much less worry. Virgo is quite a sexual sign but often is frustrated in the belief that others expect them to be more than human, to be "above" such needs or interests. Because of this, others often label Virgo natives as purists or even prudes who are cold and without emotional feelings or response capabilities. Yes, you do participate in sexual activities; yet you may feel that it is required or necessary that you deny that you do. Further, a great emotional after-the-fact price is often paid through feelings of guilt. One sensible way for you to look at the situation is to realize that if anyone's conscience is not convinced enough to prevent sexual participation altogether, no one has the right to compound the "wrong" by imposing unwarranted feelings of guilt forever after the fact. You are only human. You may well associate sexual outlet with your health needs and participate because you feel that it is good for you. You are generally practical regarding love and appreciate loyalty and dependability on the part of your mate. You are quite dutiful in your dedication to work at giving your partner your all in performing your sexual role of "service." You do not like to make any sort of public spectacle of devotion; and you are inclined to be somewhat shy in the bedroom. Understanding and patience on the part of your sex partner helps to a fuller response.

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LIBRA AS A SEX PARTNER: As a love mate, your general philosophy is that it should be a give-and-take proposition right down the line. While you are willing to give of yourself generously, you will not often much exceed what your partner gives or is willing to give in return. Being an air sign, you consider sex as another means of communication and generally respect and appreciate the role it plays in marriage. To you, it is an art form in that it allows you an additional opportunity to express your creativity, your love for beauty, and the feeling of the personal fulfillment of the principle of fairness in union with another. Generally, you tend to loathe any attempt by your partner to place sex at all in a vulgar light; perhaps nothing else will turn you off faster. The sex act offers you the desired opportunity to blend your dualistic appreciation for beauty together -- both the artistic and the physical. You generally tend to treat sex as a thing of beauty, a superlative joy. Excesses are not desired, neither is abstinence. To you, there is a respect and favorable regard for balance in this area of experience--as well as in most other departments of your life. You insist that your mate have some appreciation for the sexual experience which tends to lift it far above a purely "animalistic" act. Along with the physical activity, you often appreciate intelligent and positive verbal intercourse. You are much more inclined to seek sexual gratification within the framework of a legal marriage than otherwise. Basically, to you sex is something which is an important part of and one of the many rewards of marriage. It is an artistic means of expression of your love.

SCORPIO AS A SEX PARTNER: Indeed, sex may be one of your favorite experience-areas. You have a natural faculty to be rather frank and openly honest regarding the sexual side of your nature; consequentiy, you may avoid certain"hang-ups" and frustrations others less frank might experience. Your desires are quite deep-seated and intense, and you are well advised to seek a sex partner who basically is of like mind; otherwise, you may be accused of being oversexed--but oversexed is not likely to be the correct terminology since those who might make this observation would be doing so from their own personal concepts of what is "too much." When it comes to the matter of physical love, you are inclined to want to "get on" with the matter. You are also quite dedicated to fulfilling both yourself and your partner (often repeatedly) since you are endowed with an abundance of staying power. While you are, in fact, capable of much tenderness, it is not normally your desire to show or accept too much of it while actually in the process of intercourse. You are essentially something of a rough-and ready lover, or would like to think of yourself as such. You will be wise to exercise some restraint early after your marriage so that you do not cause your partner any emotional or psychological turn-off, or actual physical discomfort. You can be an excellent teacher in matters of sex because of your intense interest in the subject. Some curbing of your desire-needs may at times be necessary lest you are tempted to seek extramarital encounters. Work also toward a fuller realization that true love does include a lot more than just sexual gratification.

SAGITTARIUS AS A SEX PARTNER: You may have some difficulty in relating the sex act favorably to having much to do with improving your mind or helping to develop you philosophically. But you will find it is important in maintaining a lasting relationship. You generally prefer that your mate look after all the "details" relative to physical lovemaking; otherwise, the matter just might go by unnoticed by you. You tend to regard your marriage more as an overall or total-experience relationship and may, at times, neglect giving adequate attention to your own and your mate's sexual needs. It is not that you are uncaring necessarily; it is more that your thoughts may not dwell on such mundane matters. You are advised to mate with another who can bring you down out of the "clouds" and relate to you on a down-to-earth basis. You may have to learn a bit of patience and resist a temptation to hurry through the sexual act. Remember that it takes time to make a good wine. Once stimulated or interested, you may experience great fulfillment on a physical and perhaps more important -- to you -- on a higher-mind or spiritual level as well. In time, you will no doubt experience a pronounced mental or spiritual oneness with your physical sex partner, which will be extremely gratifying to you. Normally, it takes a very special someone for this fulfillment; so be very selective in your initial choice. Be unwilling to allow yourself to become too promiscuous as you search. Your natural intuitive abilities can serve you well as you look for that certain someone.

CAPRICORN AS A SEX PARTNER: When it comes to loyalty and dedication to duty, you are indeed hard to beat. Normally, however, you don't become highly excited by anything--sex included; but you are right there in the thick of things so far as consistency is concerned. As to describing you sexually, you could be termed a "builder" in that you may be slow to motivate, to interest, to start; but your interest and intensity build with time and usually with age as well. You are basically practical concerning all sexual matters and tend to participate mainly for what you get from it in the way of feeling and the relief of tensions. Showmanship in the bedroom is not normally your forte; consequently, you are inclined more to the traditional and orthodox relative to physical lovemaking. Because of your practical nature, you make the best sex partner for another who is practical also. Since you are a cardinal sign, your desire is to be in command and control when involved in intercourse. Your general goal in a lasting relationship is, through practice and mutual trust, to intensify the pleasure of the sexual activity (which is in keeping with your motivations in all matters) as you seek to reach ever-greater heights. You have a certain propensity to be somewhat shy in expressing yourself sexually, so you are advised to seek a partner who understands this about your nature and is patient in working with you in helping to build your confidence in your abilities. You normally are very loyal and dedicated to the sanctity of the union, and expect the same from the other half of the relationship.

AQUARIUS AS A SEX PARTNER: It is next to impossible to classify you as a sex partner since you respond in so many different ways and are not typically consistent. It is safe to say that words such as originality, uniqueness, and even something of the unorthodox might be used in defining your motivations, attitudes, and techniques as a sex partner. Being an air sign, you do regard sex as another means of communication. Because of your inborn desire to transmit and receive information, a good amount of verbal exchange is normally a meaningful part of physical lovemaking -- before, during, or after -- or at all times. Since your sexual desires, like all your motivations and actions, are somewhat irregular or unpredictable, you are a good sex partner only to those who understand and either approve or at least tolerate your ways. You may have rather intense desires at times but no interest in sex at all at others. If your partner is the type who is normally a regular or fairly consistent person sexually, the mate may feel you are uncaring when in fact you are just not in the mood. You enjoy sex at unusual times and perhaps in unusual places -- under extraordinary conditions or circumstances. You certainly are not the sort of sex partner who is too likely to become routine or "plain vanilla." Therefore, resist any temptation to become seriously involved with a mate who could be described as totally orthodox. On a rather consistent basis, you will need to monitor your sexual participation so that you don't become an extremist in over-- or underindulgence.

PISCES AS A SEX PARTNER: It is possible for you to become excessive with sex because of your idealistic concept of love and your resulting desire not to displease or disappoint the one (or ones) you love. You can be tempted to extremes which can cause you emotional stress or damage. You need to guard against an inclination toward "total immersion" in sex, as the demands of your emotions can exceed your physical or financial limits. You can be a very tender, docile, and dedicated sex partner who is so very passively-aggressive that others may not be really aware of how much you are, in your special quiet way, actually encouraging participation. Your natural awareness and appreciation or the rhythms of life make you quite adept as a willing and adequate sex mate. You can be so tender, so responsive that you may find yourself at times too involved or too dedicated to the responsibilities you feel for others. Don't allow your wish not to displease anyone to cause you to become overly obligated to too much or too many sexual "responsibilities." Fulfill your obligation to your mate and forget any others. With your mate, you may participate in sex even when you don't feel like it, which might be an asset at times; but it can also, in time, serve somewhat to disenchant you regarding your more spiritual concepts of love. Don't force yourself to indulge to the degree that your ideals are in danger of being shattered. Your natural inclination is to play the passive or responsive role in physical lovemaking, but you do have a pronounced level of versatility which you are able to use as is necessary, or when you have the inclination.

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