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Personal Money Crises -- Ounces of Prevention

by Elbert Wade, PMAFA - Professional Certified Consultant Astrologer
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"CRISIS" has become a household word in the vocabulary of modern man. The energy crisis, crime, nuclear arms, Middle East, toilet-paper crisis -- on and on goes the seemingly endless list. Indeed, there are crises at all levels -- international, national, state, area, community, city, and personal. Whatever the crisis, it usually winds its way sooner or later to your pocketbook. While you may have little (if any) control of governmental or big-business situatious, you do have an important influence over personal financial crises. You are well advised to be ever alert. Don't let your handling of monetary matters create a needless impasse. The dictionary defines crisis as "the turning point for better or worse; a decisive or critical moment." However, this definition has narrowed in meaning so that any turning is more likely to be for the worse than the better. In practice, it represents pressure, unpleasantness, lack. It has been said that the best defense is a good offense and that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. In short, situations potentially problematic in nature are more easily handled if nipped in the bud before they become full-blown crises.

Read the sections which follow and consider how you might use your "ounces of prevention" in order to be sure that your "pounds of cure" are in reserve for any emergency in financial matters. Consider your total horoscope when reading, especially your Sun-Sign, sign on your second (personal money) house, the ascendant (rising sign), and other major emphases in your nativity (natal Horoscope).

ARIES: To assure the prevention of any personal monetary crisis, you must guard against your impulsiveness to spend first and to think about it later. You, perhaps more than any other sign, can run through money with little if anything to show for all the spending. "Sleep over" all major purchases. Your own vanity, reflected through spending to make yourself look good and to enhance your ego, can prove very expensive -- but usually proves to make only very temporary improvements at best. Differences with a mate or other close associates can bring monetary problems; work on being more reasonable and more patient in discussions and dealings with them. Legal matters can be costly; read the small print before you sign; seek reliable legal advice. Obey all traffic rules to the letter. Don't spend too heavily on family members or rely on parents for much financial assistance. Further, those in high positions may not be too willing to help you out of serious dilemmas involving funds. You must realize how you personally figure in making certain that you use your "ounces of prevention" so that pecuniary difflculties are never allowed to grow into actual crises.

TAURUS: Avoid financial crises by curbing your ever-present propensity to pursue without much discretion your desire to enjoy yourself, to satiate your tastes, to indulge yourself. It's okay to have a good time but too easy for you to overdo it moneywise. Your stubbornness can cause you to put good money after bad, since you are prone to stay with a "sinking ship." If the venture is a loser, recognize the fact and get out of it or you can lose a lot more than your "shirt." You like to buy quality and normally are wise in doing so; however, sometimes you "overkill" in paying for features or durability far in excess of good business practices, or common sense. Financial difficulty could result if you rely too heavily on your mate's income and/or gifts or inheritances which may be late in materializing -- if at all. Gambling is not likely to bring you much lasting gain. Offspring can be quite a monetary drain; discipline them on spending as well as yourself on overspending on them. Don't look to friends expecting them to help if you get into a bind.

GEMINI: Basic honesty with yourself concerning money is necessary if you would keep away personal financial crises. Often you "borrow from Peter to pay Paul," never really knowing where you stand financially. Get over a monetary philosophy which amounts to: "Never let your left hand know what your right is doing." Keep records; stop kidding yourself by thinking devious handling of funds won't catch up with you. Curb your propensity to buy two of everything which strikes your fancy. Do you really need two cars, two stereo systems, two copies of everything? Indeed, your interests may be bigger than your pocketbook. Be certain you really plan to stay with a hobby before you buy too many devices usable only for a specific purpose. Long-distance communications and pointless travel can easily get out of hand. Avoid overtipping; observe the traditional fifteen-percent rule. You can spend a Iot of money on health-related matters which often are nothing more than nerves caused by your restlessness and reluctance to relax. Clandestine monetary dealings should be avoided totally.

CANCER: Selfishness and possessiveness need to be played down so that you avoid personal monetary squeezes. It is not necessary that you have everything you want, and it is a fallacy on your part to believe that you can achieve emotional security through the ownership of purely material objects. Guard against working contrary to your real needs in being unwilling to share your possessions with others so that through use they increase in value. While you would easily see how unwise it would be for you to refuse a neighbor (whose burning house is only six feet from yours) access to your phone to call the fire department; you might unwittingly be guilty of retarding your progress or threatening your security through selfishness in other ways. In searching for security, don't spend foolishly on your place of residence. You can be overfurnished, overinsured -- even insurance poor. You may wastefully purchase a number of security devices which you don't actually need. Don't stake too much of your financial security on selling your "personality" to countless others, your mate's income, or your ability to become exceedingly famous and widely accepted.

LEO: Relying too much on chance or "luck" is not likely your best means of preventing financial crises. Gambling pays off only for a few, while the majority lose. Check out all "get-rich-quick" schemes first and you won't become involved in many -- if any; consequently, you won't lose your "shirt" as frequently. Curb your spending for pleasure, recreation, and a "good time" or sooner or later your "habits" will replace your common sense and can place you in exceedingly dire straits. Don't count too much on your friends and social circle for financial help. Certain friends could even separate you from sizeable amounts of cash. While prospects might appear promising, don't rely on the "goods of the dead" as insurance against a monetary crisis. Generosity is a quality to encourage so long as it does not place you in financial jeopardy. You enjoy being liked and often give very freely of your money, time, and energies in what you feel are ways to assure that you figure importantly in the lives and thoughts of others. Develop an awareness that you easily may overdo this practice until it becomes much too costly.

VIRGO: It would seem that your ability to handle details would be insurance against any personal monetary crisis, but it offers no such guarantee. In fact, you may find yourself in trouble from being "penny wise and pound foolish." You can be so fussy about small expenses that you fail to watch really important expenditures. Driving all over town to save a dime certainly may cost you much more than you save. Strive to get a larger overview of your total finances and thereby set a proper order of priorities. You are the type who may scrimp and save, even denying yourself small necessities, and then go off and spend large amounts rather extravagantly, and sometimes very unwisely. While it is true that you do work hard, make certain that you are paid what you are worth; you may offer your valuable services at a lower-than-market price. In short, don't sell yourself short. Plan well ahead in money matters so that unforeseen limitations or delays do not catch you off guard. "Long-distance" financial matters or those with brothers or sisters should not be depended upon too heavily.

LIBRA: Trying to decide when to spend or not to spend may be a major factor in any monetary crisis you might experience. Decisions concerning renting or buying, moving or staying put, investing or saving can be very perplexing indeed; get help with these through your associates. Get expert opinions, make careful considerations, list the pros and cons, and then act accordingly. After acting, don't worry; expect the best. True, you may lose at times; but you will have the satisfaction of knowing you did the best you could. In selecting your mate and closer associates, be especially mindful that they probably are types who have generally good sense relative to financial matters. Your spouse should be encouraged to be conservative with spending or he or she can soon get you both into a monetary "stew." Avoid conflict and disputes with mate and others regarding money matters through prior understandimg and agreement as to how pecuniary dealings are to he handled. Be careful to understand fully anything contractual before you sign your name, most especially in business, property, and real-estate areas.

SCORPIO: You may prevent a financial crisis by learning to control your impatience and replacing it with a willingness to wait when necessary. In all areas of your life, you want to get on with things -- or get off. You may not get as much money as rapidly as you would like, but this is not necessarily a good reason to junk the whole project in despair. It takes time for fruit to ripen; this applies to the "fruit" on your "money tree" as well. Give others, your projects, ideas, and yourself a fair chance before you give up. Money and security matters may improve if you abandon any ideas you may have that anyone owes you anything. Waiting for your ship (gifts, inheritances, grants) to come in is not necessarily going to pay your bills. What if the "ship" never arrives -- or is empty? Be reasonable and realistic as to the amount of money you spend on offspring, your friends and social life, pleasure, recreation and having a good time. You should not even think about trying to gamble!

SAGITTARIUS: You need not worry too much about a personal monetary crisis if you will learn to pay more attention to the smaller expenditures, as this may be the area where you are most careless. You like to consider the overall, but you need to realize that when you take care of the dimes and quarters, the dollars will take care of themselves. However, considering inflation, one might better say that when you look after the fives and tens, the hundreds will take care of themselves. Check figures closely; stop thinking only in round numbers. Some of your intuititive and financial hunches may often prove worth their weight in gold. Use your imagination in making more and better use of money, but then keep tabs on what you do with your gains. Don't allow brothers or sisters to become too much of a drain on your budget, as you may find their requests for financial assistance much too frequent. Shy away from any behind-the-scenes monetary dealings to avoid loss or eventual trouble. Don't rely too heavily on friends' advice (especially co-workers) or lend them money -- unless you can easily afford to lose all of it.

CAPRICORN: Overcoming an inner feeling and fear of failure may well be your key to preventing a personal financial crunch. Experience has shown that you frequently meet with setbacks in many areas of your life, including money-related ones. This can cause you to become overly anxious, cautious, and too skeptical of what could be very good opportunities that might come your way from time to time. You can become overly inclined to subscribe to the philosophy that "a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush." While this might tend to keep away total financial disaster, it can also prevent you from gaining real monetary security, keeping you more or less constantly at the point of a crisis. Be more open-minded, less pessimistic, and a little more at ease in taking intelligent financial risks. Keep a tight rein on all spending connected with your profession, career, or field of work, as you can allow your desire to put on an impressive image to cost more than it's worth. Depending heavily on your parents for financial support is not advised; neither should you count too heavily on your mate's or close associates' help -- or money.

AQUARIUS: Learn to control your fractious behavior and likely you will be able to stave off any potential financial crisis. Set a goal, an objective materially speaking--and then stay with it. Changing and/or flitting about can muddy the waters so that you lose sight of where you're headed -- (and the same applies confusion-wise relative to those who might be trying to help you). Being a fixed sign, you may get what you go after on the long haul; but you certainly can experience many crises in the process. Sometimes your crises might be more imaginary than real since you can get rather carried away with your monetary expectations. Avoid unnecessary financial jams by keeping your money and friends from getting too close together. You may find some friends rather reluctant to repay any loans you might make them; neither should you expect them to be too willing to share with you should you need to borrow. Gifts or inheritances may not prove as bountiful as you expect; strings may he attached.

PISCES: Avoid those personal financial crises by overcoming your timidity to the point that you are able to demand and receive what is yours by right. Don't stand back and allow others to run roughshod over you simply because they think you are too nice and much too polite to complain or stand up for your interests. You need to become more consciously aware that you are an easy touch and may be a sucker for a halfway decent hard-luck story. Others find they can sway your sympathies and put the bite on you for your last dime. Sooner or later, you will have to either stop or dramatically reduce some of this unwarranted generosity or you may find yourself on your knees financially speaking. Brothers and sisters may be the greatest offenders when it comes to putting their hands out. You may have to become "as hard as nails" purely in self-defense. Take good care of your health with regular check-ups so that you are not likely to have any unexpected medical expenses. Keeping insurance up to date will assure a greater peace of mind.

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