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Unbottle Your Secret Genies

by Elbert Wade - Professional Certified Consultant Astrologer
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ALADDIN'S LAMP had no powers so great as the magic hidden in your astrological twelfth house. How much do you understand about this normally dark corner of the zodiacal circle? Do you know how best to use what you may or may not know? It is called the house of secrets, behind-the-scenes matters, limitations, self-undoing, enemies, and those mysterious things about ourselves which we may fear. It is also regarded as an area of creativity; but seldom does it produce much of a positive nature because its constructive powers are too typically misunderstood, misused, abused, or kept from surfacing.

Energies of the twelfth house might be described as being "corked up." A fuller and more rewarding life can be realized as you progressively learn to understand this sector of the natal circle and begin to release its more-positive influences -- your "secret genies."

With ARIES on the cusp of your natal twelfth house, the energies which you may keep bottled up are those which are necessary for demonstrating true leadership. You may experience some difficulty in motivating yourself to take certain chances which may be very important or necessary if you are really to get ahead -- or even just keep your head above water in a very competitive world. You may find yourself too reluctant to head important areas in your own personal life as well as in the social and business environment in which you find yourself. Learn to speak up and to stand your ground when you know that you are right, or when someone is attempting to take unfair or unwarranted advantage of you because they sense that you may be something of a "pushover."

When TAURUS occupies the twelfth sector of your natal chart, the energies which you may imprison are those having to do with practical management of funds and the material circumstances in your life. You may lack the natural motivation which is necessary in order to get ahead in the ways of making a satisfactory amount of money. This is not to suggest that making money is the only or most important purpose in life, but the need for it in a commercial society cannot be overlooked. You would do well to study and practice the proven ways of monetary management, and its proper use at all times. You can't afford the luxury of being lax-- even occasionally. Wise counseling with others experienced in finance and budgeting can prove quite profitable for you.

If GEMINI rules your natal twelfth house, you may limit your progress and enjoyment markedly by failure to utilize your inborn versatility (adaptability) and communicative abilities properly or fully. Guard against a propensity to be a stick-in-the-mud, or one who persists in doing everything in the same tired old way. Remember the old saw: "Variety is the spice of life." Learn to say what you mean and to mean what you say. This applies as well to what you write or communicate in any other manner. Guard against growing old before your time. Enjoy the natural youthfulness of your personality all your life. There is little fun or profit to be gained from "rusting out"; it is a lot more fun to "wear out."

With the water sign CANCER holding sway over your natal twelfth house, there is the pronounced possibility that your bottled energies are those whose release would give you more of a feeling of security. Of course, not recognizing or understanding one's real security or sense of safety, of really being wanted and belonging, results in a feeling of haunting uncertainty. If you aren't careful, you may possess or develop the manifestation of a lack of gratitude and, consequently, never feel completely satisfied no matter how much material security you may have at any given time. While others may envy your position and possessions, you still may feel as if you have nothing really. Learn, to appreciate what you have. Realize also the truism that in fact the only thing really certain in life is change. Enjoy your blessings while you have them; don't waste time with an unhealthy concern about tomorrow. Avoid spending all your years getting more and more material security just to discover too late that there is no time left to enjoy what you have saved.

LEO on the cusp of your twelfth house can cause you to inhibit or suppress genuine generosity and pleasure to the point where others might regard you as tight-fisted or a "party-pooper." Learn to put on a good show; occupy the center stage more often; loosen up a bit. Be willing to take a bit of a chance or a gamble now and again. Don't allow little things to get you down. Give pleasure and you receive it in return. Be willing to enjoy yourself reasonably, and then forget to worry about what you did later. Heed Shakespeare's advice and come to some realization of his statement regarding the fact that the whole world is a stage; act your part well while remembering that the world likes to laugh -- and so do you.

With VIRGO in charge of your twelfth house, you may well be inclined to limit and retard your ability to organize things, and to keep your life and affairs in proper order. You may have too much of a tendency to overlook important details that really matter in the ultimate outcome of things. Avoid running your life in such a way that others may regard you as being careless, disorganized, or even sloppy. Work on developing your ability to make and execute plans, as little real success is likely to happen totally by accident. You will sooner or later need to realize that the "skyscrapers" of life are put together bit-by-bit and that the smaller details must be attended to rather religiously. Strive to uncork your organizational abilities and consequently to allow these important and powerful "genies" to work their magic for you.

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LIBRA as the ruler of your astrological twelfth house indicates that you may inhibit the positive and productive power of balance in your life. You have to strive to maintain a more feasible and workable system of equality in all that you do. You can too easily unbalance the scales through overindulgence in some things while leaving other important and meaningful areas to atrophy from neglect or lack of interest. Remember: "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy." By the same token, all play and no work is not a satisfactory solution either. If you are not careful, your tendency to limit your interests and experiences can cause you to become terribly opinionated and narrow-minded even to the point of being bigoted and next to impossible to be reasoned with at all. Unleash your "genies" of balance and fairness in order to live a more complete and fulfilling existence.

If your natal horoscope shows SCORPIO on the cusp of the twelfth house, the energies which you may be inclined to keep in a closet or concealed from view and productive use are those which give you the sheer determination to move steadily forward and to overcome whatever obstacles may stand in the way of a more successful and productive life. In a rather rustic way of saying it, you may not be "gutsy" enough or have enough "gall" either to try or persist in matters which, at the outset or in time, appear to offer more than the average challenge. Guard against harboring the feeling that everything worthwhile will be yours just for the asking. Most things really worth the having deserve a bit of fighting in order to have. Be willing to pay the price for whatever meaningful things you desire from life and you will have them. You can enjoy the luxury of being "shy" after you have what you want.

SAGITTARIUS as the zodiacal sign on your natal twelfth house can indicate that you tend to bottle up your valuable sense of humor, your intuition, and your capability for mental growth. You would do well not to take everything which happens so seriously by learning to look more on the lighter side. Learn to laugh at your own and others' foibles; it certainly makes life a lot easier to take. Who knows, you might even get to like it -- both the laughing and life itself. Begin now to practice listening to your inner voice of intuition; and when you learn to use and trust this marvelous faculty, you may be amazed with the valuable guidance you will receive. Work against being too narrow-minded by allowing your thoughts to expand into areas you may now regard as too "far-out," unfamiliar, or foreign to your present concepts. Remember, there is a wonderfully big wide world of ideas out there just for you to explore. Allow yourself the privilege and the joy to be gained through discovery.

When CAPRICORN rules the natal twelfth house, there may be a pronounced tendency to allow temporary failures, disappointments, and setbacks to become more or less permanent in that you fail to keep going and may not realize much real success in life. There can develop a pattern of starting after some goal or objective of importance, meeting resistance, and then giving up -- all the while declaring that there is no need to try anything else because one failure or disappointment is a certain guarantee of another, and still others. One with this configuration would do well to learn the true meaning of the oft-repeated saying: "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again." Persistence with faith and a positive mental and emotional attitude is the "genie" that you must unshackle.

AQUARIUS on the twelfth-house cusp of the nativity is an indicator that you tend to inhibit most if not all the originality, unqueness, and individuality otherwise indicated in your chart. You can too easily become a "robot" which responds only to its command-information input. Guard against a propensity to be a "yes-person" or a carbon copy of what others want you to be. This is not to suggest total unconformity is to be selected as the correct or proper alternative, but one should at least try to be himself. Certainly, individuality is to be sought and valued. Most persons of historical significance are remembered for what they accomplished through the use of their originality, not their purely ordinary attributes.

PISCES as the ruler of your twelfth house at birth can cause you to hold back your positive energies which enable you to communicate with the rhythms of life and Nature. You may not too easily hear or stay in step with the general beat of life and the environment all about you. You may feel that something is not just right or is missing and consequently feel somewhat out-of-sorts. Work at learning to tune in to what's going on around you. Start to notice and to appreciate the deep beauty of Nature which is truly in luxurious abundance all about you. Listen carefully to music, and attempt to feel its deep connection with the very rhyme and reason of life itself. Relax and allow yourself to dream, to overlook a few things which are too starkly out-of-sync with actual creativity and constructive imagination. Attempt to ferret out some good from even the most negative circumstances. Corny or not, "Every cloud does have a silver lining" -- if you will but patiently look for it.

IN ADDITION TO THE MAGIC HIDDEN IN YOUR twelfth house, as indicated by the sign ruling it, further consideration should be given concerning those embottled energies ("genies") concealed there -- as revealed by any natal heavenly bodies -- Sun/Moon/planets -- in this "hidden-from-easy-view" sector (house).

NATAL SUN IN TWELFTH HOUSE: This placement can inhibit the very basic inner strengths, causing you to place too low an estimate on your real potentials. Remember that a lighted lamp hidden under a basket is not easily seen. Work to uncover a lot more of your true brilliance.

NATAL MOON IN TWELFTH HOUSE: Difficulty in expressing the emotions due to uncertainty and timidity is indicated. Don't go so far as to wear your emotions or feelings on your sleeve, but at least expose them enough so that others don't regard you as cold, heartless, or uncaring.

NATAL MERCURY IN TWELFTH HOUSE: Timidity in the areas of communication can present a frustrating problem. Develop the ability to "holler when you're hurt." Speak up and be heard. Don't allow others to walk over you. Study public speaking, drama, debate, and writing in order to minimize this limitation so that you can release your "genie" of self-expression.

NATAL VENUS IN TWELFTH HOUSE: The energies which may be retarded by this natal placement are usually those which have to do with the outward expression of your love and tenderness. Welcome opportunities to relate to others with deep feeling and sincerity. Allow yourself the luxury of caring and being cared for sincerely. Strive for a less superficial existence.

NATAL MARS IN TWELFTH HOUSE: This placement increases the possibility that you may be so reluctant to take direct action that others accuse you of being lazy, or lacking in courage. You may need to develop some way to build a bit of a fire underneath your intentions so that they become realities. Don't let inertia keep your potential standing still.

NATAL JUPITER IN TWELFTH HOUSE: This natal planetary placement is very similar to Sagittarius on the cusp of the twelfth house in that the energies entrapped are those giving one a natural or easy use of a sense of humor, intuition, and those energies which insure against one's having a rather pessimistic and restricted view of the basic positive potentials of the inner self. A good-natured laugh at fate can sometimes make it smile back at you.

NATAL SATURN IN TWELFTH HOUSE: Basic positive energies may be sapped to the point of ineffectiveness by secret and nonproductive -- even created -- worry. A feeling of general hopelessness must be overcome through exposing worries and concern to the clear light of scientific fact and common-sense reason. No profit is to be gained from crossing bridges before you get to them.

NATAL URANUS IN TWELFTH HOUSE: Exercise intelligent regard concerning the expression of your originality and uniqueness. Your true positive individuality may be concealed and its counterfeit may be exposed instead -- a poor copy which others fairly label as producing weirdness, crankiness, and unacceptable strangeness.

NATAL NEPTUNE IN TWELFTH HOUSE: Your true creativity may remain too long under covers. Resist a tendency to withdraw within and to fantasize a make-believe world which could never exist, and a role for yourself which you could never actually fulfill. Work to become more of a realist by expressing your creativity on a more practical and useful level.

NATAL PLUTO IN TWELFTH HOUSE: You may nurture a tendency to collect injustices to the extent that you may do yourself psychological and even, in time, health damage. Learn the value of being totally honest with yourself. Be willing to accept criticism without prejudice -- if you actually deserve it. A happier life is yours when you learn basically to subscribe to the live-and let-live philosophy for living.

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