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Your Astrological Elemental Profile

by Elbert Wade, PMAFA - Professional Certified Consultant Astrologer
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ARE you a practical, unemotional earth sign who weeps easily; a dynamic, scrappy fire sign who'd rather talk things out than fight; a sensitive, spiritually-oriented water sign who prizes material gain over emotional fulfillment; a communicative, "word-merchant" air sign who listens more than you talk? How come? You may be surprised to discover the often overlooked reasons why you act and react differently from the way your Sun-Sign "says" you should after exploring the elemental factors that are so much a controlling part of your basic motivation-response profile.

In nature, there are four basic elements with unique characteristics: fire, earth, air, and water. Everything man perceives is made up of one or some combination of these primary substances. Air describes all gases, water all liquids, earth all soil, fire all heat and light. In Astrology as well, there are four elements; while the same words are used, they do not refer to the elements themselves but to their inherent qualities as used to delineate human behavior -- actions and reactions.

At the moment of your birth, the Sun, Moon, and eight planets were each in certain signs; additionally, a particular sign was rising -- the ascendant. The fire signs are Aries, Leo, Sagittarius; the earth signs Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn; the air signs Gemini, Libra, Aquarius; and, the water signs are Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.

While it is accurate to state that your Sun-Sign depicts your "inner self" and the purposes and goals you are consistently driven to accomplish, it alone does not describe the ways and means you will take to seek their accomplishment, or how you act and react. Furthermore, the ascendant (through which your inner or real self is "filtered" and through which the outer world "looks in" on you) may not accurately represent or reflect your motivation-response profile -- unless it is of the same element as the highest number of natal heavenly bodies in a single element.

Considering there are four elements and ten heavenly bodies, a "perfect" distribution would be 2.5 planets in each element -- an impossibility without actually splitting two planets. Therefore, any number above 2.5 indicates an above-"average" concentration in that element; while fewer than 2.5 denotes a less-than-"average" elemental emphasis.

To use the information following for exploring the elemental profile of your horoscope, count and list the number of heavenly bodies in each element. Fire_____, Earth_____, Air_____, Water_____. (If addding your ascendant's element is necessary to get a clear majority in a single element, do so. Otherwise, disregard the ascendant -- rising sign -- for this exercise.)

After listing the numbers of planets (and ascendant if required), study the explanations below to gain a better understanding of your response profile.

Heavenly Bodies in FIRE Signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

0 (none): Because your energy level may be quite low, you should eat properly and get adequate rest. It's possible that others may have wrongly accused you of being lazy or sorely lacking motivation or ambitiom. To reach your highest potential, you must become an expert at self-discipline. Goal-setting, preparing lists of what needs doing and deadlines for completion are all but mandatory if you desire a success that is more than commonplace. External discipline, a demanding spouse, a strict boss, competitive friends, relatives or neighbors who challenge you to "keep up" can help motivate you to greater advancement and success.

1 or 2: Possessing a less-than-average number of fire planets is good reason to have or begin what might be called a "grocery-list" approach to life to assure you make the most productive use of valuable time. This approach is as simple as writing down what you need before grocery shopping; otherwise, you may forget something and have to repeat a trip that's a waste of time which could be utilized for something more constructive and productive. Extend this practice to at least a written outline or the detailing of each day or week -- in advance. You'll get a pleasant psychological boost each time you finish and check off something on the list.

3 or 4: You tend to act or react with an energy level that's somewhat -- to a good-deal above the average. When success depends upon acting on your plans, it usually will be forthcoming. Acting with too much impulse is not very likely; however, you're not one who's inclined to take anything lying down. Others generally know you'll follow through with what's promised; they can count on you to do more than your fair share in most situations. Because your basic energy drive is above average, you may be very active physically -- well into your golden years.

5 or more: Potentially, you are a human dynamo who, if properly "wired," can accomplish just about anything and everything you set out to do. You respond well to challenges, are fast-paced, love competition, enjoy life in the fast lane, and relish living on the "edge." Others may complain that it's difficult to keep up with you and may ask you to slow down. However, this abundant "thrust" can result in too many unwise impulsive acts, make it too easy to scatter your energy wastefully, cause you to jump from the "frying pan into the fire," or lead to premature burnout. Deliberate, directed, and planned control is the answer.

Heavenly Bodies in EARTH Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

0 (none): If you haven't learned to ask "What's in it for me?" and other "totally-selfish" questions, it's likely you've been unfairly used and taken advantage of by others more often than you'd care to recall. While being almost totally impractical may make you a very nice person to know, one who'd give away the last slice of bread to practically anyone (deserving or not), you are almost always left "holding the bag." Realize you live in a material world and must face its realities every day -- whether you like it or not!

1 or 2: Being below the earthy "average," the practical, results-producing qualities of your basic nature may work satisfactorily at times relative to certain matters, but may prove inadequate in other, perhaps more important, ones. Therefore, you need to maintain an ongoing vigilance to assure worthwhile, comnon-sense results from all efforts important to success and happiness. While it's true you may not measure progress or success by the amount of money you have in the bank or the quality of your wardrobe, certain obligations -- food, housing, etc., have to be met regularly -- with or without your approval. Keeping accurate records of all material matters will help.

3 or 4: Being more down-to-earth than average stimulates an inner appreciation and desire for tangible results in most areas of your life. You do not mind working but you certainly expect to be rewarded adequately for your time and effort. In personal relationships, you tend to place more than a little value on what they offer that's actually "measurable" rather than what might be called "romantic promise." If your partner is not adequate sexually, love may soon fade. Simply put, with you, the promise of "roses" (or anything else tangible) is wonderful, but only their actual delivery will satisfy or impress you.

5 or more: It's possible others might accuse you of being cold, hard-hearted, or a total materialist. Basically, if you can't see, hear, smell, touch, or taste something, it may mean little if anything to you. Even in the most promising situation imaginable, it's practically impossible to "fall in love with love" or to permit anyone to "pull the wool over your eyes." You tend to perceive your total environment factually, realistically -- almost with computer-like precise accuracy. At times you may think life would be more fun if you could imagine some things as you'd like them to be, not as they are.

Heavenly Bodies in AIR Signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

0 (none): Communication with others may not be altogether easy unless you are assisted somewhat by an air-sign ascendant. Learn to welcome all opportunities to talk with others to discover their techniques. It's possible you might not consider yourself very much of an innovator or inventor; realistically, you may regard yourself more a doer than a planner. Taking someone else's ideas or plans and putting them into operation may be your special forte -- especially if you're fortunate enough to have a few planets in the fire element. You do need to read widely in order to stimulate the flow of ideas.

1 or 2: With relatively few planets in air, you may not respond very readily to "mental" types of stimulation or motivation. Working on all communication skills is recommended; talk with others to learn their viewpoints; read widely in areas of necessity and personal interest. While it is true that in certain areas you may think quite adequately and creatively enough, there may be good reason to seek the advice and guidance of professionals in those areas you may find difficult to manage or organize alone. Both personal and business-type partnerships or associations should pair you with "idea" people in order to assure better and faster success for you.

3 or 4: Your skills relative to the broad field of communication are sharply honed; you're able to talk with just about anyone about anything. From a mental-and idea standpoint, you're well above the average as an innovator, inventor, creator. Whatever interests you is subject to improvement and refinement once you start to work. When it comes to communicating clearly in order to get your ideas across, you're quite the expert. Perhaps you are in, or should consider a career which is related importantly to selling others on your ideas, products, or beliefs. In order to satisfy your basic needs, your life-style should encompass some sort of ongoing mental training and the stimulation of intellectual friends.

5 or more: You are potentially among the best of communicators, one who's never at a loss for words, ideas -- or opinions. If anyone desires your opinion about anything, they only need to ask. Ideas, solutions, and revelations tend to come easily. It's entirely possible you could allow this inclination to get so far out of control that others might accuse you of being a gossip, someone who cannot be trusted with a secret, or a know-it-all. Try to cooperate with your innovative and creative intellect so you may bring into the world as many useful ideas as possible. You could be in line for very special honors.

Heavenly Bodies in WATER Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

0 (none): Your basic capacity for experiencing the emotional aspects of life is practically non-functional, if not non-existent. Any ability to love deeply or accept non-physical love is something you have learned or acquired through experience as the result of marriage, parenting offspring, etc. It's probable you were raised in an environment that was without much overt affection. Because your parents may have seldom, if ever, demonstrated their affection for one another or to you, their example may inhibit you regarding outward demonstrations. For you, love for others (non-family) may require that the relationship include sexual gratification or other rewards that are tangible and "real" -- not just promises or idealistic dreams.

1 or 2: Because your basic emotional-response capacity is below average, it's unlikely that you'll ever find love -- in the classical sense -- to be that important or meaningful. This is especially likely if you also have a relatively high number of planets in the earth element. Much of what you experience in the feeling areas of life will be what you learn to do through personal experience, and the observation of others. For a happier, more fulfilling life, work to develop more compassion and understanding for others and their needs. Learn to accept their affection; realize they really may mean it when they say they love or care for you.

3 or 4: With any reasonable amount of luck, the emotional aspects of your life can be both exciting and satisfying since you not only have the capacity to give of yourself, but can please others with a willingness to accept and appreciate what they desire to give or share with you. Being somewhat above the average in the emotional department suggests the possibility that you could, at times, act or react too quickly, creating problems you could well do without. Develop the habit of counting to ten before doing or saying something for which you might be sorry later.

5 or more: It may be that you are "blessed" with too much of a good thing. Unless you learn to control your feelings and emotions, they could too easily get you into much more trouble than you can handle. Before you chance doing something that "feels" like it simply must be done, you should, if possible, pause and ask yourself several down-to-earth-type questions relative to what both the short-and long-term results or consequences might be. Having an abundance of planets in the water element can make you a very nice and co-operative person to know, but it's possible some of your well-intentioned acts may produce less-than-satisfactory outcomes.

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