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Counterfeit Astrologers Exposed

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Your astrologer may be an absolute counterfeit! Unfortunately, all it takes to be an "astrologer" is just to proclaim publicly that you are. Too many unashamedly and boastfully advertise themselves as qualified professionals and most willingly take money for varied astrological 'services' for which they have neither the training, education, skill, experience, qualification -- nor any valid certification. This is an outright insult to both the science-art Astrology, and to the public who too often get taken for money wastefully paid to those without even basic qualifications -- or much conscience. In short, too many are total counterfeits, out for a buck from trusting people who earnestly seek the type of down-to-earth guidance that properly-practiced Astrology could offer for their individual benefit.

There are steps you can take to assure you are not taken by these frauds, phonies, "fortune-tellers," hyphenated "astrologers" and other such clever "artists" who might tend to misrepresent themselves and their qualifications. That is the underlying purpose of this page and those to which you can link from here.

Elbert Wade hopes what is offered here will make you aware that Astrology can be very worthwhile and helpful if you are careful in selecting your astrologer. Also, it is hoped that you will start to realize that there are a lot of so-called astrologers out there who do not have the foggiest notion about what they are doing -- except collecting your money. So many are exceedingly sharp, clever, cunning, charming, good with the 'sell,' and willing to string you along until your funds are all but depleted -- or until you do 'wise up.' Too many actually want you to become dependent on them for every decision you make (This assures they can keep on charging their fees for perhaps unnecessary or very questionable 'advice.') It is unlikely these are certified astrologers! See astrologers code of ethics.

A well-trained, experienced astrologer wants to help you to understand all of your innate strengths, talents (and weaknesses) so you will be able to make your own decisions. After a qualified, experienced astrologer carefully and painstakingly prepares a 'roadmap' for your future, he/she is unlikely to tell you which 'fork' of the road you must or should take, but will suggest what might be the consequences of taking one or the other. You must remain open to exercise your free will, and certified astrologers will encourage this exercise of free will -- without reservation. You are in control of your own destiny. The stars do impel; they do not compel. No qualified astrologer will encourage (or even allow) you to become 'addicted' to their guidance. And once they 'point the better way,' they expect you to use your own "wings" -- and soar to more success and greater happiness in all areas of your life. Select your astrologer with extreme care. Ask questions about the type and amount of training, length of actual practice; ask for a few references; ask for verification of any claimed certifications. After all, it is your money you are about to spend! You deserve to get what you are paying for!

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