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Plan Perfect Party - Astrologically

by Elbert Wade, PMAFA - Professional Certified Consultant Astrologer
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WHETHER it's a birthday party or some other special celebration to honor another person, you may wish, be asked or imposed upon (depending upon your point of view) to plan and follow through from start to finish. But just where do you start? Why not use a bit of astrological advice and then custom-plan a party that'll please the honoree (and guests). Of course, it's unlikely any single plan will work without some modifications, but you should be able to get several useful hints from the sections following to help you succeed with planning the perfect party for just about anyone -- for practically any occasion.

THE ARIES HONOREE. Start by realizing the Aries type is dynamic, action-oriented, pioneering, and daring. If possible, arrange for an outdoor gathering. Start as early as possible in the day. Get games or contests going promptly, and keep things moving at a fast clip; avoid lulls or the honoree may become bored. If food is served, make sure it's hot, well seasoned, and the type which can be eaten easily and quickly. Hot or warm drinks would be in order. If a gift (or gifts) is expected, consider objects of metal, cutting instruments, brightly-colored items, and things that are innovative and uncommon. Move to conclude festivities quickly when you observe the guest of honor is becoming unattentive, or less than enthusiastic.

THE TAURUS HONOREE. Taurus rules, among other things, money, material possessions, the throat (appetites re food and drink), and appreciation of quality and luxury. Select a comfortable, well-appointed, luxurious setting; atmosphere is most important. Look after the physical comfort of the honoree and guests as well. Don't skimp on food or drink. One very nice gift is better than several less-expensive ones. Gold is always a good choice; consider also precious stones, neckwear, quality furniture, fine wine, etc. Games and entertainment should be challenging, lots of fun, perhaps even a bit "lusty." The Taurus-type likes to feel "a good time was had by all." Don't be in a great hurry to conclude this get-together. Keep a roster of attendees; make notes of gifts or other contributors to the party; Taurus likes to know.

THE GEMINI HONOREE. "Variety is the spice of life" to the Gemini type. Consequently, plan a number of activities for this party, making certain that the dominant theme is mental and communicative rather than physical alone. Bring out all the word games, cards, and such. Allow ample time and space arrangement for conversation and "visiting." Encourage guests to circulate; each should speak at least briefly with the honoree. Keep activity at a high level; be prepared to introduce new games and challenges if things begin to drag somewhat. Try for a wide selection of food items and drinks, but nothing too rich or heavy. Serve refreshments which can easily be eaten "on the move." Gifts should be items that are mentally stimulating and fun to receive -- books, video cassettes, radios, portable televisions -- even a bicycle. Move to conclude the party when the honoree loses interest -- which may be sooner than expected!

THE CANCER HONOREE. Since the Cancer type is basically home-and family-oriented, the party should be in a home-like environment and should, if possible, include some family members or others who are nearly as close. Plan a comfortable, easy-paced, relaxed sort of gathering; allow ample time so there's no hustle or hassle. A good meal could properly serve as the focal point -- a sit-down affair if possible. Be sure there are adequate amounts of "home style" food and drink. Seat the honoree at the head of the table and the "family" all around. If gifts are in order, objects for the home -- especially the kitchen and living room -- are usually good choices. Other special gift possibilities include vintage wine, plants, and anything antique. Encourage the guest of honor to relate stories and anecdotes about the past. Allow the festivities to run their full course. Cancer natives like to "linger."

THE LEO HONOREE. Remember that the Leo type loves to entertain and be entertained, to have a good time; he/she also likes games of chance and appreciates creativity. Enjoyment should be the theme of a party. Arrange for facilities that offer recreational opportunities (theme park, public park; house with a pool, recreation room, and/or play area, etc.) for use by the honoree and guests. If possible, hire a music group for listening and dancing -- or some type of "show-biz" entertainment. Give the guest of honor a chance to be "on stage" if he/she is so inclined; and/or, be sure he/she gets the "lion's share" of attention; a toast by someone at some point is in order -- if not mandatory! Keep the party going; introduce new entertainment/games before dullness sets in. Provide a feast of fun-type food and drink; don't allow anyone's glass or plate to remain empty too long. If fun continues, so should the party.

THE VIRGO HONOREE. The Virgo type is a perfectionist who likes everything to be well organized and totally "proper." Never schedule a get-together that's impromptu, or too "wild." The party's location must be clean and adequate. Insofar as possible, keep everything low-key; avoid extravagance and waste. The honoree should be given the choice of keeping a low profile; do not make unplanned suggestions that he/she address the group, etc. (Arrange any such matter in advance.) Reasonably healthful food should be offered; go slow with alcohol. Gifts should be practical, useful, and not gaudy. Entertainment should be in good taste -- not off-color or gross. Conduct and handle everything "as advertised" -- begin on time, end as planned, never late. Keep a guest list.

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THE LIBRA HONOREE. Because the Libran is other-persons-oriented, he/she is easy to please where a party is concerned. Just be certain to include as many guests as space and budget will allow. Insofar as possible, invite only those who are primarily compatible as to interests, social levels, tastes, income, etc. The meeting place should be tastefully appointed, well decorated, and comfortable -- especially as to temperature. Prepare carefully so that the whole affair runs smoothly from start to finish, with no unexpected shortages of refreshments or anything else. What's served must be prepared and presented tastefully and attractively. Encourage guests to circulate; don't allow the bonoree ever to be without attention or someone to talk to. Music or other entertainment should be appropriate and, above all else, not too loud! Tooled leather book covers; books on art, the dance, painting; subscriptions to fashion magazines would make appropriate gifts for this guest of honor. Conclude the party as diplomatically as possible.

THE SCORPIO HONOREE. Since the Scorpio type is private -- even somewhat secretive by nature, don't plan a surprise party! Instead, assure that the honoree is in agreement with what is planned and that he/she is apprised of everything that's to take place. An evening/nighttime get-together is probably best. The location should be private, even somewhat out-of-the-way. Since he/she is somewhat uneasy with "outsiders," do not suggest that the party be held in the guest of honor's home. Do not invite individuals known by the honoree to be gossips or meddlers. (Going over the guest list with the honoree is advisable.) Serve devilishly-rich, delicious, "sensual" refreshments. Entertainment and games of the "adult" variety might be enjoyed and appreciated; however, this shouldn't just be assumed without prior approval. Books pertaining to detective work, the psychic world, science, the supernatural should appeal to this guest of honor. Don't end festivities too soon if the honoree seems to be having a good time.

THE SAGITTARIUS HONOREE. Because the Sagittarius type is generally optimistic and has a good sense of humor, plan for a fun-filled party, even one that may be a bit far-out. The meeting place should be some distance from the honoree's home base, perhaps in another city. The journey to/from the location could easily be enjoyed by this honoree as much as or more than the party. Invite as many guests as practical; if possible, include some out-of-towners, even foreigners. Try to exclude those who are down on their luck or consistently negative in their outlook. This guest of honor wants everyone to have a "jolly good time." Serve a wide selection and generous portions of delicious fun-type dishes. (Consider a foreign-type menu -- Mexican, French, Italian, etc.) Offer some enjoyable games of chance; entertainment should be light, airy, laugh-producing. He/she will likely appreciate subscriptions to travel and sports magazines. Don't rush to terminate the fun at this lively party.

THE CAPRICORN HONOREE. The Capricorn type is status-oriented and rather pragmatic; therefore, any celebration for him/her should be held in a prestigious location. Further, it should be conducted in a business-like, no-nonsense manner. Nothing phony, artificial, or frivolous will be appreciated by this desirous-of-being-respected tenth-house sign. Since be/she is always striving to climb higher up the ladder of success, be certain to invite those who might aid this honoree's efforts; he/she loves to rub elbows with the movers and shakers. Provide high-quality refreshments, those that have something of a "snob" appeal. Entertainment and music should be kept to a bare minimum; should be professional and in good taste. This type does tend to believe that guests will judge his/her tastes and professionalism by the quality-level of all associations, so don't "damage" this honoree's image by inviting the "wrong" people. An attache case or portfolio would be appreciated by this guest of honor. End the party on time.

THE AQUARIUS HONOREE. Known as the "social" sign, it should follow that the Aquarius type will certainly appreciate and enjoy a get-together where he/she is going to be the center of attention. Since this honoree seems to have so many friends and acquaintances, select a meeting place that's spacious and conducive to conversing and socializing. It could be even a little unusual -- a warehouse, an airport hangar, etc. If games are to be a part of the entertainment, be certain they're mentally stimulating; the same applies to other entertainment. Serve "unusual" refreshments that are light but innovative, easy to consume while circulating. For the honoree, keep a resister of those attending and their gifts (electronic paraphenalia would be appropriate) so that be/she can send thank-you notes. Let festivities continue as long as the honoree and guests are still communicating and enjoying themselves.

THE PISCES HONOREE. A party for the Pisces type should be held in evening hours, if possible; regardless, there should be music and dancing if appropriate; the gathering place should be enclosed, safe, even somewhat secreted; the party should remain a total surprise as long beforehand as possible or this somewhat timid soul will probably worry so much in advance he/she won't enjoy the party. Too large a number of guests might not be a good idea; try to limit invitations mainly to those who are artistically inclined, appreciative, and generally of a quiet or passive nature -- no "clowns," show-offs, or abusive over-imbibers. Avoid obligating the honoree to make a speech or anything similar unless permission is gotten beforehand. Limit alcoholic beverages. As gifts, this honoree will likely appreciate imaginative novels, records, tapes, subscriptions to books or magazines about animals. End festivities before the guest of honor grows weary.

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