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On Sunday, July 3, 2011, I received four emails from "The Astrologian." It seemed necessary, out of courtesy, to acknowldge such a sustained effort. Below are his (his I assume) comments and my attempts to respond.

Dear The Astrologian,

Are you the writer, author, poet, artist from Austin Texas who "travels to the 'holiest' and un-holiest places in the world -- because there is no shortage of either -- in order to observe the front and back of reality"?

Are you able to do such extensive travel while having no need to establish an actual career because of the fortune resulting from the sports-related company which bears your family name?

You use the term "The Astrologian" to describe yourself. Which Astrology books have you written? According to Dal Lee: "... those who write textbooks that guide the astrologers are astrologians." I would really like to avail myself of all Astrology textbooks you have authored!

His Criticism
"Imaginary Line: Clearly, you are smart and discerning and I think you can take criticism, so: The equator is not "imaginary", it is a very precise gravity force line. Please correct your thinking on this."

I must plan a visit soon to the equator. When I get there how will I know exactly what is the visible line? Is is a straight line in the sand or a staked cable or some other obvious (non-"imaginary") indicator circling the entire earth?

His Somewhat Compliment
"Wit, humor, charming sarcasm, concise perspectives, generally accurate discernments... you are an astrological force. Having fun picking your character apart this evening."

I am delighted when I can bring fun into anyone's life through my writings -- or otherwise.

Other The Astrologian Less-Than-Flattering Comments
I like to think I am rather exacting and I approach astrology as truly the highest science -- or as you call it "science-art"; but I tend to disagree with you on cusps. Particularly, when influenced by conjunctions or a stellium!"

(Your first statement is a bit contradictory seeming to say you both agree and disagree with me.) Sorry. Astrology is not, has never been nor ever will be a science -- any more than man-made "global warming" is or ever will be a science.

Additional Criticism
"Nice that you list a couple of your planet placements but I don't see your natal chart posted. Hard to trust an astrologer that won't lay it out there and post their own chart...
Signed: Uranus exact MidHeaven, Sag Asc, Pluto-9th, Can-Sun, Nep-12th."

You are perceptive indeed. I do not share my personal birth data with the world; neither do I share my clients' birth data with anyone -- or the world. No need to make identity theft easier.

Did you notice that I did not share a picture of my glorious naked body either?

Interestingly I did not find your birth data (or picture) on the few sites I could find somehow related to you.

Regards -- ever upward and onward,
Elbert Wade, PMAFA

[Order for Your Book ... and a Question] Hello Elbert, [Thursday, September 02, 2004 10:13 AM]
I really enjoyed your site. Excellent articles on Rising Signs. Please don't misunderstand; I'm not asking for complementary personal astrological advice, but I have to tell you something: I'm 48, Gemini Sun with Capricorn Rising. I'm separated from my husband (also a Gemini). Last year I developed a friendship with a 28 year old man, and despite the age difference we clicked right away and have developed a very strong bond, spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, and just recently, physically as well. My friend is Capricorn, with Gemini Rising. I've not been able to come across any astrology writings that speak of that specifically: two people in a relationship / strong friendship who's sun and rising signs are matched like that. What do you think about that kind of matching in general? Looking forward to receiving your book! [Your Man In the Moon]

Hello [Name Witheld],
Not much (if anything) on this matter to be found; however, it seems to me that this would be a case of "mutual reception" of sun-signs and ascendants. "Mutual reception" normally applies when two *planets* are in each other's signs. Simply explained, it would seem your "inner" self is attuned (in harmony with) his "outer" self and vice versa. On the surface one would expect this to be quite positive. And so far this seems to be the case as it relates to your/his compatibility. Hope it continues -- and the prospect seems promising based on its history. Best wishes. Elbert Wade, PMAFA

Subject: Wow!
I just saw your name on the internet when I was reading Astrology articles. Good grief, I took my beginning Astrology class from you in October, 1972, and I've been studying and doing charts ever since. I lived in Dallas, Texas, at that time and now live in Los Angeles. I still use the very handwritten birth chart you made for me at that time to look up transits. I still draw the lines with green, red, blue, brown for the aspects on charts. How about that! I just wanted you to know that your class set me on the right path to learn more about Astrology and do charts to help others, and myself. Knowing about transits has saved me so many times. - Teresa F., CA - [July 21, 2003]

Subject: Oh Elbert Wade,
You have made me laugh. Thank you for your excellent website. A reader in Australia -- Yasmin Boland Dare I reveal it [my site's URL] to you? I love your tone but am terrified of what you might say should you reply! ;-)

[Reply to Yasmin]
Dear Yasmin,
You've absolutely nothing to fear from a harmless, kind-hearted little fuzzball astrologer. 8=)

Subject: Problem
Completely agree with your criticism. A problem is that too many would-be astrologers treat the subject too lightly. The initial intro of its symbolism can be simple to grasp, and after a lesson or two many students think that's it. After nearly 40 years I find its complexity is still awe-inspiring. When teaching I used to stress the need to recognize its power and treat it with humility (as if it has emerged from the temple!). People's desire for prophesy shows how common it is to forget to take responsibility for oneself. Prediction can be useful to access trends and timing of turning points. As you know all this, that's enough from me but to say I support you. Shelagh Kendal - Ottawa, Canada

Subject: BRavo!!! bravo!!!
I found your site while looking for Astrological Scams...and HAD to follow the search engine's promise of having found "The BEST Astrologer in the World." [A-1 Absolutely The World's Greatest Astrologer] (You might have added universe for those whose beliefs tend towards the plieades.) I have studied the science for 26 years...practiced professionally for 12 of them...and am at the point I do not want people to know I understand what a "Leo" is. The term "intuitive Astrology" gives me bone-chilling shudders...psychic astrologers should be restricted to practicing only on each other so the inevitable damage they do can be limited to and understood in their own lives only. EVERYONE in this world who puts even one toe into a metaphysical forum feels the "calling" to help the world by giving everybody their "answers," guiding them to the "light," or some other such nonsensical belief. In reality, it isn't the outright frauds and fakes that scare me. It is the vast majority of these do-good 'readers' who truly (but mistakenly) BELIEVE in their abilities. Very, very few have taken the time to learn how to deal positively with the extremely vulnerable people they tend to attract. The most gifted true psychic in the world is useless at best, harmful at worst if they do not know how to present information to those they attempt to "help." Add to this the new wave of 'readers'--who have no background, no skills, no true learning in any of these consulting fields--plus a total lack of education on how to work with people and the potential is horrifying! I could tell you horror stories by the dozens. One such story stands out as bringing your own stand so powerfully to truth. A man in his late 20's and experiencing a tough Saturn-return, coupled with a manic-depressive illness, sought out a much-beloved "psychic-intuitive-astrologer" on AOL's astronet forum. He got a wonderful, glowing past-life reading depicting him as one of a select few belonging to a "light group" which has descended to earth to help bring about "The New Consciousness." I WITNESSED this. The reading was "ohhed' and "ahhed" by those watching. It almost made me sick to the stomach! One might ask: "But how could such an obviously made-up--but highly 'positive' -- scenario do any harm?" It drove the man to the brink of suicide! Not only did he feel a failure because of his pronounced depressive swing but he also felt himself a failure in not being able to carry out his high "spiritual" goal either. Before, he had no "clue" he was so "elite" or one of the "selected" -- and he then envisioned himself a miserable failure here as well! It required three of us four hours to get him first to call a suicide crisis hotline and then his therapist. It took many months to undo the damage done by this "psychic-intuitive-astrologer" who scored zero in these important categories:

  1. If this "fortune-teller" knew Astrology she would have seen the intensely-harsh negatively aspected Saturn-return in action and explained what it meant -- and when it would subside.
  2. If she actually was intuitive or psychic she would have sensed he was suffering a legitimate mental disease and would have guided him to a specialist qualified to treat such disorders.
  3. If trained in consulting, she would have known a better manner to present her so-called revelations.
By the way, I "infiltrated" six of the major psychic hotlines. I posed as a 21-year-old college student, a 55-year-old widowed housewife, and a New-Age reverend.....what are the chances of contacting anyone with real abilities? About the same as being struck by lightning or winning the lottery! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
A sigh of relief - Linda Rankin
PS: I don't simply grumble, growl and whine. I also take strong actions for stopping this fraud by confronting readers, notifying public officials and alerting people of ways to find qualified astrologers--if they feel Astrology is correct for them.

Subject: Hello
Comments: I'm really glad I stopped by and visited this site before making a bad decision. I have been interested in Astrology for quite some time and after awhile got tired of the generic daily horoscopes that basically told me nothing especially regarding spiritual matters. It's always love, money and work; love, money and work!! Like I don't already know where I'm going in those areas. I started experimenting with shareware programs to erect my own Radix and Synastry charts and was impressed with some of what I was finding and on the spot they were. I also learned that I am so unique that for the planets and stars to be exactly aligned in my Radix chart for my time and place of birth, would take tens of thousands of years!! Many of these shareware versions had "Professional" versions allowing one to sell horoscopes to the general public for a profit, and so I thought: "Why not?" However, I was humbled by reading your site and realized that although doing such would be legal, it would be unethical and greedy. I do want to help people and I do like the idea of supplementing my income, but not becoming a 'keyboard astrologer' or charlatan. The very sound of the word charlatan makes me cringe. Especially if I suddenly found myself labeled with it! I gave the matter deep thought and realized that erecting a chart and selling one to a person is a sedous undertaking and that a knowledge of Astrology that would enable me to help someone without the aid of a computer was important. I don't think it would be right to just 'wing it' and make wild guesses. These are peoples LIVES. The AFA correspondence course and student membership or affiliate membership sound like a good first step along with software for my own personal use and perhaps freebies for friends if they want one. Thank you again for this site. It helped me to examine my motives and keep me from making a terrible mistake. - Phoenix

Subject: Re
[Re an email sent to several advertising themselves as astrologers in which Elbert Wade said: "I sincerely believe Astrology is worth saving."]
Saving from what??? - Bennett

[Reply to Bennett]
Dear Bennett,
For starters, from being declared illegal in all parts of the US, as it already is in many limited areas. One who practices Astrology in Plano, Texas (and other scattered areas in various locals), is subject to arrest and a stiff fine -- on the first offense.

Subject: Comments on your website - Dear Elbert Wade:
Thanks for your latest communication. I checked out your updated web site. If you recall, some months back I sent you my own comments about fake psychics together with a transcript of an article from the Miami Herald regarding the atrocities practiced by the psychic lines. (I believe the psychic lines are a lot more pernicious than canned horoscope printouts, psychic fairs or people who combine Astrology with other things, simply because they're everywhere.)Re: Hyphenated Astrologers. Non-astrologers who read your comments might get the impression that all hyphenated astrologers are "a bad lot". This isn't the case. For example, Michel de Nostradame was an Astrologer-Physician-Prophet. You yourself are an Astrologer-College Professor-Artist. Also, a number of qualified astrologers are naturally endowed with (or gradually develop during multiple chart readings) intuitive and/or psychic abilities. I belong to this category. I believe the greater the astrologer's expertise (in the art of horoscopy combined with any other discipline) the more capable s/he may be of rendering an effective and enlightening consultation, lecture, article, etc. For example, if Nostradamus was alive today he might lecture at AFA on Medical Astrology or "How to Accurately Predict the Far-Distant Future." You would be well qualified to present a research topic on "Jupiter in the horoscope of educators" or "Does your Horoscope reveal artistic talent?" I might decide to lecture on "Psychic Ability in the Horoscope." Do you see what I'm getting at? Re: AFA and "bastardized" Astrology Everything seems to be dumbed down these days, and that includes the AFA's approach. I believe AFA allows this sort of thing to go on in the hope of attracting new members. (Also because they realize the average wo/man in the street finds pure, unadulterated Astrology to be virtually incomprehensible.) I started out on a diet of Sun/Moon sign Astrology -- as I believe many of our kind did--before bumping into the real thing. One has to start somewhere. And it sounds like your book "Your Man in the Moon" is an excellent place to start. Re: The longevity of Psychic Lines I predict most of them won't be around for much longer. The reason? They've become greedier and greedier. From the mid-80's thru the early 90's a number of legitimate astrologers, psychics and clairvoyants worked for them. The pay was good and the raises frequent. After that one's pay was lowered by 2/3rds, how long one talked to callers became more important than the quality of the presentation, most of the experts quit or got fired, and were replaced by those whom Elbert Wade has dubbed as fakes, phonies and frauds. Consumers are getting tired of paying $5.99/minute to listen to unhelpful hogwash, and will soon decide to call it quits. After that, I predict they'll start coming back to bona fide astrologers in the private sector. Best wishes - Wendy Hawks, PMAFA

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Subject: Astrology; Re:"I Sincerely Believe Astrology Is Worth Saving"
I was unaware Astrology is going away. There have been and there will always be charlatans in every field, including Astrology. Probably moreso in Astrology because we are inclined by our very nature to disagree. With Uranus acknowledged as the ruler of astrologers we are pretty much doomed to holding very little as common ground. You and I share the title PMAFA but chances are our tests were graded by two different astrologers with very different viewpoints. Therein lies the problem; we have no curriculum or even an established set of facts. In the 70's I read every book I could get my hands on, and I finally settled on the Brotherhood of Light lessons from the Church of Light. I went on to achieve their title of Hermetician and I am proud of that accomplishment, but how many astrologers even know what the term implies. Now the NCGR has come up with an established curriculum but how can I support something that places so much emphasis on transits? But to them these are facts, and they ignore why their transits don't always work. They are not exactly ignored, they just peruse the sky for more asteroids to attribute an event's cause to. This is very simple minded Astrology because all one needs is an ephemeris and another simple little recipe book to say this means that. I certainly don't deny the influence of transits but I only allow them a small quantity. I wouldn't dream of advising myself or anyone in this world without first having their natal chart and their major progressions complete with the parallel aspects. But these are MY facts. At one time it was a "fact" the earth was flat and for a few fundamentalist Christians it still is. After all, the Bible says to "go into the four corners of the earth and preach the gospel," so that settles that as far as they are concerned. Come to think of it, their world must be square also. Sorry this is so long-winded but I get carried away occasionally. We met at the [AFA] Chicago convention in '84. I was travelling with Doris Doane and John Ahern from Califomia. I now live in Texas. --Gale Gorman, PMAFA

Subject: A Little More
But possibly something else is jerking on a hook deeper within you...We can all be more than one thing and even choose to advertise the fact. I am a father, grandfather, student of nearly everything, astrologer, tarot card reader, psychic only to my myself, steel detailer, ironworker, artist, runner, and there will be many more before I'm done. I chaired a committee in the early 80's to revise our [AFA's] Code of Ethics to the form it is today, and that was a real hot button; the mixture of Astrology and palmistry, etal. Incidentally, I remember it was tougher than pulling hen's teeth to get people to put their thoughts on the subject of ethics down on paper. A truly good psychic can only see what your subconscious mind already knows, but this is true of tarot cards and horary Astrology also. I rely on horary Astrology to bring a slice of my subconscious up into something I can recognize and then deal with. But if a psychic chooses to also study and use Astrology, how can we fault that? The charlatans do get found out eventually, and it seems always at a pretty steep price to their profession, whatever it may be. Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker are prime examples. Back on my soapbox...Education is the key to nearly all the ills I can think of. The only growth industry in Texas appears to [be] locking people up. If the same money, time, and energy were put into education, most of those people would be useful citizens instead of in prison. Until Astrology as a community accepts a curriculum that can be taught in an accredited institution, our field will carry the same stigma as so much bulls__t. The AFA has a start on this with their examination system, but I have met very few astrologers with their [AFA's] credentials. Egos would have to step aside and some of the biggest egos I've seen belong to authors of Astrology books. They get a lot of credibility just from being published whether they actually know anything or not. So, how would you propose bringing the community into agreement? By the way, I'm not at all religious but I am an avid student of religions. Did you know there are 287 different denominations of Christianity alone? And they are all reading the same text! There are almost 2 dozen sects of Judaism and yes, they only do the Torah. Buddhism was never meant to be a religion, yet his followers have turned it into one and I must add, with many different sects. These groups are all ruled by good old benevolent Jupiter but they can still find something to fuss and fight about. I didn't realize how prevalent Baptists were until I came back to Texas. There is a small Baptist church every three miles across southeast Texas because each little group can't get along with the others. I'll shut up now and thanks for listening.
Gale Gorman, PMAFA

Subject: None
Oh please get off the band wagon! Nobody is gonna destroy Astrology except the astrologers. Let me guess? You want to prove that Astrology has some scientific basis? You will never get that job done using the usual natal Astrology which is too subjective for scientific testing. You need to attack it with something objective and empirical like the financial markets. That's my two cents. -Cheers - Norman Winski

[Reply to Norman]
Thanks for the feedback. Your statement was: "Nobody is gonna destroy Astrology except the Astrologers." You are absolutely right. And if you get time to poke around my pages you will find that's my take precisely. Note I have used quotes around astrologers, meaning also those who claim to be but are not. (Don't take this personally since I don't know anything about you or your qualifications.)

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