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In Top Three
I'm a new student of Astrology and would like to tell you...that your website is in the top 3 of best sources for Astrology information on the web...your articles are written in a way that is very easily understood, even by an average reader. Best Wishes - Michelle - May 30, 2003

Subject: Thank You
Hi, Mr. Wade:
You did my charting a few months ago, and I am writing now to say thank you, especially for the advice you gave me in a follow-up e-mail. You recommended that I read two books: Dale Carnegie's classic HOW TO WIN FRIENDS AND INFLUENCE PEOPLE, and Maxwell Maltz's PSYCHO-CYBERNETICS. I read Carnegie's book a few months ago and really liked it, and I have adopted his strategy--which resulted in a great improvement in my relationships with others. Then last week, I read PSYCHO-CYBERNETICS, an even better book. It gave me the tools I needed to develop positive thinking, and it's working. I even bought the book for two friends. These same friends have been telling me how much I inspire them to be positive. Anyway, that advice was even more important than the charting you did for me. That was valuable, too, in that it pointed out character weaknesses I have and need to work on. I've been valiantly working on them, and my life is getting better all the time. So, thank you so much. If I need any more astrology charting, I will be sure to contact you. - Many Thanks - S.W., Virginia, USA

Subject: Just Wanted to Say Hello
I enjoyed finding and reading parts of your website today. You won't remember me because we met only once some time in 1975. I had just discovered Astrology when I found your shop in Dallas, just off Oak Lawn. You sold me my first Astrology textbook, "A to Z Horoscope Maker and Delineator," plus the essential reference books and blank charts. Thanks to that visit and the guidance I got from you back then, I've enjoyed a 25-year hobby which is flourishing online. The Astrology side of my website hosts about 65,000 unique visitors monthly, making it one of the most-frequented Astrology sites around. Its sister station, numerology (sorry about the hyphen!), does nearly as well. You're invited by to take a look. I've set a link to your site on my links page: Michael McClain - Flower Mound, Texas -

Subject: "Astrologers"-- Your Article
I liked what you said in your article The Problem With Astrology: "Astrologers". For what it's worth, Australian astrologers were offended (that's expressing it politely!) with our local Yellow Pages because some time ago there was a single category called "Astrologers/Clairvoyants." We objected over a period of time (particularly the FAA--our equivalent of the AFA), and now "Astrologers" and "Clairvoyants" are listed in separate Yellow Pages categories. I also had a 'barney' with a newspaper ad saleswoman who wanted my wife (who is a practising astrologer) to advertise in their "Personal Development" supplement under the heading "Psychics." I carefully explained to her that proper professional Astrology is NOT psychic in nature, and requested that she accept our ad in the "Counselors" section. This was refused, but I had my pennyworth of explanation to her. Not that it did any good though!? She rang me back 6 months later to see if we would advertise in her weekly supplement, so I went through the whole thing again!! And again she would not accept an ad -- except in the "Psychic" section. Keep up the great articles. Thanks. - Robert Moore - The Gemini Connection - The Gold Coast - Queensland, Australia

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Subject: "Hello"
I'm an old client/student from the early 70's. Nice to be able to be in contact with you again. I've continued to study Astrology from the early days. I became comfortable with the astrological teachings of Elbert Benjamine, under the pen name C.C. Zain--Brotherhood of Light books. I'm currently doing advanced research in progressed astrology using the astrodyne formulas -- the measured unit of progressed power over long periods of time: ten, twenty, thirty years, etc., showing measured powers in peaks and valeys. This forms a sort of "motion picture" of progressions as opposed to the "snapshot" effects of a progressed natal chart for a specific time. Just a quick note from an old client. If you're ever back in Dallas for any more lectures, please email me. I would love to attend. - Regards - Donald Koen - Dallas

Subject: Re:
I think you are full of sh_t!!!!!!!!! Someone can be taught tarot as well as astrology, numerology as well as other areas in the metaphyical [sic] realm. You can also be taught how to trust and use your intuitions [sic] (phsychic) [sic] and learn to utilize them in your everyday life. I think you need to go back and do some more research before you run your mouth off and learn to judge not lest you be judged. - Zelda Pinwheel [Canada?]

Subject: Fake Columns on the Web
All professional Astrologers should take note that problems can arise when any "high-roller" ignoramus attempts to mass-market Astrology. It is not possible (or ethical) to mass-market (after the fact) any Sun-Sign column because it is written to apply to a specific date(s) and time-frame: one day, one week, one month, etc. This is, of course, because the heavenly bodies repeat their exact positions only once every 25,000 years. I, unfortunately and inadvertently, have been involved in two such incidents. Someone attempted to "re-cycle" my by-then totally-out-of-date horoscope columns. First, a column I'd written for a certain web site for May, 1997 was lifted, without my permission, by another site and used in the summer of 1999. Very frustrating -- even embarrassing -- for the serious Astrologer, but difficult to explain to those who don't understand. I put my foot down with a resounding thud and they deleted the material. There was yet another somewhat nasty little incident when another outfit was attempting to re-cycle my horoscopic creations. In 1998, I was hired to write a 100-word daily each-sign horoscope for a 1-900 call-in line. In time the line became defunct but the company didn't. In 1999, the company posted a series of my daily year-out-of-date horoscopes on their web site--without my explicit permission. To make things even worse, the daily column was changed (by date only) to a weekly column! I was infuriated, threatened to sue, and they subsequently quit. The moral of this story is this: There are a lot of people out there who are terribly "ignorant" about Astrology. While we must have compassion for ignorance, as serious astrologers we might well be very guardful about those we give information, and what we post on the web. Otherwise we could unintentionally wind up defrauding the general public through someone's misuse of our horoscopic creations. So, beware. Best wishes; keep up the good work. - Wendy Hawks

Subject: None
YOU SUCK!!!!!!! Even though not every astrologer is professional, there are a lot of people who really believe in this stuff. I can't believe that a supposed astrologer would tell other people to just pretend to know about the zodiac. You are disgusting. You mess with people's minds. - Barbara L. Murphy

[COMMENT: Thank you, Barbara, for your kind words. Such statements could only come from a surfer who read only one or two of Elbert Wade's many pages. For one who has never seen a car, for example, it would be exceedingly difficult to describe the entire automobile after looking only at its hood ornament. The one page (out of nearly 100) you probably read -- which clearly stated it was "tongue-in-cheek" in the first paragraph and apologized to real astrologers in the last paragraph--must have been All Secrets Revealed: Become A Counterfeit Astrologer In 10 Days -- Or Less. Please return later to read more pages, Barbara.]

Subject: Comments on your website
In my cruising, I happened upon your site. I've read only one article so far--"Buff or Buffoon" --and found it thorougly entertaining. I must admit to "buffoonish" thoughts crossing my mind from time to time, but fortunately have learned to keep them to myself, so maybe I'm a little more "buff" than "buffoon." Guess the point is to keep learning--maybe most important, learning to engage the brain before starting the mouth. And your point that a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing is especially important to keep in mind regarding Astrology -- else you can scare yourself or your friends silly. As I continue to explore your site, perhaps I'll look into the services you offer. It's impossible for me to be objective about my own chart, and past consultations with a local astrologer haven't been entirely satisfying. I don't know yet what kind of astrologer you are--but you are a wonderfully competent writer! Thanks for an interesting site with a sense of humor. --Viv

Subject: Re: A Double Thank-You [Excerpted]
Yo Ho Elbert,
Again a delight to hear from you. I also have a little astrological "hobbyhorse" I would like to mount at this point. Please, please recognise this implies absolutely no criticism of you or anyone else. It is just a thing I like to say to astrologers from various parts of the world from time to time. We have in the world two very different systems for writing is the "North American System" and the other is the "Rest of the World System"! I don't want to change any systems, but what I do want to change is the manner of astrologers communicating together so we have maximum comprehension with one another. I would ALWAYS like to see the month written in characters, such as Jan, Feb, Mar etc., rather than in numbers. For example, I had a very confusing correspondence quite some years ago about my wife's chart. She is born 5 Sept 19__. Now to my American correspondent I wrote (foolishly, I might add--but somewhat automatically) 5/9/__. Of course, I am married to a Virgo, but my correspondent was talking about a Taurus (and of course in much more detail as we were discussing transits and progressions, etc.) and it took over a month of confusion between the both of us before we figured what had gone wrong! (Of course, this was before email). Well, this confusion can be overcome by the simple exigency of writing 5 Sep 19__, or Sep 5, 19__... I have also found on the odd list this confusion occurring, especially when we are looking at events which have recently occurred...If I write "the shooting occurred on 2/3/99 (in early March)" for example, some people on list may interpret this as 2 March 99 [which I would mean because I am not in North America] and others could interpret this as Feb 3, 1999. Now I tend to have the hang of this problem [naturally], but have also been caught out, when an Aussie colleague wrote the date in the North American style for NA readers...I translated it as Aussie style..... OY VAY, MARIA! All simply fixed by the unambiguous use of characters! I shall now dismount my hobbyhorse and ask you what you think about this issue.

[COMMENT: You are absolutely right. That's why I always verify the month before doing any astrological work--even though I ask for Month/Date/Year (in that order) from clients.]
Best wishes to you in your endeavours, and I hope to see you in Vegas [at the AFA 2000 Convention]!
Cheers and Beers, Neil, PTMAFA, DTASNZ - South Australia

Subject: MEDIA INQUIRY -- hey elbert good afternoon, i'm a producer w/nbc, and i came across your website this afternoon, you had some humorous, yet relevant information that i'd like to talk to you about. i did try calling the number listed on your web-site but it was busy. if you get this message soon, pls give me a call--i'd like to talk to you. feel free to call me collect if need be. i'm out of town the wk of march 7th, so if you can reach me by friday march 5th, i'd really appreciate it. thanks for your help. hopefully we can give your web site some publicity. mark macias, special projects producer. [Phone]. fyi- i dont read my email too often, so if you send me an email, pls give me a heads up. i rarely check it.

Subject: Susan Sheppard, Astrologer-Hyphen
Your point is well-taken... However, look at it this way--the general public does not understand true Astrology is something more than Sun Signs, palmists and psychics. When I began to study Astrology more seriously during my first Saturn return, I realized Astrology had little to do with psychic readings, and such. What interested me, really, was the effect of Astrology on the individual's personality because I wanted to learn more about myself and other people, too. I also came to realize that Astrology is a cut above the rest, and is profoundly accurate. Of course, more deeply studied, the accuracy was astonishing. In reality Astrology is planets, constellations and stars. I suppose what I am saying is, true Astrology is for astrologers. The general public will never catch on to it because such understanding of the complexity of Astrology takes a superior intellect. Thanks - Susan Sheppard

Another copyrighted real Astrology article by professional certified consultant astrologer Elbert Wade, PMAFA

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