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Divorce Not Worth the Bother

by Elbert Wade, PMAFA - Professional Certified Consultant Astrologer
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[Originally published in Today's Astrologer, Copyright © 2002 - 2016 American Federation of Astrologers

"MARY's" birth data and order for a natal chart were delivered by one of my long-time clients who works with her. I knew nothing about this forty-six-year-old Aquarian except that she managed a popular cocktail lounge at a rather prestigious Dallas motel complex.

After constructing the chart, I found her to be a "double" (both Sun and Ascendant in the same sign) Aquarian with a Sagittarius Moon. The "vital signs" -- Sun, Ascendant, and Moon in air/air and fire incline to a mental-and action-orientation toward life as opposed to either an emotional (water) or pragmatic (earth) one.

Three oppositions from two planets in the first house of externalized ego to three planets in the seventh house of marriage indicated strong ego battles if married -- and that meant married to anyone. Natal Sun conjunct the rising (first house) cusp (beginning), opposing Neptune in the seventh house suggested confusion, misunderstanding, and possibly infidelity from either or both parties in a marriage. However, the Aquarian Sun in the first sector (house) and ruler of the Leo seventh house meant marriage, regardless. Both being fixed-sign-associated indicated long-term pairing regardless of any unpleasantnesses. Mercury's first-house opposition to Neptune and Mars in the seventh house clued continuous communication problems.

In short, this lady was hell-bent on marriage even if that would be the last thing she should consider; however, the aloofness and detachment of the Sagittarius/Aquarius emphasis would likely aid her in tolerating a partner since she would never really be "bonded" to anyone. Moon in Sagittarius indicates, emotionally at least, the "eternal bachelor."

Career and financial prospects looked more favorable. The tenth house of career and business, ruled by Sagittarius, was supported by Jupiter's seventh house close conjunction with Mars, ruler of her second house of income. In addition, the Part of Fortune and the Moon, ruler of the sixth house of work and service, conjoined the Midheaven, and both trined Uranus in her income sector. In summary, she should provide a service (Moon-ruled sixth house) for many (Sagittarius) of the public (Moon), employed by someone else (Jupiter in the seventh house) in a situation which favors income through unpredictable (trine to Uranus in second house) means (tips). Uranus, her ruling planet, in Aries trine the Moon (the public) in the tenth house of business would enable her to make friends quickly, thus enhancing her gratuities (tips).

Venus' twelfth-house location and its sextile to the Moon in the tenth house would offer her numerous chances for private love affairs with persons perhaps met at her place of employment.

I wondered somewhat why she was having her chart done since Pluto, ruler of her ninth house of philosophy, squared Uranus, Astrology's ruler; but noting Pluto's fifth-house placement, I assumed she was doing so perhaps mainly for fun or entertainment. Also, she was a "double" Aquarius, the sign ruled by Uranus, the planet most associated with Astrology.

I expected her to be tall (and she was) since Uranus, ruler of the Ascendant (the "outer self") and the Sun, was in Aries (acceleration of growth), and because it trined the most elevated heavenly body (Moon) in Sagittarius ("bigness").

She arrive at the appointed time. Tall, trim, not beautiful but strikingly attractive; her Sagittarian Moon reflected a good sense of humor. Her personality was strong, almost masculine; she was self-confident, co-operative, and pleasant to read for. During the delineation, although all twelve departments of life were covered fully, naturally more time was spent on the three most-accented areas -- marriage, personality/externalized ego, and career.

I'd assumed she'd had more than one marriage, each lasting for several years. She confirmed two, the first to a Leo which lasted some long nineteen (by her definition) "miserable" years.

"The only good thing about that marriage was our three fine sons," she commented.

I noted Mercury, ruler of her fifth house of offspring, had only negative aspects -- an opposition and a square. "I don't imagine you have remained very close with your sons. Have you?"

"No, I looked after them, but urged their leaving the "nest" as soon as I knew they could make it on their own. After all, our home was not the best environment since my husband and I were always at odds. As soon as they left home, we got a divorce." She continued, "A year later I married an Air Force career man, another Leo. It's been a bummer also, but we're still together purely out of convenience. We live our separate lives even though we stay in the same house and share expenses."

"Your progressed Moon entered your sixth house of work eighteen months ago. How long have you been working," I asked.

"That's interesting," she replied, "I began working exactly eighteen months ago when he retired and I couldn't stay home with him underfoot all the time. Also, we needed my income."

"What about private love matters with customers?"

"I may be forty-six, but I'm still quite alive," she smiled.

"Thinking about a divorce?" I asked.

"Why bother?" she laughed.

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