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Error Proves Astrology's Accuracy

by Elbert Wade, PMAFA - Professional Certified Consultant Astrologer
Copyright © 2002 - 2017 Elbert Wade - Worldwide Rights Reserved
Originally appeared in Today's Astrologer, American Federation of Astrologers

NO matter what type of work one does, there may come those times when you become so jaded with routine that you start to question whether your occupation is really valid and worthwhile. Recently, while in such a period, I discovered an error which completely renewed by "faith" in the unquestionable accuracy of Astrology.

Some years ago, because of a heavy schedule [and before chart-calculating computer programs], I employed a nice young man, highly recommended, to calculate charts in order to give me more time for actual consulting with clients. Unfortunately, after discovering numerous serious math and other errors in his work, I was forced to terminate his employment. (Perhaps Ralph Nader would be pleased to know that I "recalled" numerous charts and gave those clients what they paid for and deserved, an accurate reading at my expense.)

During this period, my nephew, twelve days my senior, sought my astrological services. My (now former) assistant had calculated his natal chart accurately so I assumed the progressed horoscope was accurate also. Friend nephew seemed pleased with my natal analysis and went on his way with trends for the coming twelve months in hand. A year later he returned for an update.

I asked how accurate had my "predictions" been and he replied frankly that he'd really been too busy actually to keep up with them. I prepared his update based on the calculations I assumed were accurate for the previous year.

Since my nephew traveled extensively, often abroad, we were not in frequent contact for some two years; but I couldn't help but wonder why he'd not ordered an update for so long. When we finally had time to visit, I asked how accurate were the trends for those two years.

He said, "They were absolutely on target for the previous year but had little or no validity for the year they were supposed to outline."

I checked his file and was puzzled when I couldn't see any error in calculations, based on a cursory examination. "Tell you what I will do. Since I owe you at least one, let me prepare your update for the coming twelve months and we'll test it."

He agreed, and I set to work in earnest. But what I saw indicated in his progressed chart for the coming 12 months was quite upsetting. I finally reached him by phone and asked if I could check a few points with him before completing the work. He said okay.

"According to this chart, last month was a real disaster business-wise. It looks as if you lost a tremendous amount of money -- unexpectedly or because of unusual circumstances."

"No, that was exactly one year ago last month. I lost nearly a million dollars because of the crazy Mid-East situation."

I asked several other questions or made comments about what the trends chart indicated was likely to materialize. Without exception, his comments indicated these cycles/events happened the previous year.

"Nephew, this really puzzles me. Let me re-calculate everything and get back to you tomorrow." He agreed. While re-figuring, I soon found the error. The progressed date was one day (one year in "progression") behind. (Why it had not occurred to me before I'll never know!) Carefully, I figured all aspects for the coming twelve months and called him.

"Let's check this out. Last month should have offered you the best business opportunity you've probably ever even dreamed of." (His progressed Moon, ruler of his second house of personal money/income, had conjoined the North Node in his tenth house of business, and simultaneously trined natal Venus in his second house.)

"Right on!" he responded excitedly. "It's something I've been working on much of the past year. Does it look good from here on?"

Knowing I was now "on the beam," I answered, "You bet. Business-wise, the next three months are quite favorable, but nothing to compare with July when your 'money' Moon trines Pluto (profits) in your money (second) house. This also is the time to hire good help since Pluto rules your sixth house of employees."

"Very good. Sounds about right according to my plans. Go on."

"Be prepared for a possible financial bonanza in September as the Moon in your business house, and ruler of your income house, trines its natal position. Further, January, February, and March look very positive as well."

"You don't know how pleased this infomation makes me."

"I can tell you a few more things before I send you the detailed tape-recorded trends. Beginning in March when the Moon enters the eleventh house of business income, you'll likely begin the best income period ever -- which should last for at least two years. And in mid-March when the Moon enters Aries, money can come so rapidly you'll not believe it."

"I'm ready!" he answered joyously. "You know I thought Astrology worked, but I was just about to lose confidence in it."

I replied, "Nephew, you don't realize how close I was to losing my confidence in it as well."

[FOOTNOTE: For the most part these trends unquestionably proved their validity, not because Astrology made them happen but because my nephew fore-knew them and worked very hard to be certain things were in order to take full advantage before and during their "cycles."]

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