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If There's a Will, It Can Be Changed

by Elbert Wade, PMAFA - Professional Certified Consultant Astrologer
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MY client, a charming retired school teacher, had a problem which she seemed not to be able to resolve -- a client for three years, having been referred to me by her longtime female Astrologer whose health was not good. Mrs. "A" as I shall call her, had a Leo Sun and Ascendant, along with a Taurus Moon (Taurus-money; Moon-emotion) -- no doubt one of the prime reasons for the matter currently perplexing her.

"Mr. Wade," she said, "you've helped both me and my daughter a lot in the past, but I'm afraid neither you nor anyone else can suggest or do anything to change my Scorpio husband's mind about changing his will. It was drawn up several years ago, and before we came into better financial times. I fear that if he should die -- he's twelve years my senior and not in good health -- it won't be adequate to cover our present financial status. Every time I bring the matter up, he either gets angry or despondent."

Checking her chart relative to this matter, I noted that Pluto, her mate's ruler, was in opposition to Uranus, ruler of her seventh house of marriage, culminating with Venus (money-associated) footing a T-square in her second house of money. I was not surprised that she and friend husband Scorpio might have differing ideas, even problems over money-related matters.

It was obvious that Mrs. "A" was so emotionally close to this problem she was seeking a solution not through logic but emotion instead. I believed that I could help her more through objective common sense than Astrology, even though I must give Astrology full credit for the insight it supplied about my client's basic nature. After reflecting briefly on the matter, I inquired, "Mrs. 'A,' where is your husband's will?"

"In our safety deposit box at the bank," she replied.

"Good. Do you have access to the deposit box -- without your husband's consent?"

"Of course, I have a key."

"Do you know a good attorney and do you have a few extra dollars you could spare to have him study the will after you outline circumstances as they have changed over recent years?"

"Why, yes," was her reply.

"Then, may I suggest this: Call your attorney, set an appointment, get the will and take it with you. You've nothing to lose when you consider that his professional opinion will set your mind at ease if the will is adequate; and, if it is not, request your attorney to call your husband for an appointment to make any changes that might be needed. If the attorney instead of you informs your husband that the government will get a lot more than its 'fair' share when the will is probated, I feel certain your mate will waste little time in updating the document as might be recommended by your attorney."

Mrs. "A" replied with surprise and relief, "It sounds so simple. Why didn't I think of it?"

"You didn't think of it perhaps because you've been relying more on emotion rather than logic. Will you give it a try?"

"Yes, I will! Today, as a matter of fact."

I completed the appointment by explaining her personal update for the year ahead, pointing out that she was under especially good aspects to succeed at present with the will-related problem -- as outlined.

Mrs. "A" left with obvious renewed hope and such haste that she had to return in a couple of minutes to retrieve her forgotten umbrella!

Since it was time for the next appointment, I, of necessity, dismissed the matter from mind. A few days later I responded to the telephone to learn it was Mrs. "A" calling. Happily she reported what had transpired.

"Mr. Wade, I did what you suggested and I am so glad I did. But more important is the fact that my husband is also very pleased that someone -- the attorney -- was successful in jarring him from his lethargy. When the call came infoming my husband of the amount his estate would suffer under the terms of the old will, he asked how soon he could arrange an appointment for the two of us to, as he put it, 'set the matter straight.' I was a little afraid that he would be angry with me, but he has shown nothing but appreciation for what I did. Thank you very much. I only wish I had brought up this issue with you months ago. It certainly would have lightened a burden which I needlessly bore because I could see no way to resolve the matter."

Is Mrs. "A's" case unusual or one-of-a-kind? Not at all. Too many people tend to carry around feelings of hopelessness, fear and even "guilt" which an ethical astrologer might help to resolve just as easily as I was able to help this nice lady to help herself. [Note: I did not solve her problem, she did.]

[This absolutely true case (as are all reported in the "From Elbert Wade's Notebook" series) illustrates a very important point. Always level with your legitimate astrologer. He or she works routinely in the areas of problem-solving, but not many if any experienced astrologers would claim to "see all, hear all, know all." Indeed, you should be extremely leary of those who advertise or profess they are "all-knowing" or will "solve your problems" for you. If you want the highest value for the money you spend for astrological services, lay your "cards" on the table up-front so your astrologer will have more time and energy to direct toward helping you to solve actual problems rather than perhaps wasting too much time merely defining -- yes, even sometimes being pressured to make a guess -- what they may be.]

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Another copyrighted real Astrology article by professional certified consultant astrologer Elbert Wade, PMAFA

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