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A Somewhat-Strange Request

by Elbert Wade, PMAFA - Professional Certified Consultant Astrologer
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THE lady on the telephone requested information about my services and fees. She immediately agreed she wanted her chart done so I set about to arrange her appointment.

"I'm sorry," she said, "but I won't be able to come to your office for an appointment."

"Very well, please mail your birth data and payment along with a recent snapshot which will be returned with the cassette tapes on which I will record the delineation (reading) of your horoscope."

"But," she objected, "I don't have a tape player and don't know where I could borrow one. And I can't afford to buy one just now."

"Well, Mrs. "J," I'm sorry. It seems we have run out of options, have we not?"

"Oh, I hope not. Do you ever read over the telephone?"

"No, not a total natal analysis and trends since I much prefer to meet clients in person or by image (photograph)."

"I don't have a recent picture but I really want you to do my chart as I seem to have been guided to you. I believe you can help me."

"Very well, if you are willing to wait until after I close the bookstore, classroom and office -- which isn't until six daily. You'll need to make certain you are comfortable since this will be a rather lengthy telephone exercise."

She agreed and promptly mailed birth data and payment. I called and arranged the date and time. I was a little apprehensive as the time grew near since the prospect of talking only to a telephone for so long was not something I especially relished. All the calculations and preparations were completed and studied so I felt prepared for this first-time chart reading via the telephone experience. I wondered why she couldn't or wouldn't come for an appointment since her chart seemed to be rather "routine."

The remote reading moved along smoothly. Her feedback was positive. There were few questions as the entire horoscope was read in typical detail.

Then, following a prolonged hesitation, she asked, "Would you please look again at my sixth house of health?" [Please see FOOTNOTE]

"Yes, I will," I replied, "but you must understand that I am not licensed to practice medicine."

"Yes I know, but you might find some additional clue which will help me."

She had Saturn, ruler of the "health" house and Venus both in square aspect to Mars. Remembering Saturn/Capricorn rules (relates to), among other things, the bones; that Venus rules neck/throat, and Mars' square of both Saturn and Venus from Libra, ruler of her third house of nerves/mobility/motion, I commented, "There is a possibility that you have some skeletal/nerve problem in the neck -- possibly a slipped disc."

"That's very interesting," she commented. "Now I'll tell you the reason I couldn't come for an appointment. I am periodically totally bedridden from a condition which ear specialists -- and I've been to the best -- diagnose and treat as vertigo. At times I have no sense of balance at all. My ears have been prodded, purged and examined so much I am sick of it all. The condition has existed over seven years and its side effect is beginning to cause some curvature of the spine. I am just about at my rope's end."

"Again, Mrs. "J," from purely an astrological and not a medical standpoint, I do not believe your problem is being caused by an ear abnormality but by some condition in your neck," I said.

She asked, "What do you think I should do? I am about ready to try anything to get some relief!"

"Sorry to sound like a 'broken record' but please remember that what I am about to say is Astrology-based, not medical. Do you know a good osteopath?"

"Why yes, I do," she answered.

"Might I suggest that you get an appointment, describe your condition, and ask for a neck-area x-ray."

"Yes, I will, and right away. After all, what have I to lose?"

Shortly after, our conversation ended, but I continued to be concerned about Mrs. "J" for quite some time.

About three months later a much happier sounding Mrs. "J" called to thank me for helping her. It took just a moment for me to recall the details we'd discussed but then it all came back. She indeed had gone to see an osteopath and he did find a slipped disc in her neck which was pinching a nerve, causing her symptoms of vertigo. She further reported that with adjustment and treatment he expected a complete cure within a few short months. It seems this applied not only to the vertigo but the spinal curvature as well.

[FOOTNOTE: In practicing Astrology one has to exercise extreme care regarding health matters. Unless specifically "pressed" to do so (as in this case), I only do a cursory or routine reading of the sixth house (as it relates to health) because I am not licensed to practice medicine -- and I do not want to suggest the possibility of a "vague" health-related problem which has not manifested -- and possibly never will manifest. On behalf of my clients, I respect -- even fear -- the power of suggestion about such matters. I opt to "do no harm."]

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