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Gentleman Was Becoming a Lady

by Elbert Wade, PMAFA - Professional Certified Consultant Astrologer
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IT had been a long, hard day and closing my office, bookstore and classroom was something I looked forward to doing. As I was about to leave, the phone rang. Somewhat reluctantly I picked up the receiver to be greeted by a voice which sounded like a cross between a male's and a female's -- something like the changing voice of an adolescent male. Not wanting to be rude but still desiring to know if I was answering questions about my services for a male or a female, I said, "I'm sorry...we must have a bad I speaking with a lady or a gentleman?"

"Oh! I'm so glad," was the somewhat unexpected reply. "I'm a transvestite." This comment was followed, after a short pause, with, "I don't know why I told you that. I've never told anyone who did not absolutely have to know -- like my doctor, my family, and my employer."

"Please don't concern yourself. People often tell me things they say they wouldn't tell anybody else. How may I help you?"

"I'd like to have my chart done as I am in a somewhat depressed state, and I hope my horoscope might offer some promise in excess of what I can now see."

"I'll be most happy to help you in any way I can, but, of course, I will need your birth data -- in written form--since I do not take birth data over the phone. One of us might make an error, causing us both to waste a lot of valuable time. Would you prefer to mail this information or bring it by my office?"

"Since I am in somewhat of a hurry, I could bring it to you about 9:30 tomorrow. By the way, my name is "Bobbie." [Not the real name.]

I agreed and gave specific directions for reaching my center. "The 9:30 time will be fine, "Bobbie," since my first chart reading tomorrow morning is at ten."

Promptly at 9:30, the door opened and what appeared to be a rather attractive female entered. "Good morning, I am "Bobbie."

"Good morning. Please be seated. I see you've already prepared the birth data we discussed. May I look at it, please?" I asked.

"Certainly," "Bobbie" replied.

"Since yours is the first chart I will be doing for anyone undergoing a sex-change, I hope you will understand if I feel the need to ask you just a few questions, any of which you may decline to answer if you wish."

"Surely, just ask away."

"I note you are a Cancerian just three months past your thirtieth birthday. When did you decide you wanted to change your sex from male to female?"

"Since I was about twenty-six and a half." [I later found this coincided with "Bobbie's" first lunar return, close to the time of the direct opposition of the progressed Moon to the position of the natal Uranus. In effect, "Bobbie" experienced a unique change of mind, philosophy and outlook.] Further questioning revealed "Bobbie" went into psychological counseling at this time to prepare for the change from a male to female lifestyle.

Since "Bobbie," the new spelling of the given name "Bobby" [Also not the real name], seemed interested in talking further, I continued with questioning more than normal since this was certainly a unique client. He (and I use this term since "Bobbie" had not yet undergone any surgery) said he had been cross-dressing (wearing clothing and lingere as a female for nearly two years). Currently he was employed as a "female" accountant and was fortunate enough to have a female Aries boss who prohibited other employees from ridiculing him in any manner. In addition, he had taken a second job since he needed the extra money for this very expensive sex-change process.

He said that on the last day of January the year before he had become so despondent that he attempted suicide with drugs but failed. He explained the reason was his impatience with the drawn-out process and his concern that he wouldn't be able financially to complete it. He even volunteered giving information about how the hormone treatment and other medication was adding to mammary and other feminine-type development.

I then asked a question which I hoped he'd not find inappropriate: "Do you have homosexual tendencies?"

"No, I never have had homosexual tendencies or any experiences. To me, the idea is sickening. As a matter of fact, the only sex that I have ever participated in was masturbation years ago, but it was not very gratifying. At present I am totally asexual. My desire is for companionship with a male--but as a woman, not a man. As you probably can imagine, I am quite frustrated!" he explained.

An appointment was set but with a bit of difficulty since "Bobbie" had so little free time.

At the appointed time, the delineation (reading) went smoothly since he was so interested in what he was learning. He especially appreciated the reading of the future trends which positively indicated that the financial help he needed appeared to be on the near horizon, as well as indicators that he should soon realize a greater peace of mind.

Near the end of the appointment I was moved to ask this question: "'Bobbie,' at this point in time could you reverse the process of your sex change without physical or mental harm?"

The answer was given without the slightest hesitation, "Yes, but I would rather die first."

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