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Horoscope I Just "Couldn't" Read

by Elbert Wade, PMAFA - Professional Certified Consultant Astrologer
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ADMITTEDLY, I didn't look forward to that Saturday morning appointment after preparing and studying the chart to be delineated (read) -- the horoscope of a triple fire-sign, nearly eighteen-year-old, female I will call "Nina." Sun (the real self) in Aries, Ascendant (externalized self) also Aries, and Moon (emotional self) in Leo. I knew I had my work cut out for me because extensive previous experience with triple fire-sign natives had taught they basically listen only to what they want to hear -- mainly the positive (ego-boosting) comments so they can go away telling others how marvelous their astrologer had said they were. For example, one of my Leo-type clients told friends I had said his was the best horoscope I had ever read -- something I certainly had not declared since I try not to label individual's natal charts as "good" or "bad" since both are such relative terms. (This is one of the reasons I insist each reading be recorded and a taped or CD copy be given to the client.)

"Nina's" mother (a long-time client) had arranged the appointment since the daughter was attending a university quite some distance away but would be weekending at home in Dallas on the appointment date. Mother had commented that "Nina" was such a nice young lady, and that she ("Nina") wanted her horoscope done as a special birthday gift.

However it was clear to me after studying the chart that mom might not know her daughter very well at all. Among other things, the horoscope suggested strongly that "Nina" was exceptionally secretive, and that she was probably inclined to be unusually promiscuous. It further suggested she was not much interested in college, was a rebel -- and could be pregnant!

Mom dropped "Nina" off at my office promptly at ten and was asked to return at noon to pick her up. Nina was attractive (Venus was well-aspected and the closest planet to her ascendant); she was tall and red haired (Aries ascendant); polite (Sun and Venus in trine aspect to her fifth-house ("pleasantness") Moon ("demeanor").

Almost immediately I sensed that having her horoscope read was her mother's idea rather than her's. And that she dreaded what she was expecting to experience. She seemed reasonably interested and attentive as I gave a brief explanation as to how her chart had been prepared and other routine preliminary comments.

But then as I turned on the recorder, it was obvious there was a real fear and dread of what might soon be revealed or uncovered. A willingness to co-operate was not a part of her plan. She either denied or feigned absolutely no understanding of even the the most general and totally innocuous comments. (I doubted she would even confirm her age if I had asked.) As the minutes ticked away her resistance to work with me seemed to intensify.

After some 25 minutes I stopped the recorder and commented: "Nina, I simply cannot read your horoscope without at least some open-mindedness on your part." I noted a marked sense of relief engulf "Nina." After physically removing the tape from the machine, I said, "One of three things is wrong -- we either have incorrect birth data; you are too young to know your inclinations; or, you simply are not leveling with me. I suspect the latter is the most likely one."

Smiling somewhat timidly, "Nina" said, "Mr. Wade, I feel I can trust you but not that tape recording which my mother is waiting for with baited breath to confirm what she suspects about me. Yes, everything you said is true. I am sharing an apartment with two male lovers. I was more or less forced to go to college. I am promiscuous and have been as far back as I can remember. But what will you tell my mother about not reading my chart?"

"Don't worry, I'll handle that. But since circumstances will keep us here for about another hour, I will be glad to give you some additional information about your chart off-tape -- just between us."

"Thank you. I would really appreciate this," agreed the now "safe," more relaxed and co-operative "Nina."

Attempting not to judge, condemn, shame, embarrass -- or condone -- her life-style, I offered her as much positive guidance as time permitted, ending my comments with a statement that she was now (and had been for a month) in an extremely fertile period, a cycle which would continue for another month. "Under these aspects, it is extremely easy to conceive," I warned.

In a very frank Aries way, "Nina" replied, "God, don't I know it! I'm scared to death that I am pregnant right now."

Following a knock at the door, mom entered and smilingly asked, "Well, how did my little darling's chart turn out?"

"I'm so sorry. I didn't complete reading her chart. Just felt I was not up-to-par today. Her chart was just a puzzle to me. I don't even want to try reading it at another time," I half-lied.

Mom retorted, "Why? You did an exceptional job on my chart -- and my husband's. I just don't understand."

"Thank you so much, Mrs. "Smith," but there are certain horoscopes which bewilder even the most experienced practitioners, and I am afraid your daughter's is one of these. Here is a refund of your payment."

Both mother and daughter then departed. Mom thanking me for my work and time with words, and daughter thanking me with a look of gratitude -- and a sweet smile.

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