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What's Your Financial/Money Potential

by Elbert Wade, PMAFA - Professional Certified Consultant Astrologer
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What has been your experience with personal money? Do you typically have more than actually is needed, or do you seem always to have only about as much as necesary, or do you almost always find yourself just barely (sometimes not) getting by, having to do without a lot that's desirable mainly because you find yourself financially "embarrassed"?

Did you ever wonder why some individuals who seem no more intelligent, clever, or harder working than average are able to afford almost everything they want while others seem hard pressed just to pay for the most basic necessities? Whatever your past experience with personal finances or where you place yourself monetarily at present, you may find the information following not only enlightening and interesting, but also potentially helpful regarding your future monetary "destiny" -- if understood and applied sensibly, practically.

The natal chart offers very important information concerning your financial prospects - or destiny. Look to the second house of money, material possessions, income/outgo, and priorities. While only a qualified and experienced astrologer can evaluate fully a particular horoscope, you can quite accurately estimate your overall monetary destiny with this relatively simple "plus-minus" technique: (1) allow a plus for each favorable aspect to the cusp (degree of the sign on the beginning of the natal second house, a minus for each unfavorable aspect; (2) add a plus for each. planet (also North Node/Part of Fortune) (minus for South Node) -- in the second house; (3) a plus for each favorable (a minus for each unfavorable) aspect to all second-house planets/"parts"; (4) a plus/minus for each favorable/unfavorable aspect to the planetary ruler of the second house. Prospects for a favorable monetary destiny increase (improve) to the degree pluses outnumber minuses, decrease (become more challenging) as minuses equal or outnumber pluses.

The sign on (ruling) the second house and any planets closely conjunct (within 5 degrees) its cusp - in both the second and first houses - (as well as any other planets that may be in the second house) offer revealing clues as to ways to earn money, your attitude toward it, how you tend to manage it -- in addition to other useful information, especially as to how you may change a negative destiny to a more positive one, and how you may make a positive monetary destiny expand in ways that make it get even better.

ARIES Second-House Cusp and/or Mars Conjunct and/or Mars within this house: Earning money depends very much on personal actions, how you look and conduct yourself, and the willingness to go boldly after what is needed and desired. There is the potential for making money in a hurry. Unfortunately, you may spend it the same way; an "easy-come, easy-go" philosophy can too easily and too often find you in a financial bind. It is to be hoped that you have learned -- or soon will - that financial security depends importantly upon holding on to (saving) a part (at least 10 percent) of the total amount that comes in. Setting a challenging monetary goal is important to success; further, budgeting is absolutely necessary if there's a desire to accumulate wealth. Avoid a tendency to buy on impulse; plan shopping trips carefully; make a list of what's needed and stick with it no matter how much you may be tempted to splurge "just a little"!

TAURUS Second-House Cusp and/or Venus Conjunct and/or Venus within this house: There is quite an appreciation for money, especially for what it can buy to make life more pleasant; in fact, you're inclned to spend quite freely to satisfy personal appetites for many of the better things in life. You possess a natural talent for sniffing out ways to earn money; but unless you learn to get by with a little less spending than Is preferred, it's likely there will be a problem with building any sort of reliable security -- something you really need in order to be content. Make your financial destiny brighter by learning to economize; you don't have to eat only at the most expensive restaurantS, drive the most costly automobile, or purchase a new wardrobe each season. Endeavor to cut down markedly on spending for entertaining others who you feel must be impressed mainly through your spending.

GEMINI Second-House Cusp and/or Mercury Conjunct and/or Mercury within this house: Assuring a good income demands versatility and adaptability at all times. No doubt you use both the mind and hands about equally in the work that's done. It's likely there may be, at least at times, income from more than one source, activity, or job. If not and there's a need to improve the financial destiny, consider a second income source. Possibilities include free-lance writing, especially for magazines and newspapers; computer/typing or some other part-time in-home service. If the financial situation is not as positive as you'd like, start immediately to learn use good record-keeping practices to avoid penalties caused by not paying bills on time and overpayIng even doubling up on certain payments. Keep a daily log so you know where every penny went. Resist a tendency to purchase frivolous "trinkets" that are not needed; do not buy duplicates of useful items until they're needed or on special sale.

CANCER second-House Cusp and/or Moon Conjunct and/or Moon within this house: Unless you are the rare exception, regular personal income is subject to frequent and/or periodic up-and-down cycles. Knowing and/or having experienced this, you may have learned to be frugal and save when the cycle is up; if not, you have suffered -- or could when it's down. Herein lies the "secret" for bettering your monetary destiny. If there's a need to increase income, consider doing some added service-type work from home or venturing into real estate on a part-time basis. Also, look into starting a business to provide some type of service at others' homes -- cIeaning , landscaping, decorating, painting, etc. Since there is such a powerful need for security, making and saving money to assure a provided-for future is most important. What is saved should be invested where it wll make money with little or no chlance of loss of the principal.

LEO Second-House Cusp and/or Sun Conjunct and/or Sun within this house: If true to form, your basic philosophy re money is that it is to be enjoyed, consequently; it's possible you may at times spend as if it would soon go out of style. Doing so either consistently or periodically could erode monetary security, even negate an otherwise optimistic financial destiny. If careful and quite selective it's possible to make money through speculative ventures which might involve taking some high risks; however, out-and-out gambling should be avoided unless you already have a good track record and know precisely what you're doing before putting money on the line. If extra income is needed and you have a marketable show-business talent, consider some weekend or evening work as an entertainer. Other possibilities include sports-related activities as a participant or teaching others, for a fee, the skill they need to learn.

VIRGO Second-House Cusp and/or Mercury Conjunct and/or Mercury within this house: It's likely that you expect to work hard for the money that is earned, and you probably do. Because you know this there's a tendency to be rather frugal with spending and money management. Sometimes this; frugality causes you to be so tight with funds that you may deny yourself even the most modest of pleasures that spending could provide. Income might actually be improved somewhat if you could lose some of that great inherent "fear of poverity"; there may be some validity to the old maxim: "You have spend money to make money." Income and financial destiny are very much related to the type and amount of service provided for others. If there's a need or desire for more money, you have only to provide better and/or more service. However, do not be reluctant or afraid to ask and be paid an amount that fair to yourself.

LIBRA Second-House Cusp and/or Venus Conjunct and/or Venus within this house: Much of the money available for personal use will come from others -- the marriage partner, family members, in-laws -- or through contractual arrangements of one kind or another, possibly as the result of some type of legal decision or action. That earned directly may be the result of involvement with activies that are somehow art-related. If you make proper use of inherent "balancing" talents, you should be able to keep income expenditures under control; if not, personal accounts could too easily become such an up-and-down situation that you're involved continuously with a drama of "borrowing from Peter pay Paul" - even having to do without some necessities in lieu of an abundance of several unnecessary or useless products and services. Improve your monetary destiny with a detailed checks-and-balances system that shows exactly where you stand on a daily basis.

SCORPIO Second-House Cusp and/or Pluto Conjunct and/or Pluto within this house: Keeping personal finances private and hidden from others is probably a good practice; but, unfortunately, you may at times be guilty of hiding the realities of desire-motivated spending habits and practicies and keeping the real state of financial liquidity hidden from yourself, fearing that if the truth had to be faced you might not go ahead with spending unwisely on things you feel you just can't stand doing without. A "buy-it-if-l-want-it" spending inclination has to be controlled if a promising monetary destiny is to be in your future. While you're more likely to benefit through a cash inheritance than most others not having these horoscopicinfluences, don't expect this alone to assure lifelong financial security. Start where you are now to control spending for "desired" items or services that are not in fact really needed.

SAGITTARUS Second-House Cusp and/or Jupiter Conjunct and/or Jupiter within this house: One thing's for certain, you like to get money in lump sums and have a particular fondness for having "big bucks." However, there's an inclination to spend these funds as fast as or faster than they come in. Further, it's easy to be overly optimistic regarding the state of personal finances and thereby spend or waste actually more can be afforded. A tendcy to speculate, even gamble is a part of the basic nature. On the average, a lot may be spent on travel and the furtherance of education. You can improve your pecuiary destiny markedly if you learn and practice paying careful attention to the details of spending; know that keeping account of the small change is important because each dollar is, after all, made up of a certain amount of small change.

CAPRICORN Second-House and/or Saturn Conjunct and/or Saturn within this house: Most of the money available for personal use will be that earned as the result of your career or personal endeavors. There's respect for the importance of money mainly because you have or will experience delays, setbacks, and numerous disappointments with becoming financally secure. The probability that the early years may present special challenges is great; monetary success may be much easier, compatively, after the first 29 years of life. Do all possible to maintain a financial reserve because if you lack a feeling of security that goes with such savings, you can become very negative, ill at ease, even fearful. Such loss of confidence in self and the future can seriously hamper the drive for working to earn the money that's actually needed. Learn to reward yourself by spending a little "foolishly" on occasion. Know that using money can make life more pleasant, as well as more secure.

AQUARIUS Second-House Cusp and/or Uranus Conjunct and/or Uranus within this house: Income from a career or professional pursuit may constitute a large part of personal income -- money that available for spending, managing, saving. Because of the Uranian influence, sudden changes relative to money are possible, meaning you could could come into it unexpectedly or lose it the same way, unfortunately. Therefore, it's a good idea to build up a sizable reserve to make sure that any unforeseen negative changes don't catch you unprepared. Money may not be as important to you as it is to most others. Your basic belief may be that it's to be used to help others and entetain friends; the former especially could make you an "easy touch" for loans to others -- some of whom may not be deserving of such generosity. Employ restraint and good judgment to assure your monetary destiny maintains at least an acceptable level.

PISCES Second-House Cusp and/or Neptune Conjunct and/or Neptune within this house: It's probable that if it were possible to do, you'd prefer that money, with its puzzles and problems, simply be done away with; but alas, you find this isn't possible. Money management, especially that which deals with keeping income and outgo in balance may be a critical area; it's most likely you may need the advice, assistance, even controlling management by someone more concerned with such matters and more practical than you. Relative to personal funances, unless you seek help or learn to keep a day-to-day accounting of all expenditures, you could often fall into very serious binds. Income and/or extra income might be earned through involvement with endeavors that are art-related. Consider marketing your special talents commercially, but do not be willing to accept a lesser compensation than is fair. Know your time is valuable and that money is necessary whether you like this reality or not. And learn to share a part of your income with those who are in need -- which you likely already do, but perhaps sometimes too much.

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