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Instructions: Move across top to Sun-Sign, then down left column to the hours including birth time -- [Note: Deduct One hour if born when Daylight Saving Time (DST/DT) was in effect.] This indicates probable Ascendant/Rising Sign/First-House Ruler. [See COMMENT (Please Read) below Table] [Table 'Legend' printed below]

6 to 8 AMTauGemCanLeoVirLibScoSagCapAquPisAri
8 to 10 AMGemCanLeoVirLibScoSagCapAquPisAriTau
10 to NoonCanLeoVirLibScoSagCapAquPisAriTauGem
Noon--2 PMLeoVirLibScoSagCapAquPisAriTauGemCan
2 to 4 PMVirLibScoSagCapAquPisAriTauGemCanLeo
4 to 6 PMLibScoSagCapAquPisAriTauGemCanLeoVir
6 to 8 PMScoSagCapAquPisAriTauGemCanLeoVirLib
8 to 10 PMSagCapAquPisAriTauGemCanLeoVirLibSco
10 to MidCapAquPisAriTauGemCanLeoVirLibScoSag
Mid to 2 AMAquPisAriTauGemCanLeoVirLibScoSagCap
2 to 4 AMPisAriTauGemCanLeoVirLibScoSagCapAqu
4 to 6 AMAriTauGemCanLeoVirLibScoSagCapAquPis

LEGEND: Ari = Aries, Tau = Taurus, Gem = Gemini, Can = Cancer, Leo = Leo, Vir = Virgo,
Lib = Libra, Sco = Scorpio, Sag = Sagittarius, Cap = Capricorn, Aqu = Aquarius, Pis = Pisces

[COMMENT: This Table will show correct ascending sign for some 8 of 10 birth times. However, if you were born in a location situated in advanced north or south latitudes (closer to Earth's poles), it may not. And, if you were born near the start or end of any 2-hour time division indicated above, you may need to move up (start) or move down (end) to next 2-hour time box. Only an accurately calculated horoscope will guarantee your birth chart's ascendant (rising) (zodiac) (first-house ruler) sign, degree and minute.

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For helpful details about ascendants, see All 12 Signs Rising: Which Is Your Ascendant?
Learn about all 12 Rising Signs and Decans: Ari Tau Gem Can Leo Vir Lib Sco Sag Cap Aqu Pis

Another copyrighted, real Astrology article by professional certified consultant astrologer Elbert Wade, PMAFA

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