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Counterfeit Astrologer Web Site Tips

[The following is somewhat "Tongue-In-Cheek".....perhaps.]

SHOULD you create a web presence? What are the advantages, possible problems? What should your page contain? How far should you go with claims? These are important questions for which you should be able to find easy-to-understand (and follow) answers on this page.

First, why would you want or need a web site to promote your 'services'? The answer is that a much broader base of potential clients will know you are in business. Secondly, since you will be dealing with these clients remotely you will not have to answer to them as personally as you would local clients. (If someone is not pleased, they cannot easily alert your local clients.) This means you won't have to change your name or move to another location or address as frequently.

In summary: Yes, you need a web site! The advantages are unlimited; problems are almost nil. What your page should contain and how far you should go with claims will be discussed next.

Basics for Your Counterfeit Astrologer Web Site

Observe the very important suggestions following when designing your personal astrological-services web page or pages:

  1. Choose a catchy name for yourself (and/or your domain)--avoid using any part of your legal name! For example, you might call yourself (or your domain) 'Mr. Zodiac,' 'Zodiacman,' or "Horoscopeman.' Make your service, company, or domain sounds really big. Consider 'Horoscopes Worldwide,' ',' 'Worldwide Astrological Services Unlimited.' (Make certain you don't take a name already in use.)
  2. Choose a very dark (or black) background for your web page(s). (This suggests 'mystery' and the possibility that what is to follow comes from 'darkness' to light.) Add some 'New-Age' music.
  3. Include a lot of images which might include spinning planets, star patterns, and other space-type graphics. (These indicate you really are in touch with the universe!)
  4. Include many links to other established Astrology sites and legitimate astrological organizations, etc. (This implies that you are unquestionably legitimate as well!)
  5. List your services and prices, making certain that others can reach you by email, or otherwise.
  6. Include some made-up 'letters' from satisfied clients.
  7. Indicate that you are a member of some perhaps-fictitious astrological organization. (After all, who will bother checking out such a claim!)
  8. Imply you offer a money-back guarantee, but do not be specific regarding what this means or how clients might take advantage of it.
  9. Never give out your phone number!
  10. Give only a post office box number (to receive checks/cash); never give your residential address!
  11. Never reveal to local residents what you are doing with your online 'astrological services.'
  12. Never subscribe to any 'code of ethics.' Doing so might tend to limit what you can get by with as a counterfeit astrologer.
  13. Make any claims you wish regarding your services and client benefits/satisfaction. After all, who would bother to check them out! Go ahead, make fantastic claims! Foremost, your purpose on the internet mainly is to get an initial payment, not to develop a repeat sort of business. Odds are you'll only have one chance with these perhaps not fully informed horoscope buyers -- and that's it!
  14. Most important! Those interested in becoming a counterfeit astrologer must also see: All Secrets Revealed: Become A Counterfeit Astrologer In 10 Days -- Or Less.
  15. Also an absolute must-see is a sample web page: A-1 Absolutely The World's Greatest Astrologer.
  16. Another must-see: A "Certification" For Counterfeit Astrologers? Yes! It's As Easy As Pie!

It is hoped that these guidelines will be beneficial to all those who want to get on the 'bandwagon' to glean money from the general public because they (the public) tend to think anyone who advertises himself/herself as an astrologer is indeed qualified to do so. Unfortunately, too few who consult astrologers bother to check out their potential (or present) astrologer's qualifications/credentials. This seems rather strange since most people do check out physicians, even car dealers before they buy.

Best wishes for success with your COUNTERFEIT astrologer web site.

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