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People seem always to ask questions simply because they want to know the answers. Over time Elbert Wade has had to answer some very direct questions concerning matters which might be of special interest should you too be considering where his "head" is, especially if you might be thinking of trusting him with the reading of your unique natal horoscope.

Q: How long has Elbert Wade, PMAFA, been practicing as a professional consultant astrologer?

A: Since 1972. That means very many years as a full-time professional consultant astrologer. I doubt you will find that many others with as much actual time in the "business." Literally, I have read many thousands of horoscopes.

Q: Can clients trust you to keep their information secure and confidential?

A: Yes. Nobody, and I mean nobody, has access to my client files but me. All client files are kept under lock and key when I am not using them. My home office is off-limits to everyone -- without exception. However, my K9 constant companion 'JJ' [see picture] (Aries Sun, Leo Moon, Cancer rising/ascendant), a handsome, loyal and very protective 100-pound 3-year-old Belgian Malinois (whose sire is a member of the Galveston Texas police department), is allowed access to the office -- and anywhere else he wants! I never share client information with anyone -- including other astrologers. No client mailing list of any sort is maintained. I will never attempt to pressure anyone to buy additional services (not even to remind it's time for their next 12-month Trends -- which I know is a not-good-for-business decision), but that's my choice. If clients are pleased with my services they will (and normally do) place orders for additional services without my goading them. Incidentally, I have left instructions with family members that in case I become seriously incapacitated all my client files are to be shredded and burned. [Click here to read additional information -- 'How Your Personal Information Is Protected'.]

Q: Do you make and keep duplicate recorded copies of telephone consultations?

A: No. Why? First, it is not necessary since I send the original(s) to the client; secondly, this practice would add an unnecessay cost and be a waste of time and storage space.

Q: What does 'PMAFA' stand for or mean?

A: PMAFA means Professional Member American Federation of Astrologers. This honor is bestowed upon AFA (American Federation of Astrologers) members who successfully complete and pass a day-long closely monitored examination as proof they are adequately prepared to practice the science-art Astrology. Only those who pass this test are allowed to use PMAFA with their name and in their practice. (I was certified on March 31, 1978.)

Q: Do you believe in fate or free will?

A: A bit of both. But I am not a "fatalist" in the sense that I believe one cannot "modify" their "fate" if they are willing to discover their true potentials as well as their limitations, and then work with a better self-understanding to change the negatives "fate" (as clearly revealed by their unique natal horoscope) may have "set" for them. For a perhaps "silly" example, if one finds out that actually they are a "banana" tree, they can learn to grow more and better bananas rather than to stress over the fact that no matter how hard they try they can never grow "coconuts." The key factor here is coming to a realization of the true positive as well as any negative potentials they possess as their "birthright."

Q: What do you think sets you apart from most other practicing consultant astrologers?

A: First, I'm dedicated to helping clients rather than "astounding" them, or just getting their money. I am a 'nuts-and-bolts" down-to-earth astrologer who works with fact rather than fantasy. I would much rather help a client by giving practical and useful information about themselves than to "snow" them with a lot of fantastic and useless trivia -- sometimes very accurately called BS -- a too-common flaw of many who claim to be astrologers."

Q: Is reading horoscopes your main or only source of income?

A: No. Whether or not I get another order is not a major issue. However I welcome each and every one because I truly enjoy using my 'gift' (astrological training, know-how, and long-time intense experience) to help others to better understand their innate 'gifts' so they can help themselves live a more fulfilling life. The main reason I still practice Astrology for the public is because I know it works, and because I'm still dedicated to helping others to gain a better and fuller understanding of what they need to "work with/work out" as indicated astrologlically. Neither do I, as a few astrologers on their websites, ask for donations; further, that's why my site pages are not littered with outside advertising and/or links. I strive to offer free valid astrological infomation to all those interested regardless of whether they order my services or not. And I think I succeed with doing this. However, I do not appreciate thieves who steal my content and publish it on their sites and blogs. If they wish to use information from my site, they must first seek permission. If they don't, sooner or later I will track them down (thanks to Copyscape and Google test search) and deal with them accordingly -- working with/through their site/blog hosts and/or ISPs, neither of which can afford to support copyright infringers who act in violation of their TOS (Terms of Service).

Q: If you do not have to make money from reading natal horoscopes, why do you charge for your services? Looks like you should do horoscope readings for free.

A: I do not offer free readings simply because they probably would not be as worthwhile for the recipient as they should be. People who get anything free (including in-depth horoscope readings) seldom place much value on what they receive. It's just human nature. (I learned this lesson a long time ago when I gave free tuition to my classes at my Astrologers of Dallas center to several very promising prospective astrologers. Not even one of them actually finished the courses.) However, if clients are charged for a service they are much more inclined to pay attention and actually try to benefit from what they learn -- combined with the realization they have actually invested their hard-earned money. Therefore, it would be a total waste of my time -- and theirs -- to offer free readings. (That's one reason why I almost never reply to site visitors who submit astrology/horoscope questions of interest to nobody but the sender.)

Q: Don't you think your fees are a bit high?

A: No, absolutely not; factually, I think I should charge double my current fees -- and would if I really needed the money. I heartily invite potential clients to shop around and consider what they actually receive service-wise from any other consultant astrologers -- on the internet especially, or even elsewhere. If they do I believe they will discover I offer very much more than most others for the fees I charge.

Q: What do you tell your clients that have bad horoscopes?

A: To me there is no such thing as a "bad" horosocope (natal chart). There are, of course, charts which present perhaps more challenges than the average. I have seen and read successfully many, many challenging (for the client) horoscopes. When this is the case, I read it with a special emphasis on what the client can do to minimize/work with/work around/overcome these challenges. That's the astrologer's job.

Q: When you find a "problem" in a client's horoscope (like a doctor finding a 'disorder'), do you offer a "prescription."

A: Indeed I try to. Certainly not chemicals but the recommendation of a book or books which would be helpful, or other suggestions and/or proceedures necessary to achieve a desired "remedy." That's what a consultant astrologer is supposed to do, otherwise clients could just buy a computer-read, one-size-fits-all "horoscope/report" available on literally thousands of "keyboard astrologer" sites. These "reports" normally are much cheaper -- however all but totally useless -- because each takes only a few minutes to calculate and send to unwary customers.

Q: In addition to the actual consultation (live-by-telephone) what else do you furnish the in-depth natal horoscope reading client?

A: Check around if you like, but I believe I furnish much more than other consultant astrologers who offer live remote readings, including an emailed chart 'wheel' for verification of the accuracy of birth data sent -- within a few hours, plus each client is sent (prior to the telephone consultation) the following: (1) A hand-detailed natal horoscope (with clear details and multi-colored aspect-indicator lines) so the client can follow along during the telephone consultation, which makes for a much better and more unstandable reading; (2) A computer print-out of the natal horoscope 'wheel' (By the way I know for a fact that many clients of some other astrologers never see a copy of their horoscope before it's read -- sometimes not ever.); (3) Computer print-out of the progressed horoscope 'wheel'; (4) Computer print-out of the progressed 'wheel'; (5) A two-page general but detailed explanation of a horoscope 'wheel' (a total of some 5 pages). (In addition, each consultation is like also getting an Astrology lesson, especially of interest to Astrology fans, students of Astrology -- and even other astrologers.)

And of course I pay for all printed materials (unless the client elects -- on the order form -- that these pages be sent by email to speed up setting the live telephone reading conference - click for explanation), postage -- regular and priority mail, tape(s) or CD(s) and the 90-minute (often longer) phone call. (I am not a "clock-watcher" and never end a consultation just because it might run a bit over the normal allotted time.)

Q: Do you predict coming events for the client?

A: No, because I am NOT a fortune-teller. I decline making "predictions." (Any irresponsible fool can "predict" whatever they wish -- and unfortunately too many do so.) What I can and do is to detail the coming planetary cycles (when 12-month trends are ordered) as they apply to that client's unique horoscope and suggest probable situations they may face in a specific time-frame. For example, a job or career change may be indicated by aspects but I would never declare that: "You are going to change jobs (on a certain date)" simply because I never know exactly how any individual client will react to or act with a given set of future indicators. However, definite portends would be shown there -- and explained to the client.

Q: Do you ever judge or criticize a client because of his or her lifestyle?

A: Absolutely not. Who am I to stand in judgment of anyone. I am not God. I couldn't care less how many times a client has (or has not) been married, or whether they are hetrosexual, bisexual or homosexual, liberal, conservative, religious or not --- and so on. I only ascertain, evalute (from a non-biased standpoint) and explain what is indicated in their unique natal horoscope chart. That's really my primary responsibility.

Q: Do you go into former lives, karma and future incarnations?

A: Please, don't make Elbert Wade laugh. Astrological horoscopes never reveal such information to anyone but so-called astrologers who lack the competence to actually read a horoscope and, consequently, may feel a need to "embellish" their "readings" with made-up "fairy tales" and totally meaningless and unprovable, but perhaps titilating (to some), gibberish.

Q: Do you ever attempt to scare any client such as telling they will not live long or that they will never be happy?

A: Certainly not. Again, I am not God. My purpose is to offer positive advice and guidance. In addition, no natal (or other) horoscope can actually tell any legitimate (or phony) astrologer how long a person will live.

Q: Are you on an 'ego trip' since you seem perhaps to overuse such terms as "Elbert Wade," "PMAFA," "certified astrologer," "consultant astrologer," "real astrologer," "real astrology," etc., on most of your pages?

A: No. It's the nature of the search engine "beast." It is necessary to use (sometimes overuse) certain words/terms which I think surfers might type in to find my site. I am no more guilty than any others in an attempt to get more favorable listing results on the major search engines.

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