Elbert: My niece, just turned 16, wants her chart for her birthday. And since I know the best astrologer in the business, I said I would make this her birthday present. - Betty A (TN)

elbert wade, pmafa, consultant certified astrologer

I've been enjoying your site since December 1999. A still-learning astrologer, I appreciate what have to you say about Astrology, most importantly about charlatans. - Lynne M (CA)


Access: NewAge (Source for all things - esoteric and spiritual, occult and metaphysical)
American Federation of Astrologers (Astrological information, memberships, books, lots more)
Aquamoonlight Astrology ('Gold mine' of free astrological information and special features.)
Archetypal Astrology (Exploring the inner partner through the birth chart ~ Michael McLay, M.A.)
AstroFaces (Seeks to verify Astrology for modern science using photos: Sun, Moon, Ascendant)
Astrology for the Soul--Moses Siregar III (Private sessions, on-line classes/tutorials, articles, more)
Astropro (Real Astrology by certified professional astrologer Richard Nolle; tomorrow's news today)
Astroqueer's Stars (Superb design, excellent content; something for everyone)
AstroZone (Comprehensive Astrology reports; insightful reading of your Astrology unique natal chart)
Download Astrology Software (Delphic Oracle, Timaeus & Zodiacal Aphesis ~ Zoidiasoft Technologies - Hermes Sys)
Exact Time of Your Birth to 1 Sec. (Vedic astrologers calculate your precise time of birth by events)
Findastrologer.com (Directory of professional astrologers, courses, services and products)
Free PHP scripts (Download unique free PHP scripts for your website)
Halloran Software (High quality Astrology software programs at affordable prices)
Heaven's Child (Resource center for parents; sage advice with an astrological slant)
Douglas Parker (Professional Australian astrologer since 1981. Horoscopes - predictions - compatibility)
Quincunx Astrology (Douglas Noblehorse -- Personal, relationship, other readings; articles -- more)
Real Life Astrology (Professional consultations by phone (recorded), email -- natal, predictive, career)
Renaissance Astrology (Traditional [pre-1700] horary/electional Astrology -- Christopher Warnock, Esq.)
Spiritual Response Therapy ("Free your soul to free your mind")
Zodiacal Zephyr (A must-visit, well done site maintained by Sandra Rozhon. Astrological articles)

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