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Astrology : What Day of the WEEK Were You Born?

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You probably know your birth month, date and year -- but do you know the day of the week? Find out fast and easy below. Why might this be of interest? Aside from having the satisfaction of just knowing, consider this version (there are many) of an old adage.

Sunday's child is full of grace,
Monday's child is fair of face;
Tuesday's child loves to race,
Wednesday's child is kind of heart;
Thursday's child is very smart,
Friday's child will never part;
Saturday's child is good of heart.

After you determine your day-of-the-week birth, you may want to consider some astrological comments below about the significance of the days of each week.

On what day of the week were you born?

Enter your birthday (then hit the "Update" button):

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Day of Week:

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Days Named for the Heavenly Bodies (Planets)

The seven days of the week are named for the Sun, Moon, and five of the major planets.

Traditional astrological lore seems to suggest that persons born on days of the week "ruled" by a particular heavenly body (planet) may have some innate characteristics of that "ruler" regardless of whatever may be their Sun-Sign. Some plus and/or minus keywords would include:

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