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What's Your Sex Drive?

by Elbert Wade, PMAFA - Professional Certified Consultant Astrologer
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IT has been said that if a determined Scorpio native decides to do or accomplish something, all anyone can do is to "hide and watch." While this phrase may invoke a certain amount of humor, experience indicates that it is more fact than fallacy. It is, to a high degree, this Scorpio influence in everyone's horoscope which indicates the level and strength of the native's ability to seek actively the accomplishment and satisfaction of the sexual desires in life.

Scorpio (and its ruling planet, Pluto) is the traditional ruler of the eighth house of desire, determination, persistence, sex drive, motivation, beginnings and endings, and completion or culmination of actions.

Often there seems to be confusion or repetition when one reads in textbooks that the eleventh house has to do with hopes and wishes as well as friendships. Actually, there is no repetition, mistake, or conflict between matters ruled by the eighth house of desires and the eleventh house of hopes and wishes. To hope is to anticipate, to expect, to look forward to. To wish is to long for or have an inclination for some positive thing. In contrast, to desire is to want deeply. To desire indicates strength or intensity of wanting. Further, one often wishes for the impossible. No doubt you've heard the old saw, "If wishes were horses, beggars would ride." To desire or to want implies need, as to want drink or food or sex.

Your desire and sex-drive motivations are largely determined and directed by two important factors in your birth horoscope -- the sign ruling the eighth house, and your individual Sun-Sign. It is the blending together of these two influences which indicates in what way and how much desire directs the life style.

Notwithstanding the many variables in each chart caused by latitude and longitude (location) of the birthplace, the time of year, and daylight savings time, the following numbered paragraphs generally describe your PROBABLE desire motivations and sex drive.

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[1] (Aries Influence) Your deeper desires seem to come more or less as "hot flashes." You would, no doubt, describe your sex drive as quite aggressive. While your desires may be strong and pressing, you usually find they are of relatively short duration. It is either difficult or awkward for you honestly to assume any part of a passive role sexually. When you find yourself ardently passionate, it is often the case that the slightest negative influence can turn you off totally. In satisfying your physical desires, you usually find the "hunt" or "chase" much more interesting and exciting than the "kill." When it comes to matters of desire-satisfaction and sex, you might well be described as a person with a one-track mind. You are seldom inclined to compete in any emotional situation unless you are fairly assured you have the odds well in your favor. One thing is certain: When you want something, you usually know exactly what it is, even though you may not want it after you get it! Perhaps you should take heed when others comment that you are frequently too forward and may tend to come on too strong. You prefer to head any and all matters dealing with your desire motivations. You want to be in charge.

[2] (Taurus Influence) You possess a nearly overwhelming desire and dedication to the satisfying of the needs of your five senses -- sight, hearing, smell, touch, and taste. You are strongly motivated toward gaining money and other material possessions. As a matter of fact, you may have something of a passion for attractive jewelry and accessories. You may be especially fond of rich foods and sweet things to eat. It is highly probable that you are turned on more by physical beauty than by artistic beauty. You are quite capable of persistence in the maintaining of your desires for extended periods of time. Even so, it may take a bit of extra effort to get you really turned on sexually. However, food and/or alcoholic beverages may tend to stimulate your physical desires quite markedly. You may have to try a little extra hard to control your appetites so that you don't overinduge in food, drink, and sex. Your determination (even stubborness) in not changing your mind about what you want sometimes brings you very close to difficulties. Of utmost importance to you is the major motivating drive and desire to be comfortable physically, emotionally, sexually, and mentally.

[3] (Gemini Influence) Too often your desires tend to run counter to one another, or along different lines. Most of your sexual desires are mentally motivated. Your thoughts play a most important role in your life. In satisfying your desires, variety is the spice of life. You may even at times frustrate yourself in that your desires are subject to so many changes. In your life, it is fairly common that the satisfying of one desire often leads to a strong feeling of the need to satisfy another. You possess a deep-seated desire to communicate and will do so in some way either verbally or in written form, or both ways. You may be stimulated sexually by words and pictures. Since you may become bored with routine love, you may have a tendency to want to transfer your interest and affection to another person. Needless to say, this can play havoc in a marriage. You have a strong urge to touch with your hands those objects which interest or fascinate you. Since your nervous system is very much alive, it is possible that just about any area of your body can serve as a point for sexual stimulation. You are often motivated by a wish to read, study, and improve your mind through education and experience. You may have this same philosophy regarding your sex life and sensual impulses.

[4] (Cancer Influence) You prefer to make love only in the comfort and safety of your own home or in someone else's home. You tend to demonstrate your deeper emotions only when you and the one you love are alone. You are probably best at love-making after a good home-cooked meal. It is probable that the stomach, breast, and chest areas of your body are extra sensitive to stimulation. Often in your love-making you may prefer assuming the passive role. You find your desire for serious love-making very cyclic in nature -- strong at times, almost nil at others. Regardless of your gender, you may tend to "mother" and overly protect those you love, Your love interests may comment that you tend to be somewhat jealous and overly possessive. You have to guard against a tendency to "smother" those you love. Often others tend to regard you as rather aggressive in most emotional areas. Even though this is so, any amorous mood can be turned off completely by the slightest criticism from your lover. Paramount within your inner being is a very strong desire, even a longing, for actual and measurable security on all levels, particularly in your love life.

[5] (Leo Influence) In any and all emotional situations, you expect to be "king of the castle"--the one in command. At times you are inclined to take emotional-and desire risks--in other words, you may trust a lot to chance. Others may accuse you of gambling or taking too long a chance concerning matters of the heart. You rather enjoy showing off your sexual prowess. You may even flaunt it! The back of the neck may be a sensitive area by which you can add to sexuall stimulation. Also, you can be turned on physically and emotionally by bright golds and reds worn by your mate. You are quite adept at spreading your love and concern rather equally to quite a large number of individuals. It is your general and overall motivation to be very generous with those you really love. You may find that you have more than the average number of opportunities for love affairs and sexual entanglements. You have a propensity to prefer relationships with persons younger than yourself. Being something of a showmperson, you especially like to make a production or dramatic display of your emotions and feelings. You are quite responsive to the desires and needs of children, whether yours or others'.

[6] (Virgo Influence) Sexually, you are just about as strongly motivated and active as the next person but would prefer that this fact not be generally known. You can be turned off physically by the slightest indication of lack of cleanliness. It is not uncommon for you to participate in sex mainly for perceived health or therapeutic reasons. Your desires are kept generally in check by your highly practical and critical nature. Further, your desires may be depressed, even frustrated, by an inner feeling of self-consciousness. Being dedicated to a sense of duty, you are compulsively motivated to give equally in return for any desire satisfaction you receive. Being mentally inclined, your physical desires may be readily stimulated through words and conversation. You demand a high level of order and system in all of your more intimate relationships. Consequently, if conditions are anywhere near right, you find it difficult to turn away others' sexual advances. You feel it your duty to work as hard as necessary to complete the task satisfactorily when you make love. You too often find your love desires hampered by a lack of self-confidence. Because of this, you may find a drink or two tends to lessen your inhibitions. Take care that you don't overdo this practice.

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[7] (Libra Influence) One of the greatest challenges in life is working toward keeping your desires in balance. In physical love, you can play either the active or passive role about equally well. High-quality music can create or add to your sexual stimulation before and during love-making. Above all else, you expect, even demand, fairness from your mate or partner. It frustrates you that you sometimes miss out on opportunities for love because you sit on the fence or procrastinate too long on deciding to act. You are inclined to be somewhat guilt-ridden if you achieve physical sexual satisfaction and your partner does not. In love-making, the foreplay and feeling of a spiritual union are actually more important than the final physical release. It is next to impossible for you to make love to someone with whom you cannot communicate on other levels. Difficulties in love-making can develop quickly if there is not nearly complete harmony and order in the immediate environment. Your desires lean more to the artistic or refined than to the base or physical. You are especially attracted to others who are in some way artistically talented or inclined. You are motivated toward financial success so that you can afford to own quality objects of art for yourself and to please those you love.

[8] (Scorpio Influence) One would describe most of your desires as extremely concentrated and intense. Sex is probably your strongest motivational drive. Once you develop an emotional interest in someone, you are inclined to persist in your pursuit until you are either totally accepted or totally rejected. You can be really turned on sexually by rubbing or friction applied to your body. Your inner motivations and desires are much more deeply seated than most others realize. You usually possess the tenacity and drive to get exactly what you want. It is true that when you really make up your mind to do something, about the only thing that anyone else can do is to "hide and watch." You tend to demand more of yourself than others expect of you, since you usually possess the tenacity and drive to get what you desire deeply. Vindictiveness toward love partners is a characteristic of your nature which you have to work to control. As a matter of fact, you may be a bit more oriented toward self-destructiveness than others. Once you decide to terminate a relationship, your intent is to end it then and there -- and finally. It is highly probable that you have an intense curiosity to investigate some areas of "occult" and "offbeat" sexual customs.

[9] (Sagittarius Influence) You might describe your desires as rather widespread and all-encompassing. You can be especially turned on by foreigners or others from a completely different environmental background. You may be quite good at and interested in carrying on love relationships with others who live at quite a distance away. Long-distance travel tends to stimulate your romantic interests. Your sense of humor and your mate's sense of humor play a major role in your love-making. Your deeper desires are stimulated into action principally through your mind and thought processes. You may be especially concerned that your love mate be either philosophically or religiously oriented. Once you actually start to make love, it may take quite a lot to satisfy you. You are usually rather fortunate in being able to satisfy most of your love and sexual needs and wants. Many of your desires are directed to long-distance travel either actually or mentally. You have or could have especially good luck love-wise while visiting a foreign country or distant state. You are motivated to look into or investigate other ways of life, especially as they relate to attitudes regarding love, sex, or morals.

[10] (Capricorn Influence) You are generally inclined to maintain your emotions at a relatively low key. Practicality is a major factor in your control and guidance of the emotional and sexual side of your life. Sometimes you find it quite difficult to generate an intense desire to make love. You may have been somewhat late in arriving at sexual maturity. Your general attitude toward love basically is that you can either take it or leave it. This is so much a fact that others sometimes mistake your reluctance (often just timidity) for emotional coldness. You are capable of being quite successful in delaying or prolonging the completion of your own physical gratification when making love. You may well be sexually attracted to others whom you feel can be of aid to you professionally, as you have a very strong desire to climb higher on the ladder of success. You would prefer that your mate either be a professional person or at least professionally oriented. To a large degree, you tend to judge your mate by how efficient they are -- especialIy in the areas of love-making. This is important to you, as you constantly strive to achieve an even higher (more "professional") level of sexual gratification and erotic pleasure.

[11] (Aquarius Influence) You often find yourself passionately wanting a particular thing or person one minute and perhaps something or someone entirely different the next. This is the reason your friends (and maybe others) label your desires as unpredictable. Your desire nature can be stimulated easily through your mind, thoughts, and ideas. You can be turned on quickly by others who are unique in some outstanding way, either physically or mentally. Generally, your attitudes toward sex are based on a rather broadminded concept of others and yourself. Since your more intimate relationships with others often can be described as rather impersonal and not deeply emotional, you find it somewhat difficult if not impossible to maintain an enduring emotional interest in any one person. Consequently, you are motivated to form friendships at all levels with a relatively large number of people. Since your more meaningful purposes in life are directed toward forwarding the concept of the brotherhood of man, you tend to include your friends as an integral part of or participants in most of the activities in your life. Some of your deeper desires could be described as "offbeat." You do employ your own brand of originality in love-making.

[12] (Pisces Influence) Your desires and motivations are deeply emotional in nature. However, many of these are never realized because you are somewhat indecisive or wishy-washy about what you actually want. Consequently, frustration may be the ultimate end to too many of your strong inner desires. Since you often tend to fall in love with love, it is not surprising that at times you are more or less blinded to the reality of many situations and people. Being something of a dreamer when it comes to matters of love, you have a tendency to fantasize most of your love and sexual experiences. It is normal for you to sense a "psychic" communication or communion with another who interests you from an emotional standpoint. It works both ways. Love-making stimulates your artistic creativity, and real works of art tend to stimulate your sexual desires. Having music in the background is almost a must when you make love. You find that your desires are very much attuned to the natural rhythms of Nature. You should be especially vigilant to keep desires for alcohol, drugs, and stimulants and depressants in check.

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