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Your Horoscope Ascendant: Key to Youthfulness

by Elbert Wade, PMAFA - Professional Certified Consultant Astrologer
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WHILE it may be true one can't judge a book by its cover, the attractiveness of its exterior does aid in getting the initial attention of the prospective purchaser. Sadly perhaps, in the youth-oriented world of today, you are judged critically by your cover, or how young and vibrant you look. Too often, valuable "contents" may go unnoticed if the exterior is not attractive enough. Your "cover" is the sign ascending (rising on the eastern horizon) at your particular time of birth. In understanding its potential lies the key to your youthfulness. So, to look your best (and youngest) all of the years of your life, you will need to make the most of what your rising sign has to offer.

If you know your ascendant in your natal chart, read the section below for that sign. If two or more signs are represented (by any number of degees) in your first house, then read the section which apply to that sign (or those signs) as well in order to get more insight into making the most of your key(s) to ongoing youthfulness.

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ARIES ASCENDANT: Concentrate on making the most appearance-wise of your head and face, as this naturally accented and normally highly visible part of the body is where you may either show or conceal the most regarding age. Select an appropriate and youthful hair style and stick with it. Hang the expense when it comes to making your hair look its best at all times. If you can't afford a good hairdresser or barber, practice and learn to style it yourself after seeking qualified professional advice as to what you should do. Go ahead and tint or color it (don't be surprised if you choose some shade of red!) if too much gray begins to show too soon. If you wear eyeglasses, select youthful styles which are in vogue, and the type which flatters you most.

TAURUS ASCENDANT: Your youthfulness may center its energies in the throat area. While this would, of course, have to do with making the most of the appearance of the throat and upper torso, it also has to do with diet -- what you eat or fail to eat. So far as the throat and neck are concerned, accent the area with attractive neckwear -- jewelry, ties, scarves, collars. Don't be reluctant to use bright colors and bold designs -- in good taste. Give special attention to the neck as well as the face in all cleansing and conditioning applications. Special neck and jaw exercises may help in preventing sag and a double chin. A very important way to assure that you don't look older than you are is to avoid gaining weight -- which you, through your desire to enjoy good food and drink can add too easily, especially as the years pass. In many cases, dieting can be the key to lasting youthfulness for you who have Taurus ascending.

GEMINI ASCENDANT: In maintaining a youthful appearance, most natives with Gemini rising are quite fortunate indeed, mainly because the ever-ready, sometimes nervous energy of Mercury aids in keeping both body and mind quick and responsive all of the lifetime. Pay special attention to caring for your hands, since they usually are such an important tool of your expression of self -- use hand lotions, keep nails well manicured, wear attractive jewelry. As your chronological age increases, you may need to be especially aware of diet -- not for the reasons that concern many who eat too much, but to make certain that you eat enough so that you don't "dry up on the vine." Drink plenty of water and cell-and tissue-nourishing liquids. Treat exposed skin areas with moisturizing creams. You may find that deep-breathing exercises are quite beneficial to your health and, in turn, to your appearance. Heavy smoking should be avoided, as doing so stimulates your already hyperactive nervous system. You can help to retain your natural youthfulness by setting aside and observing short periods for the purpose of total relaxation, even if you have to force yourself at first.

CANCER ASCENDANT: If you wish to maintain and prolong your youthfulness, you will no doubt have to watch your weight. Since you so much enjoy good home-cooked meals and those frequent sojourns to the kitchen and refrigerator between meals, it is too easy for your midriff to expand. This is especially true because Cancer rules the stomach and mid-abdominal area. While moods might not actually be due to age, others do tend to regard those who are grumpy or out-of-sorts as acting like older people. In order to hold on to your youthfulness, you will have to stand watch over a tendency to allow your negative moods to gain too much control over your actions and reactions. You may not especially like what follows, but it must be said. Regardless of your sex or age, you can project the image of a "mother." While there is nothing wrong with this, it must be remembered that others regard mothers as being of the "older generation." Try not to act like a doting, overly protective mother if you want to look younger longer.

LEO ASCENDANT: Your natural charm, friendliness, and outgoing personality are among your best assets for maintaining your "facade" of youthfulness. You can be so charming that almost nobody notices that you are moving along with time the same as they. You may have a natural flair for dressing in an attractive, showy, and youthful way. Don't allow the passing of time to cause you to lose interest in your wardrobe and the figure you cut. However, you are admonished not to overdo or overcompensate as you grow older; just because you are in middle years is certainly no excuse for dressing like a teenager -- or a clown. You like to include pleasure and recreation as an important part of your life; therefore, always try to avail yourself of opportunities for some fun and games. Stay active in some area of "entertainment," whether it be public speaking, sales, teaching, community theater, or "politics."

VIRGO ASCENDANT: It is said that neatness counts. If this is true, you can make it count favorably in your program of maintaining your youthfulness for a very long time. Perhaps no others are so fussy about the way they look as those of you with this detail-and neatness-aware ascendant. Indeed, you may look as if you had just dressed to go out no matter what the hour of the day. Everything has to be just so concerning how you look. You are inclined toward the conservative in the selection of all wearing apparel and adornments -- often too much so. Loosen up a bit and add more color and imagination to what you wear and the way in which you style or comb your hair. Guard against selecting for wear too many dark or dull colors as well as too many square-cut or purely business-like clothes. Don't wear your work or business clothes when you go out solely for fun and recreation. Invest in some leisure outfits. Smile a bit more, as it is so easy for you to appear too stiff and formal. You don't want to develop wrinkles from keeping a frown on your face.

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LIBRA ASCENDANT: You are most fortunate in that this ascendant normally gives its natives good basic features with which to work -- good facial bone structure, smooth skin, and balanced features are more the rule than the exception. Being the seventh house sign, Libra is very much other-persons-oriented. Because of this fact, you have to exercise great care in your choice of mate and other really close assoiciates. Seek youth and youthlfulness in making choices, but remember that youth in your associates can be either or both external and internal. So, if you can't always be with the young-in-years, seek out those who are young at heart. Venus, goddess of beauty and ruler of Libra, can guide you right in your choice of hair styles and wardrobe unless it is negatively placed and aspected in your horoscope. In this is the case, you may need to rely importantly on the advice of others, professionals in the areas of wardrobe and styles relative to your individual needs and purposes. Keep your youthfulness intact by making certain you maintain proper balance in all areas of your life -- sleep and work, diet and exercise, etc.

SCORPIO ASCENDANT: Being both a fixed and a water sign, it is highly probable that you may have to do battle with your weight much of your life. The really sensible way to avoid having to have a real showdown with the matter is just to eat sensibly and wisely most of the time. Your personal desires are strongly accented and you may find that appetite control is easiest when you can avoid placing yourself in situations or places where you will have to fight against too much temptation. Too many banquets, parties, dinners, and desserts are just not for you if you want to maintain or to regain that slim figure of youth. You must take extra-special care of your skin, as Scorpio ascending often causes excessive oiliness and complexion problems which can become quite bothersome -- even scar, especially during the teens and early adulthood. Keep your skin clean at all times, and treat all infections promptly. To some degree, like all water signs, your eyes may be one of your most outstanding characteristics; they tend to radiate vibrant inner life while still remaining deeply mysterious -- "coquettish" is the word. Don't cover them up with eyeshades or unattractive glasses. Study ways to accent your eyes if you would have them work well in your behalf. In selecting your wardrobe, hair style, and adornments, lean toward selecting those items which make you look "sexy."

SAGITTARIUS ASCENDANT: A large amount of good fortune in maintaining a youthful appearance is yours with Jupiter in charge of your outer self. Your broad and beaming smile ought to be employed often. Sagittarius ascending inclines to rather large and well-formed teeth, often referred to as "movie star's teeth." If you have nice teeth, show them off with pride; if you don't, have them capped or replaced and then show them with pride. Your "mllion-dollar smile" might well be your passport to eternal youthfulness. While Jupiter can expand your personality, it can also expand your waistline; therefore, you will have to be mindful of your total caloric intake, especially as the years go by. You may be of a rather large frame, but don't use this as an excuse for weighing a lot more than is justified for your basic size. Your general carriage might well be described as buoyant and is quite naturally so in your earlier years; be guardful that you don't lose this uplifted manner of movement as the years go by.

CAPRICORN ASCENDANT: Take special care of your teeth, bones, and skin all your life if you want to maintain your youthful appearance throughout the years. The epidermal tissue, especially on the face and hands, has a tendency to dry, wrinkle, and crack if you fail to give it special attention. Lubricating skin oils and moisture-replacing cosmetics can do wonders to keep it pliant and youthful. Avoid too much direct exposure to the Sun or your skin may take on the appearance of tanned leather, a look that can make you look very old indeed. Shelter your face, neck, and hands if work or sports expose you to the elements. You need to keep in practice with smiling, since your normal expression is often that of profound seriousness. If smiling should happen to cause a little wrinkle here and there, it is to be preferred rather than the rather deep lines you may form in your forehead and at the corners of your mouth if you maintain that rather glum expression too much of the time. Work on your sense of humor and your ability to relax and really laugh once in a while. This is important since others tend to equate a lack of humor with those well advanced in years.

AQUARlUS ASCENDANT: Originality may be your key to lasting youthfulness -- uniqueness and innovativeness in hair styles, wardrobe, and adornments can generally keep others guessing as to your real age. With just the slightest change, you can look like a different person. Others find this newness an indicator of "aliveness" and youth. If anyone is avant-garde with new styles, it's you. Be careful, however, that the shock effect is not too great for some who are not so shockproof as those with Aquarius ascending! Study your own features and decide which ones are your most outstanding; set out to find ways and means to accent and promote them as only you can. Cultivate maintaining your ability to be agile and quick in motion, as these are characteristics normally associated with youth. Your natural friendliness expressed openly aids you in keeping yourself a part of the scene, vital and alive. It makes others like you, hold you in high regard, be less aware of signs of aging.

PISCES ASCENDANT: You seem gifted with a "magical" or hypnotic ability to look just about any way you might wish -- young or old. This magic is given you by the "mysterious" ruler, Neptune, the master of illusion -- and even deception. If you care to (and sometimes even when you don't) you can fascinate your viewer into seeing you the way you want. Be sure that you send out your younger "image" if your purpose, need, or desire is to be regarded as youthful. There is a natural charm in your eyes upon which you can and should capitalize. Usually they are large, round, dark, and deep. Regardless of your sex, your lashes tend to be thick, long, and rather nicely shaped. Work to keep the youth and beauty of your eyes alive and accented. You have naturally soft skin and need to take special care of it by using moisturizing creams regularly. Protect it from overexposure to the sun, and abrasion.

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