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Astrology? It's the Cycles, 'Stupid'!

by Elbert Wade, PMAFA - Professional Certified Consultant Astrologer
Copyright © Elbert Wade, 1999 - 2017 - Worldwide Rights Reserved

NO doubt you may have observed that what's right or wrong with America often is "defined" with the comment: "It's the economy, stupid!" Maybe yes and maybe no. But if Astrology works -- and it does -- there is an important reason which might be expressed as well by: "It's the CYCLES, stupid!"

Indeed, the cycles we experience are so clearly obvious to anyone and everyone willing actually to observe -- even if only casually.

Just about everything known to mankind is cyclic in nature -- birth-life-death; the four seasons; marriage, childbirth; daylight/darkness; even our clocks, washing machines, dishwashers, air conditioners, and automatic transmissions.

Let's briefly explore the beginnings of Astrology to see how it must have evolved. To do so, you only have, for a moment, to imagine yourself born in very distant pre-historic times and living in a cave. You soon observe the cycles of daylight and darkness, and begin timing your activities accordingly -- hunt and gather when you can see; remain inside or close to safety when you can't.

Eventually you may garner the courage necessary to venture out at night and no doubt start to observe all the bright "lights" (moon/planets/stars) above. In good time you cannot help but note their movements and perhaps start keeping some sort of "record" (scratched on your cave's wall?) of their sky-positions and what's happening in your environment. In time -- hundreds, thousands, (millions?) of years -- patterns become obvious (for your descendants) to the point the more evolved members of all tribes start to anticipate, even "predict" what to expect when the bright objects above are and/or will be in certain positions and configurations -- hence, the essential "roots" of Astrology as it is practiced today.

Let's explore just a little bit further, however briefly and incompletely, only to illustrate the point of why true Astrology is so amazingly accurate and valid today.

In due course, observations of human characteristics began to be associated with times/dates/places of birth as related to the positions and configurations of the 'heavenly bodies.' Over eons of time, it became entirely possible to "predict" (know beforehand) that persons born under certain planetary conditions' might (or would) tend to demonstrate certain life-style expressions and talents/weaknesses that could be accurately "fore-known" even to persons who had no knowledge except the time and place (related to the sky-pattern) of the individual's birth.

Today, these individuals are known as (trained, experienced, responsible) astrologers. [Cautionary Statement: Carefully check out any "astrologer" who may advertise as a "psychic" or "psychic-astrologer."] (If you want a psychic, seek a real psychic -- if you can find one -- who will have no need to know your astrological sign or birth data in order to "read" for you.)

Astrology is a natural science-art proven valid over and over again for centuries. It is not fortune-telling when practiced by those individuals who are well trained and experienced, who respect it and who know what Astrology's purpose is -- and, perhaps more importantly, is not.

Unfortunately, now (especially) and over the centuries, it is highly probable that some nine out of ten who profess to be astrologers are totally unqualified to claim this title, honor -- and responsibility.

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