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What is a 'bottom-line' natal horoscope reading? Think 'cut to the chase' and you'll better understand what an accurate 'bottom-line' natal horoscope reading means -- as professionally and personally prepared, read (explained) and recorded by Elbert Wade, PMAFA, drawing upon his 42 plus years of intensive experience reading many thousands of birth (natal -- and other) horoscopes for clients worldwide..

What Is this a "mini-reading"? No. Get those 5-minute entertainments at psychic-astrology fairs, carnivals, parties and other sideshows. This 'bottom-line' reading is a serious and meaningful easy-to-understand synthesized (put-together) exploration of your total natal horoscope to uncover and define the essence of the 'tools' (both positive and negative) you were given at birth to use, misunderstand, or abuse.

How long will the recorded reading be? Some 30 to 45 minutes (time varies due to the complexities of each unique horoscope -- typically most will actually exceed 45 minutes; I am not a "minute-counter"). Each is recorded on either a quality cassette tape or CD (you choose which on the secure Order Form). The objective: Be concise and to-the-point to save you time (and money) and be as informative as possible to assure you get your money's worth.

[Note: Before ordering a 'Bottom-Line Horoscope' reading please understand there is no real-time input which could allow you to state reason(s) for wanting a horoscope reading done now -- neither during nor after receiving your order. Hence, you are encouraged to type comments and important, unique-to-you information in the ample space provided on the Order Form. (Rest assured Elbert Wade never divulges/shares any client's information -- nor does he judge anyone.) A 'Bottom-Line' reading is well worth its price (according to client feedback). However, by its nature (less work-up time and lower price) it cannot be as detailed as the 'Deluxe In-Depth' live reading where clients' real-time feedback can sometimes unearth additional insights and add a bit of "fine tuning."]

How will my recorded cassette or CD reading be delivered? By first-class mail to the address you specify on the Order Form. The packet will also include a computer print-out of your accurate (based on the birth data you submit) natal (birth) horoscope 'wheel' -- which will include an aspects "grid" (list of all major aspects).

Note: Shortly after placing your order you'll receive by email a 'sample' printable copy of your natal horoscope 'wheel' for your verification (by return email) of submitted birth data's accuracy. In the email you will be asked to verify accuracy or point out any error -- mine or yours -- additionally, you can submit (in your email response) a new birth time (or other corrected birth data) if necessary.

How soon will I receive my Bottom-Line Natal Horoscope Reading? On average about seven (7) days. This hands-on/mind-on work takes time and care and is done by Elbert Wade personally between a very demanding schedule of live in-depth telephone-reading appointments. You will be informed by email of receipt of order and payment; additionally, an email will be sent when your order has been completed and mailed.

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