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Selecting Your Astrologer Guidelines

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What Is a Good Astrologer?

If you are seeking a worthwhile horoscope reading -- natal (birth chart), trends, compatibility, horary, electional, solar-return, relocation or other delineation (reading), you'd be smart to seek an astrologer who specializes in your area(s) of interest, and who meets as many as possible of the qualities as explained below.

What Is a Down-To-Earth Astrologer?

This astrologer deals with reality. She/he certainly may be (and most likely is) very intuitive but does not claim (or advertise) to be an "intuitive," or a psychic or spiritualist, or metaphysician, or spell-caster, or minister, or healer, or soul-saver, or re-uniter or any number of other such boasts or representations made by many charlatans and other counterfeits (sometimes called fakes, phonies and frauds) who prostitute and abuse Astrology for profit and/or with an attempt to recruit mindless (or uninformed, or misled, or perhaps just plain stupid) followers who are looking for a "guru" or a New-Age "savior" who is going to solve all their problems and lead them to some sort of Utopia. A down-to-earth astrologer refrains from using words/terms such as "soul," "reincarnation" or "past/former lives" in association with any astrological work performed in the name of Astrology.

What Is a Trained Astrologer?

Train means "to form by instruction, discipline, or drill; to make or become prepared for a test of skill." A legitimate astrologer must have training. Training may include guided study with an experienced and skilled astrologer, completion of formalized instruction with recognized Astrology schools or groups, extensive reading and research and, very importantly, practice. While it is true some very good astrologers are for the most part astrologically self-educated, they have to be exceptionally disciplined and very patient because the process takes so long. There are no "overnight wonders" that are in any way qualified to practice Astrology. Unfortunately about 95% of astrological practitioners are totally unqualified -- and this applies especially to internet "astrologers."

What Is an Experienced Astrologer?

Experienced is defined: "made capable by repeated experience." If an "astrologer" is "still wet behind the ears," you should be suspicious. If an astrologer is not at least past the first Saturn return (29 or so) years, she/he probably is too limited in dealing with life's "trials and tribulations" and consequently may lack the skills necessary to be a valid astrological counselor. All other things being equal, the older the astrologer (and the longer the full-time practice) the better. In Astrology especially, experience is the best teacher.

What Is an Honest Astrologer?

"Free from deception, marked by integrity; real, genuine, frank, reputable" rather aptly describes an honest astrologer. He/she does not lie about experience, training, etc. She/he never promises more than a given horoscope can possibly reveal; never plagiarizes the work of others; never advertizes computer-read reports as horoscopes; always states fees up front; and, delivers what is promised.

What Is a Real Consultant/Consulting Astrologer?

A real consultant or consulting astrologer is one who works with clients person-to-person whether across-the-desk, by telephone and/or tape recordings, or individually prepared guidance sent by email or regular mail. Individuals who send computer-read reports by email or regular mail, or post purchaser's reports on "special" web pages are not real consultant/consulting astrologers but are more accurately "keyboard astrologers" and retailers. In fact, they typically deal only with customers, not clients since they aggressively advertise and market a product rather than a service. About 99% of the so-called Astrology sites on the internet engage in attempts to sell these "canned" Astrology readings. If interested in finding some of the best real consultant/consulting astrologers (and Astrology schools) on the internet today, go to Professional Astrology Web-Ring.

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