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Is Astrology Science/Art/Language?

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Is Astrology a Science?

No. Astrology is not a science; however, it is based, so far as determining the positions of the heavenly bodies (Sun, Moon and planets), on the science of astronomy. Time was when Astrology/astronomy was the same discipline -- practiced by the same individuals. Astrologers actually studied and mapped the heavens in their practice of Astrology. Hence the reason astrologers today are inaccurately often called "stargazers." When Astrology became so corrupted by/with charlatans and fortune-tellers -- as it is now, and to a great extent always has been, the "scientists," more interested in mathematics and physics, broke away finally (circa 1650 AD) from Astrology and became astronomers. Astronomy did not exist before Astrology and evolved out of Astrology; therefore, Astrology is the father of astronomy -- even though the majority of astronomers probably would not accept this. [Most professional astrologers do not claim that Astrology is a science-only because it is more accurately a science-art -- using the science of astronomy for calculations and the art of Astrology for reading the science -- an accurately calculated horoscope.]

Is Astrology an Art?

Yes. A dictionary defines art as: (Elbert Wade's comments in [...]) "skill acquired by experience [actually reading lots of horoscopes] or study [classes, tutorials, much reading and research]; systematic use of knowledge or skill in making [charts] or doing things [reading horoscopes]; the use of skill and imagination [intuition] in the production of things of beauty [horoscopes]." Today, very precise astronomical software programs can calculate extremely accurate horoscopes (wheels/charts) in seconds. But most unfortunate for the science-art Astrology and many of those who could actually benefit from consulting with a qualified astrologer, these same programs can spit out page after page of practically useless, confusing, unsynthesized, contradictory bits of worthless drivel which is shamefully and misleadingly marketed as personalized horoscopes, or reports.

Is Astrology a Language?

Yes. Do you speak Astrology (or "astrologese" as some have named it)? Indeed it is a language which may sound like a foreign tongue to those who have not studied Astrology. Many words of the language of Astrology are used in other fields and vocabularies but with distinctively different meanings. Just a very few examples: house is not a building but approximately 1/12th of a 360-degree circle; fire is energy; earth is practicality; air is mentality; water is emotion. And a square is a distance of 90 degrees; Sun is the inner self; ascendant the outer self -- and so on. Astrologers have to be careful to "translate" (explain) much they may say during a horoscope reading done for persons who do not speak Astrology. If you do not understand "astrologese" feel free to ask your astrologer to explain (translate) what was said into plain English (or whatever is your native tongue).

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