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Horoscope Order-to-Completion Step-by-Step Timetable

Here is the normal process (step-by-step) from order placement to completion of your Deluxe horoscope reading, which ideally is done live by phone (I pay long-distance charges world-wide). However, if requested, the reading can be done in-house with reasonable email follow-up exchanges if absolutely necessary. However, a live reading is strongly recommended.

Since all the reading (explanation of your horoscope is done by Elbert Wade personally -- not a computer chart-reading program, it does require a bit of time. (Note: Except for the telephone conference, contacts both ways are by email, regular mail and/or Priority mail -- US only; Non-US, First-Class mail.)

  1. Your secure birth data and confidential contact information is received promptly as is a PayPal confirmation of payment.
  2. You'll receive a 'thank-you' email acknowledging receipt of order and payment. Payments other than by Pay-Pal will take longer to arrive (You will receive an email notice when payment has been received/cleared.).
  3. Within some 24 hours you should receive an email with attached copy of your natal horoscope 'wheel' to check for accuracy of birth data only. Look for any errors (mine or yours). Please email-reply promptly either to confirm and/or to point out any error(s). If an error is found by you, a corrected chart copy will be sent promptly for your reply email confirmation.
  4. When necessary paper work is done (normally 2 to 4 days), you'll get an email stating the Pre-Appointment Packet (which must be in your hands before an appointment can be set) has been mailed (first class) in a 9 X 12-inch manila envelope -- marked personal. It will contain computer print-outs of (1) natal horoscope, (2) computer print-out of natal chart with major aspect grids and most importantly (3) the "hand-detailed" chart -- with color aspect lines. This will be used during the phone conference so you can follow along to better understand what is being explained.
  5. Please email-notify when these pages arrive. AND suggest 2 or 3 best days/times -- select at least two best upcoming days -- starting any hour from 2 PM to 11 PM (CENTRAL TIME) -- for the telephone conference within the coming few days. (NOTE I am in the US Central Time Zone (minus 6 hours GMT). For help with this issue (if necessary), please see: Live Current Time (12/24 hour clocks) at Elbert's Location.
  6. A mutually-convenient time will be worked out and confirmed by email.
  7. Hopefully (but not guaranteed), an email reminder of your appointment will be sent the day before.
  8. At the agreed-to time Elbert will call the telephone number you supply and conduct your consultation in real time. [NOTE: Only my side of the telephone consultation is recorded. Your comments/questions remain private and confidential.]
  9. Suggestion: Prepare to make yourself comfortable, arrange to be in private and as free from distractions as possible. The conference takes time but most clients say time passes quite pleasantly -- and, therefore, seemingly fast.
  10. As soon as possible after the telephone conference reading (allow for weekends), your order CD/or tape will be sent by Priority mail (US addresses ONLY -- Non-US sent First Class mail). An email notification will be sent when order is actually in the mail.
  11. Total time for the process typically is 6 to 9 days. Your "mileage" could vary :) since, alas, we are somewhat at the mercy of postal services -- US and/or foreign. (.

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