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Keys to Your External Self: TAURUS Rising and Decans

by Elbert Wade, PMAFA - Professional Certified Consultant Astrologer
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The rising sign or ascendant (the external self) is second in importance only to the Sun-Sign (the inner self). For most people who know you less than intimately, it may be the determining factor as they see, identify, and know you. It also influences how you view, act, and react to others and the environment. While your Sun-Sign is determined by your birth date (and in some border-line cases the time), the rising sign (ascendant) must be calculated for the exact birth time and place. Theoretically, the rising sign advances one degree (of 360 degrees of a full circle -- a 24-hour day) every four minutes, meaning each 30-degree sign takes about two hours to move upward -- due to counterclockwise axial rotation of planet earth -- across the ascendant point: the eastern horizon. Definition: decan (decanate) -- a ten-degree distance (division or portion) of a sign; each zodiac sign has three decans, which collectively equal thirty degrees. First decan (any sign) is 00.00 to 9.59.59 - second decan is 19.59.59 - third decan is 20.00 to 29.59.59.

[Rule-of-Thumb or "ballpark": If you were born during the first 40 minutes of any rising-sign's beginning hour (see second link below for ascendant table), the first decan 0 to 10 degrees likely will be ascending; if born 41 to 80 minutes (1 hour +20 minutes) after the sign's beginning hour the second decan likely will be ascending; if born 81 minutes (1 hour +21 minutes) to 2 hours after, the third decan likely will be ascending. An accurately calculated horoscope is necessary for determining for sure the decan ascending.]

The rising sign (and its decan) are of great significance in determining your personality, mannerisms, character, mentality, emotions, weeknesses, health and life-pattern, as well as characteristics to cultivate, or correct. If you or someone you know has Aries rising, you'll want to study the "Overview" first and then the decan information.

Hopefully you know your rising sign (ascendant). It not, refer to the easy-to-use ascendant (rising sign) table here.

OR -- If uncertain about (or need to verify) your own (or anyone's) natal horoscope's true Rising Sign (Ascendant) and the Decan -- [First Decan: 00 to 10 degrees / Second Decan: 10 to 20 degrees / Third Decan :20 to 30 degrees], you can find out fast and FREE (plus get sign/degree/minutes for Moon Sign / Sun-Sign / Midheaven (10th House sign), and latitude/longitude of birthplace) HERE. After finding Rising Sign (AS), click its link near bottom of the "Atlas/Astrological Atlas" page to read about your own (or anyone's) Rising Sign and its Decan.

Use also to read your SUN-SIGN (inner self) and MOON SIGN (emotional self)

[Hint Number One: The information following can be applied as well to your Sun-Sign (your inner self). Relate the "Overview" to natal Sun in Taurus. Also read "First Decan" if you were born in the first 10 days of this sign -- Sun in 0 to 10 degrees; "Second Decan" if born in days 10 to 20 -- Sun in 10 to 20 degrees; "Third Decan" if born in days 20 to 30 -- Sun in 20 to 30 degrees.]

[Hint Number Two: The descriptions following can also be applied to your Moon-Sign (your emotional self). Relate the "Overview" to natal Moon in Taurus. Also read "First Decan" if your Moon is in the first 10 degrees of this sign; "Second Decan" if your Moon is 10 to 20 degrees of this sign; "Third Decan" if your Moon is in 20 to 30 degrees of this sign.]


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"Beautiful, harmonious, friendly, affectionate, sympathetic, refined, fond of pleasure, social, artistic, sensuous, lazy, vain, vulgar" are words/terms which describe people born with Taurus rising. The powerful sub-influences of this fixed sign give you so much stability and staying power that you are willing to persist to accomplish whatever you set out to do. You must exercise care so that one of your greatest strengths does not becomee your greatest weakness. You'll probably want to control your determined nature so that you don't get to the point that others, quite fairly, accuse you of being outright stubborn or bullheaded in your behavior.

Externally at least, you are very practical and levelheaded. You tend to identify with your environment through the five senses; if you can't see, hear, smell, touch or taste something, it may be difficult for you to understand or cope with it. You have a strong money awareness and you like to be rewarded for your accomplishments. You also tend to reward others in the same manner when they please you.

You are normally of medium height or somewhat below the average. The body is thick, stocky, "squarish," with a large trunk and comparatively short limbs. The head normally is round in shape. The chin and face are rounded, chubby, and often dimpled. Hair may be thick, soft, and in many cases naturally curly. The nose may be short, turned up at the end -- with distended nostrils.

The skin is creamy, soft to the touch, and opaque in nature. The teeth typically are small and even. The voice is quite musical. The manner of speech is slow but friendly. Normally, there is distinctly something sensual about the appearance. Both sexes are rather conservative in taste but buy only the very best quality and take care to make garments last. You are fond of expensive, ornate jewelry and just about anything made of gold.

There are two perhaps unconscious mannerisms which betray the Taurean's bovine-ascandant rulership. When irritated or angry, females may tap the feet nervously; males tend to move the head slowly and noticeably from side to side. These are signals that the "bull" is about to charge -- often blindly. Additionally, the nostrils may become noticeably enlarged.

Your basic character may be described as materialistic and can be considered as essentially pragmatic. There is much caution, tenacity, practicality, and an abundance of patience. You tend to be a somewhat slow thinker and may be in some way limited in certain mental activities and interests. Once an opinion or notion is formed, it seldom is changed. There is a robust sense of humor which may even border on grossness at times. You may be artistically inclined, especially in the fields of music and design.

The emotions are both very deep and very stable; however, you are not normally emotionally exuberant. Where the affections are involved, the tendency is to be very generous. The sex urge is pronounced; and even though you like to flirt, you are basically loyal when in love.

You should be quite strong healthwise and blessed with a stable nervous system; however, being upset can affect your health negatively. Fortunately, illness is rare. You may dislike exercise but may need a lot of it because of a tendency to put on extra weight. While your progress is normally slow, it's a steady process working ever upward. The 24th and 42nd years are usually especially important.

The main characteristics of a desirable nature to cultivate are endurance, steadfastness, trustworthiness, persistence, composure, kindness, generosity, humor, sympathy, practicality, carefulness, and fearlessness. Some less-than-desirable characteristics suitable for correction are stubbornness, conceit, covetousness, laziness, exactness to a fault, dogmatism, greed, and self-centeredness.

FIRST DECAN of TAURUS Rising (00.00 - 10.00 degrees)

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This Taurus/VENUS decan is, of course, the most typical. Very much of what was covered above applies fully, but there is more. Of all those with Taurus rising, you may be the most materialistic. To you, money does talk. It's probable you may need to curb this money-orientation somewhat or you may lose out on many of the other nice and satisfying things in life. You must learn that money isn't everything. If you allow money to become your "god," then you've little if any time for anything else. You could wind up very rich but completely alone and unloved. Money can present problems in love along the way as well. If wealth becomes too important to you, you well may question whether people love you or your money. Your suspicions about others' motivations could make you miserable at times.

Your appetite for food, drink, sex, etc., is accented. You'd do well to seek moderation in fulfilling them or they (some of them at least) can become your masters and cause you more problems and grief than anyone would want. Your approach to life is rather deliberate; you like to take things slow and easy; you don't like to be rushed since you tend to savor just about everything you do.

Appearance-wise, Venus, ruler of your ascendant (rising sign), can be most kind to you, giving you many physical features others find most attractive and appealing. These can include the following: smooth radiant skin; well-formed sensuous lips; soft manageable hair; a youthful appearance; and a "ski" nose. You can be a bit too sensual for your own good! Some of you may need to select a wardrobe which tones down some of your "too-sexy" features. Your hands may be smooth and fleshy, with short somewhat stubby fingers; your nails usually are well manicured. You prefer only the most expensive clothes, as you revel in the sensuous feel of fine fabrics and the pleasure of an excellent fit.

SECOND DECAN of TAURUS Rising (10.00 - 20.00 degrees)

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The important sub-influences of this Virgo/MERCURY decan can induce interesting differences. Virgo -- natural ruler of the sixth house of health, work, and service -- causes you to be the most hardworking of all those with Taurus rising. You like money and are industrious enough to put forth the effort necessary to accumulate it. You're not much of a "wheeler-dealer"; you believe that system, order, and dedication to work will bring the material gains you desire. You are very aware of details and believe there is a place for everything and that everything should be in its place.

Mercury -- the planet that rules the mentality and communications -- gives you a good mind, mental curiosity, a desire to improve yourself and your chances for material success, and the ability to say or write what is necessary to achieve this positive end. It has been said that selling is the key to suceess; with Mercury to assist, you may be among the most effective salepersons. A career or business closely allied with selling may be your best choice for achieving the monetary rewards you seek. Your concept of accumulating wealth hinges very importantly on economy, conservation, efficiency of operation, and keeping more of what comes in as opposed to just increasing the intake without much regard as to how it's to be managed.

Appearance-wise, you may be smalller and more trim than Taurus/Venus alone would otherwise indicate. You are careful of diet, appearance and wardrobe; you try never to be overweight, unkempt, or ostentatious. Your voice is clear and pleasant; you might abhor grammatical errors. You strive to use precise words to express your meaning and feeling. Since you need to use gestures frequently, it's difficult to communicate if your hands are otherwise occupied. Your facial features tend to be relatively small with one possible exception--your nose may be a bit larger (longer) than you'd like.

THIRD DECAN of TAURUS Rising (20.00 - 30.00 degrees)

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The sub-influences of this Capricorn/SATURN decan can induce some interesting differences. Capricorn -- natural ruler of the tenth house of career, business, success, honors, fame, and public recognition -- gives you a potent desire to succeed and the patience, will and drive to do so. Wherever you may be on the ladder of succeess at any given time, you are never content because you have your eye and heart set on the next higher rung.

While you may experience many problems, delays, setbacks, and outright failures in your attempts to move up, your will to keep on trying never allows you to give in. No matter how many times you are brought to your knees it makes little difference to you because you seem to understand that few things that are worthwhile will be realized unless you earn them. You don't normally expect something for nothing, even though you may wish such things could be realities for you.

One of your most negative traits is that you take Iife, yourself, and everyone and everything much too seriously. You'd do well to try to develop a more positive attitude and outlook, as well as a better sense of humor. Your dedication to success and achievement can have a very negative effect on your family and home life if you don't learn to devote some time to matters other than career/profession/business.

Appearance-wise, you may look somewhat older than you are, especially until your mid-thirties, after which time you may not appear to age very much more. The neck may he somewhat longer than average, and thin. Seldom is the upper torso large, but there is a tendency to fullness of the hips and legs. The skin may tend to dryness and might require some ongoing care unless you want it to appear "leathery." In males, relatively early hair loss, unfortunately, is commonplace.

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