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+++ Does a Premature Birth Change Your Sun-Sign?
+++ Learn to Read a Natal Horoscope Step-by-Step Tutorial
+++.Total Horoscope Rulers and Sub-Rulers Table
+++ Current Planetary Positions + Moon Phase (Pop-Up)
178. Should You Get Your Child's Horoscope Read? YES!
177. Astrology Gurus and other Astrological Faddists/Phonies
176. Dear Undecided 'Real-Astrologer Horoscope Reading' Potential Client
175. Astrologer Elbert Wade's Guestbook
174. Unique Compatibility Analysis
173. Unanswered "Astrology-Related"(?) Questions
172. Lady With the Lucky Horoscope Squares
171. Candidate John McCain's Natal Horoscope -- Astrological Comments
170. President Barack Obama's Natal Horoscope -- Astrologically Comments
169. Mercury Trine Uranus
168. Astrologer Elbert Wade In Real Life (Photo)
167. Worth Your Time? Excerpts: -- Site Visitors Say
166. How Your Personal Information Is Protected
165. How Your Personal Information is Protected (Pop-Up)
164. Live Current Time (12/24 hour clocks) at Elbert's Location
163. What You Need to Know About Horoscope Reading Choices
161. Water Signs Descriptions: Cancer - Scorpio - Pisces
160. Air Signs Descriptions: Gemini - Libra - Aquarius
159. Earth Signs Descriptions: Taurus - Virgo - Capricorn
158. Fire Signs Descriptions: Aries - Leo - Sagittarius
157. 'George W. Bush' Horoscope Comparison
156. Part of Fortune: Pot of Gold -- or Not?
155. Moon's Nodes: North Node and South Node
154. Why Is an Accurate Birth Time So Important?
153. Horoscope's Sun, Moon, Earth Planets -- Astrologically Considered
152. Learn About Horoscope Aspects
149. Answers to Your Astrology Questions (Page 2)
148. Astrologer Elbert Wade's: 'It Could Be Verse -- or Worse'
147. Horoscope Facts, Figures and Symbols
146. Printer-Friendly Book Order Page
145. Answers to Your Astrology Questions (Page 1)
144. Seek an Answer to Your Astrology/Horoscope Question
143. 'Speed Order' Pop-Up Page
142. World Clock: Time in 24 Time Zones
140. Submit Your Astrology/Horoscope Question
139. Currently not available
138. 'Counterfeit Psychics' Links Page
137. 'Humor and/or Satire' Links Page
136. 'About Certified Astrologer Elbert Wade' Links Page
135. 'Short Astrological Articles' Links Page
134. 'Full-Length Astrology Feature Articles' Links Page
133. 'From Elbert's Notebook' Links Page
132. 'Counterfeit Astrologers and Bad Astrology' Links Page
131. 'Special Added and What's New' Links Page
130. 'Order and Contact Information' Links Page
129. Astrology Past - Astrology Today - Astrology Tomorrow
128. Reader feedback for 'Rate This Site'
127. Find Your Age on other Planets
126. 'Rate This Site' Page
125. Born on the Cusp: Are You a Zodiacal Hybrid?
124. Calculate a Calender -- any Month, any Year
123. Calculate Your EXACT Age to the Millisecond!
122. Help With Choosing the Horoscope Service You Need
121. Mail-In Natal/Trends Printer-Friendly Order Form
118. Born on the Cusp? End the Sun-Sign Confusion
117. Develop Your Positive Traits: Libra through Pisces
116. Develop Your Positive Traits: Aries through Virgo
115. Extrovert or Introvert? Your Horoscope Tells You at a Glance
114. Are You a Leader or Follower? Your Horoscope Can Tell You
113. Sex and Age: Appetites and Attitudes (Part II)
112. Sex and Age: Appetites and Attitudes (Part I)
111. Make the Most of Your Luck Potential
110. Your Astrological Vital Signs
109. Keys to Your External Self: Pisces Rising and Decans
108. Keys to Your External Self: Aquarius Rising and Decans
107. Keys to Your External Self: Capricorn Rising and Decans
106. Keys to Your External Self: Sagittarius Rising and Decans
105. Keys to Your External Self: Scorpio Rising and Decans
104. Keys to Your External Self: Libra Rising and Decans
103. Keys to Your External Self: Virgo Rising and Decans
102. Keys to Your External Self: Leo Rising and Decans
101. Keys to Your External Self: Cancer Rising and Decans
100. Keys to Your External Self: Gemini Rising and Decans
  99. Keys to Your External Self: Taurus Rising and Decans
  98. Keys to Your External Self: Aries Rising and Decans
  97. What's Your Chinese Astrology Sign -- and Zodiac Sign?
  96. Contact/Order-to-Completion 'Timetable': Step-by-Step
  94. Natal Horoscope/Progressed Horoscope/Transits Horoscope/Others
  93. Is Astrology a Science; Is Astrology an Art/Language?
  92. Down-to-Earth, Trained/Experienced, Consultant Astrologer
  91. Articles Preview
  90. Order Your Unique Bottom-Line Horoscope Reading
  89. Astrology? Astrology! It's the Cycles, Stupid!
  88. Astrology: What Turns Others On -- and Off?
  87. Your Horoscope Ascendant: Key to Youthfulness
  86. What Type of Sex Drive Do You Possess?
  85. ElbertWade.Com User Guideline Notices
  84. What Day of the Week Were You Born?
  83. Second Links Page
  82. Main Links Page (Resouces)
  81. Democrat Obama [Leo] and Democrat Biden [Scorpio]
  80. Client Questions and Astrologer Elbert Wade's Answers
  79. Find Horoscope Ascendant (Table)
  78. Primary Site Contents Page
  76. Discover Your Financial/Money Potential
  75. The Horoscope I Just Couldn't Read
  74. Moon's Current Phase (Display) -- and More
  73. See Where Heavenly Bodies (Planets) Are Now
  72. The Gentleman Was Becoming a Lady
  71. Drat that Retrograde Mercury!
  70. The Somewhat-Strange Request
  69. She Really Bent My Ear
  68. Where There's a Will, It Can Be Changed
  67. Divorce? Mainly a Matter of Money
  66. Marriage at a Crossroads
  65. Error Proves Astrology's Accuracy; Renews Confidence
  64. Divorce Not Worth the Bother
  63. Satisfaction Guarantee?
  62. Ethics Were Involved
  61. Aries, You Are -- But What?
  60. All 12 Signs Rising: Which Is Your Ascendant?
  59. Astrologer Elbert Wade, Author, Consultant: FAQ
  58. Psychic Offers to Remove Curse for $9,000 -- on Easy-Payment Plan
  57. Feedback to Elbert Wade, PMAFA (Part 2)
  56. The Birth of Astrology: An Allegory
  55. Are You an Astrology Buff or Buffoon?
  54. Not Astrology -- 1-900 Psychics: What's the Real Story?
  53. Feedback to Elbert Wade, PMAFA
  52. Astrology Guide to 672 Personalized License Plates
  51. How to Plan The Perfect Party -- Astrologically
  50. Selecting a Personal Astrologer
  49. Your Astrological Elemental Profile
  48. Unbottle Your Secret Genies
  47. Personal Money Crises: Ounces of Prevention
  46. Do You Want to Stop Smoking?
  45. What Kind of Sex Partner Are You?
  44. The Problem With Astrology -- Astrologers
  43. Resolving Unknown Birth-Time Problems
  42. Astrology and the Computer -- Blessing or Curse?
  41. View Elbert Wade's Picture Page -- :)
  39. Is Elbert Wade a Counterfeit?
  38. One of America's Top Astrologers and Astrological Writers, Elbert Wade
  37. Your Astrologer May be a Counterfeit ...IF
  36. Certified Astrologer Disdain Hyphenated/ Counterfeit Astrologers
  35. Your Psychic May Be a Counterfeit ... IF
  34. Astrology? Brave New All-Psychic World?
  33. Become a Keyboard Astrologer: No Sweat -- Let Horoscope Buyers Get Burned
  32. Astrology Book (Your Man in the Moon, by Elbert Wade) Special Offer
  31. Secure Deluxe Horoscope Order Page
  30. Choosing a Mate: What to Look (and Look Out For)
  29. Astrology Marks Changes, Trauma, New Directions
  28. Deluxe Horoscope Services by Certified Astrologer Elbert Wade
  27. How to Contact Astrologer Elbert Wade
  26. In-Progress Relationsips: Keeping Love Alive -- Astrologically
  25. The Truth About Counterfeit Psychics: FAQ's and Typical Answers
  24. Watch Out for Those 7-Year Lunar Major-Changes Cycles
  23. 12 Sun-Sign Ways to Get Over Losing a Lover
  22. Bulletin: Psychics May Outnumber Non-Psychics Worldwide
  21. What's Wrong With Members of All Twelve Signs -- But Not You!
  20. Your Man in the Moon: Lunar Intimacy -- Sign-by-Sign
  19. Exciting Love and Sex Not in Stars -- a Moon Thing - 3
  18. Exciting Love and Sex Not in Stars -- a Moon Thing - 2
  17. Exciting Love-and-Sex Matings Not in the Stars: They're a Moon Thing
  15. Junk-Mail Astrologers: Who Needs 'Em
  14. Keyboard Astrologers: Horoscopes for Sale (Assembly Required)
  13. A Couple of "Certified" Hyphenated Astrologers Flame Back
  12. Mr. Bat: A One-of-a-Kind(?) Psychic Reader
  11. A Comparison: Real versus Counterfeit Astrologers/Astrology
  10. A Certification for Counterfeit Astrologers? Yes! It's as Easy as Pie!
   9. A-1 Absolutely the World's Greatest Astrologer (?)
   8. Counterfeit Astrologer Web Site Tips
   7. Professional Astrologer Code of Ethics
   6. All Secrets Revealed: Become a Counterfeit Astrologer in 10 Days -- or Less
   5. Astrologer Exposes Counterfeit Astrologers
   4. Speed Reading: 'Triple Your Reading Speed'
   3. A Few of Elbert Wade's Client's Testimonials
   2. Awful Hyphenated Astrologers
   1. Elbert Wade's Brief Bio
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+++ Have You Met Any of These People? (+) Choosing offspring's FIRST name
+++ How Your Natal Horoscope is Similar to Your Vehicle's VIN
+++ Vote for your Sun-Sign + Ascendant + Moon Sign
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+++ See an Example Natal Horoscope Chart -- in color. Get yours Free
+++ Stop Internet Content Theft: Do-It-Yourself Step-by-Step How-To Guide
+++ Atlas - Get Accurate Natal Rising Sign | Moon Sign | Sun-Sign | Midheaven
+++ Five mainly North and East Texas current weather radar displays
+++ Latest weather satellite east/west images of North America
+++ Time-lapse (interactive) live East Texas radar

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