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Does a Premature Birth Change Your Sun-Sign?

Does A Premature Birth Change Your Sun-Sign?
by Elbert Wade, PMAFA - Professional Certified Consultant Astrologer
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Astrologer Elbert Wade often gets questions from site visitors about how a premature birth (less than 9 months) might change someone's Sun-Sign. And this, of course, is very important from an astrological perspective. Let's attempt to shed some light -- but not to completely settle this matter since that would be impossible in every individual case.

Question 1: First and very important, were you (or someone else) really born prematurely?

Consider these facts. The normal human gestation period is nine LUNAR months, not nine calendar months. (Gestation begins when the fertilized zygote implants in the female uterus and ends with the actual birth.)

Question 2: How many days equal a calendar month?

Answer: Calendar months (depending on the year) range from 28 (29 in leap years -- see below) to 30 or 31 days. (Months in normal years equate to 30.41666666 days (30.4+); in Leap years the result is 30.5 days.)

Thirty days hath September,
April, June, and November;
All the rest have thirty-one
Excepting February alone
Which has 28 days time;
Leap years, February has 29.

Question 3: How many days are in a LUNAR month?

Answer: No matter which year, a Lunar month is 29 days plus 12 hours and 44 minutes (essentially 29 and 1/2 days). That is the amount of time it takes for the Moon to pass through each of its eight phases -- New Moon, New Crescent, First Quarter, New Gibbous, Full Moon, Old Gibbous, Last Quarter, and Old Crescent, which may or may not (most likely) be totally in the same calendar month. (This lunar process is known as a synodic month.)

Question 4: How many 24-hour days are required for a normal human full gestation ?

Answer: The average (meaning some slighty less, some slightly more) length of human gestation is 280 days, or 40 weeks, from the first day of the woman's last menstrual period. (Question: Where is this date actually recorded by every female of child-bearing age?)

COMMENT: It is worth noting that often older family members/friends may "calculate" the birth date using calendar rather than Lunar months, or might use flawed math -- or perhaps some "folklore" means. Friends/family members may take great joy in telling the expectant mother the birth date -- and too often they are wrong. This may cause the expectant mother great concern and consequently cause her to believe the baby is premature -- when it is not.

CONCLUSION (?): With so many possible variables, it might be difficult to know -- without calculating a birth chart for the date, correct time and place of birth -- which is the actual Sun-Sign, but if the birth is just a few hours/or less than a day (depending on time zone) after the Sun moves to a new sign, your (or their) Sun-Sign might not be changed -- at least in a large percentage of premature births -- which in fact may not actually be premature.

ADDITIONAL COMMENT: If the birth was, without any doubt whatsoever, actually premature then the Sun-Sign would be changed but ONLY from the one others -- not you -- anticipated. And whether or not it is the one you would have chosen you must accept and live with it for your entire lifetime. It's always best to love whatever your Sun-Sign and strive to better understand both its potential positives and negatives early to learn how to make the most of whatever Sun-Sign it may be. (An in-depth natal horoscope reading can help with this.)

BOTTOM LINE: The Sun-Sign is ALWAYS determined by the actual date of birth and the hour (time) and place -- never by the "normal" or "expected" date of birth. Astrologically (and medically), birth time is defined as that moment when the infant first inhales oxygen, thereby making the transition from a liquid to a gaseous (air) environment.

Fact: Nobody can claim any Sun-Sign until they actually are born by whatever means -- natural, c-section, induced or whatever else.

Seriously consider this: How can anything be changed before it exists in fact or actually happens?

FOOTNOTE: Also consider that in some cases the claim of a "premature" birth is an attempt to cover for an out-of-wedlock pregnancy perhaps leading to a legal marriage ("shot-gun"?) at some time (weeks or months) after the fact. (Typically this might apply to the first-born -- or only offspring -- in a belated legal marriage.)

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