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How Your Natal Horoscope is Similar to Your Vehicle's VIN

by Elbert Wade, PMAFA - Professional Certified Consultant Astrologer
Copyright 2014 - 2017 - Elbert Wade

When you look through your vehicle's windshield from the outside, at the bottom on the driver's side (in the US) you will see a small plate with a unique number consisting of 17 characters firmly attached to its body. It is called the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) -- required since the mid 1950's -- standarized in 1981. It tells those who know how to read it the vital (and exclusive) data regarding that particular vehicle.

Example (Vehicle Identification Number) VIN: 1HGCM82633A004352 (Never Elbert Wade's vehicle)

The first number (1) indicates the country of origin;

The second (H) the manufacturer;

Third (G) is the vehicle type;

Numbers 4 through 8 (CM826) denote body style/engine type/model/series.etc.;

Ninth (6) verifies the VIN accuracy;

Tenth (3) tells the model year;

Eleventh (3) identifies the assembly plant;

12 through 17 (A004352) sets apart that specific vehicle from all other vehicles in the whole world. Therefore, this vehicle is totally one-of-a-kind.

All this revealing infomation can be gleaned for a tiny metal or plastic tag by those with know-how and experience with reading VIN tags/numbers. Wow!

Scroll down to see the information these 17 numbers/letters reveal about this single vehicle.

In a similar manner a proficient, experienced astrologer uses an accurate birth (natal) chart (horoscope) to discover, and explain your one-of-a-kind personal "VIN.")

Note for the most part this information relates to the "birth" time and place of "birth" -- and what the unique vehicle is designed for and destined to do/achieve -- in short its innate-by-"birth" potentials.

And this VIN and its significance/meaning stays with that single/unique vehicle throughout its total exsitence. All told, it is an entity of its time and place of creation.

That being considered, would it be unreasonable to suggest each living thing (including humans) is also related to/connected-with its/their date, time and place of birth?

Let's attempt to apply this vehicle numbering system to your natal horoscope and you.

First number: your place of birth -- country and address (geographic longititude and latitude);

Second is the "manufacturer" (your parents);

Third number: "vehicle" type (male or female);

Numbers 4 through 8: body style, etc. (nationality, weight, length, first, second or whatever number in one or a series of births to your parents);

The ninth number denotes the where-and-when accuracy (birth certificate or other official record -- or other accurate document);

Tenth is "model" (for humans) your time, month, date and year of birth);

Eleventh is the "assembly plant" (bedroom or other place :-);

12 through 17 -- specific "vehicle" (you) apart from all others in the entire world, including fingerprints, eye/hair color, birth marks, etc. This "VIN" (Accurate date, time and place of birth tells the astrologer who knows how to read it (an accurate natal horoscope) a whole lot about that unique indivdual ("vehicle") -- you. As each vechicle is unique as denoted by its VIN, so is each person and/or every living thing. No two are exactly the same -- not even in the case of identical twins.

And no two people have the exact same birth horoscope (VIN) -- no matter when, where, how or to whom they were born.

Have you had a real consultant astrologer (not a computer) give you an in-depth reading (detailed explanation) of your one-of-a-kind natal (birth) horoscope or "VIN"? If you have not, why?

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Model: Accord Type: Car Make: Honda Model year: 2003 Manufacturer: Honda of American Mfg. Inc. Manufactured in: United States (North America) Plant: Marysville, Ohio Sequential number: 004352 Body style: COUPE 2-DR Brake - front: Disc Brake - rear: Disc Brake system: 4-Wheel ABS Cargo volume: 12.80 cu. ft. / 362.5 liter Consumption in the city: 21 miles/gallon / 11.2 liters/100 km Consumption on the highway: 30 miles/gallon / 7.8 liters/100 km Doors: 2 Driveline: FWD Engine series: V-6 3.0L Engine type: 3.0L V6 SOHC 24V Fuel tank: 17.10 gallon / 64.7 liter Fuel type: Gasoline Overall height: 55.70 in / 141.5 cm Overall length: 187.60 in / 476.5 cm Overall width: 71.30 in / 181.1 cm Safety restraints: Driver and passenger front and front side airbags, active belts Standard seating: 5 Steering Type: R&P Tires: 205/60R16 Trim level: EX V6 coupe AT Turning Diameter: 35.40 in / 89.9 cm Warranty distance: 36 000 mile / 57 000 km Warranty duration: 36 month Wheelbase: 105.10 in / 267.0 cm
Another copyrighted real Astrology article by professional certified consultant astrologer Elbert Wade, PMAFA

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