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Should You Get Your Child's Horoscope Read?
YES! -- the Younger the Better

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Is your child a problem; rebellious; failing in school? Do you know how best to deal with your child's unique personality? Do you understand why your child is a loner, or perhaps too much a social "animal"? Does your child have a special talent potential -- and should you spend (or waste) money on blind experimentation to find out? Or do you want to offer additional help for a child who shows great promise? Do you know the best ways to discipline and get along better with your child -- 18 years and younger?

In summary, do you really know 'deep-down' what makes your child "tick" -- and how you could benefit from knowing this in a very short time and at a reasonable cost?

If not, why not give the science-art Astrology a chance to help -- especially if you have tried just about everything else (or not) with little or no measurable success.

Every child is born normally one sex or another, one race or a mixture and with genes inherited from both parents and all their ancestors. Each person is totally/completely/absolutely unique -- and has a birth horoscope like no other person on earth. Do you really understand what motivates your child -- and what makes her/him unique?

The preparation of a birth horoscope based on an accurate time and place of birth, plus the necessary study and research, and finally an in-depth recorded (CD or cassette tape) explanation of this one-of-a-kind natal chart (and the individual who "owns' it) -- done live by telephone with (or for) the concerned parent(s) -- not the child -- by an experienced astrologer can provide much valuable, no-nonsense information that can actually be used immediately to aid parent(s) with helping the child.

It is strongly recommended this should be done without the child's knowledge -- either before or after (or until you determine they are ready) -- to avoid the child's perhaps open or hidden resistance in an attempt to prove you are wrong -- or to accuse you of meddling. [Oh, the power of political correctness!]

Simply and truthfully stated, real psychological Astrology -- applied responsibly -- can help parents who in turn can use what they learn to help the child to more fully realize his/her positive potentials sooner rather than later -- or, unfortunately, without such guidance, perhaps never.

Surely, any parent can order a computer-read horoscope for a child at a lower price but get very limited help with actually understanding what all the printed words mean or how they (the parent) can actually apply what they have read. Computer-read horoscopes are made by machines lacking any understanding of the human condition, or any compassion whatsoever.

What about using drawn-out and very expensive counseling by the child "professional" counselor method? Might work if you can afford it. But some wiser parents may like to "cut to the chase" instead. This is a valuable and useful service offered by astrologer Elbert Wade to all parents of offspring 18 years and younger.

Elbert Wade is not only a certified (PMAFA) consultant astrologer with 40+ years experience he is also certified as a secondary school teacher (which requires psychological and counseling training). He has taught at both the high school and college levels. In addition he is a prolific writer of published books and articles about Astrology and, yes, even education.

If interested in helping your child -- and yourself consider -- at the very least -- ordering the Bottom-Line Natal Horoscope Reading HERE. Or better still why not get an in-depth natal reading for your child by going HERE -- or, if not using PayPal, go .HERE

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